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  1. The old days of analog studio SD TV used so much light and the definition was so low that they would use much heavier and defined makeup -more highlights and shadows to compensate. So you could say the women in TNG were made to look their best for analog SD television. The days of B&W was even more unrealistic in person. Lipstick was often green because it contrasted to skin better and costumes would be made in crazy bright primary/secondary colors so each character might have a different shade of grey in the final shot. But I digress, it's glorious to watch in HD. Unless you're watching the Commander Riker flashbacks Season 2 finale.... in HD that's a high bitrate train wreck.
  2. All seven seasons of Star Trek The Next Generation has been fully remastered to Blu-ray. They went back to the original film negatives & rescanned in high definition. I'm re-watching through the entire series, currently in season six. Truly spectacular to see this show look so incredible and is highly recommended for any fan... or anyone that has never done a proper binge viewing in order. SO AMAZING! The film grain in beautiful, the colors pop off the screen. It's not without a few distractions. In the early episodes there's a few clips where the negative must have been lost and there's a cut to upressed NTSC. Sometimes the set pieces look pretty fake as they were not designed to hold up in HD. But those are little gripes don't really detract form the viewing. But the huge glaring exception is the makeup on women's faces. As this series was designed for standard definition TV, the makeup on women's faces is an extreme caked on painted mess. I often feel sorry for them now that this comical application is visible & looks noting like a realistic application of lady makeup. It helps to pretend this is just future fashion or aliens just likes the extreme color applications.
  3. Signup worked for me. Will have a look around, thanks.
  4. The feature doc Bigger, Stronger, Faster is a really amazing film & put doping in a different perspective for me. Highly recommended film.
  5. A couple years ago some developers announced plans to open a velodrome a few blocks from my apartment. It was city real estate and they ultimately deemed track racing not popular enough. I do wish this sport could get more traction in the US.
  6. :D Elysium was such a disappointment. Really looking forward to Chappie being a worthy followup to the mind blowing District 9.
  7. They'll be missed, I thought they were pretty great. The merch store is still going strong http://www.tvtshop.com/
  8. The TVTorrents website has a logo on it. (Not up & running but the logo is nice to see)
  9. This is a strange site. As far as I can tell, you're paying for direct downloads, or maybe it's a little gimped until you contribute money? Is good?
  10. Rasberry Pi Torrent Box

  11. After many years I'm moving off of Vuze. Probably going to Deluge. Unless someone here makes a strong case for uTorrent... But the last time I tried uTorrent for OS X it was not as good as the PC version. (I love Transmission but it doesn't support a proxy.)
  12. I haven't even considered putting a torrent client on my phone. Maybe I give it a try.
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