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  1. Awesome guide. Totally agree that Dropbox isn't the way to go. Will be giving this a shot tonight.
  2. I'd avoid seagate too, but WD passports are hit or miss imho. If you're deciding between the two, though, go with WD.
  3. uTorrent on android has been solid for me. Doesn't run too hot and offers most of the features of the desktop version.
  4. Snowpiercer was the movie of 2013 in my opinion. Must-watch. I'm sure it's easy to find it somewhere. Extremely underrated.
  5. I'd love to hear some admins of private trackers comment on this. I've been told by a couple major ones that they only keep 'essential' logs, everythign else is 'wiped'. With that said, they also value storing IPs so they can block unruly users. I'm not sure how much I trust these admins. I think private trackers are safer more because you are not involved in the massive torrent scene when it comes to music movies games etc. When you torrent from the pirate bay, you are by definition leaking your IP address in the most public way possible. MPAA et. al. track those major torrents.
  6. I definitely respect Google a bit more after this. However, let's not kid ourselves: they are doing this to help themselves. We need to make sure our interests continually overlap with theirs--otherwise, welcome to Google Movie Streaming etc. But this does give me more hope!
  7. smitttty

    tv shows

    You guys have to watch Orphan Black. Most underrated show of the past couple years. It's a crime it hasn't won any major awards.
  8. Excited to join the forum. Definitely interested in general torrent news and the scene. Seems like a good site!
  9. This does sound great, but I also fear it could be easily used as some sort of honeypot...i.e. most people at this new, small company could be more easily targeted? Either way, I'm all for promoting anonymity. Good shit.
  10. smitttty

    BTN : News

    Thanks for the heads up. Wish there was something to do about this stuff. Good luck fixing the issues.
  11. Welcome to the forums smitttty :welcome:

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