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  1. Hey I have these and am after some offers for them, thanks the empire Waffles PAT My anonamouse Audionews IPT Scene Time Metal.iplay Jpopsuki.2.0
  2. As I said i am after some good tv trackers that focus mainly on UK shows old and new I have Waffles PAT My anonamouse Audionews IPT Scene Time Metal.iplay Jpopsuki.2.0 Thanks
  3. as the description says... I will consider other invites as well Edit: No longer need TEH
  4. Hey as per the title I am mainly after SCC, TEH and but if you want something I have please make an offer Pro Audio Torrents Audionews MyAnonamouse IPT Scene Time Metal.iplay Jpopsuki.2.0 Thank you EDIT: I am also after TVChaos
  5. Hi I have been looking for this for a long time, I have: Pro Audio Torrents Audionews MyAnonamouse IPT Scene Time Metal.iplay Jpopsuki.2.0 Thanks!
  6. Hi there, I am looking to trade PAT for or SCC... let me know if you are interested, Thanks
  7. please let me know, I have a few goodies if you are not interested in Audionews.
  8. hi there I am interested, what are you looking for thanks
  9. Hey mate I have usenet4all account that I am happy to give away (not an invite but my personal account) I cant deal with the language haha it is too confusing for me so if you are interested let me know
  10. I am after: Tehconnection sceneAccess Cinemageddon The Audio Scene PTP Waffles I have: MyAnonamouse ProAudioTorrents AudioNews Seedbit Scenetime BitGamer Feel free to pm
  11. Hi there I would love to apply for this I can provide proofs on request as you ask, Thank you very much
  12. hi I would like to apply for cinemagaddon these are my best proofs I have been careful, i put three because i dont know if they are considered medium or not (if they are not worthy could i apply for CG?) thankyou
  13. Wow this is great!! I would love to apply Thank you!!!