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toto from oz

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  1. What's your favourite of the sites you have? I know you didn't list them as wants, but I've got IPT and Waffles?
  2. I know these are top tier torrent sites... What are good ones people are using now? Been out of the game for a little while...
  3. Hope something comes about, I really love Larry David. A Curb movie could be really good!
  4. However many, can't wait for it...just watched all 8 movies over Christmas (Christmas tradition!). This will definitely be added to the yearly watch when it (they) comes out.
  5. Oh fantastic, hadn't heard of this, will have to watch. Rewatched the whole series a few years ago, but definitely have to give this a go. But it's always a double-edged sword isn't it, old TV shows remastered for HD, the sets are usually the bits the suffer some...shame to hear about the make up...SD or HD the make up should be decent, so that's a shame to hear...
  6. This really is sad, was my first private tracker, and my choice for TV...going to miss it very much...
  7. Don't have BTN, but could I interest you in TorrentLeech, IPTorrents or waffles? I'm after freshontv or bitmetv?
  8. Thanks for the give away. Anychance to get a freshontv invite? (Can PM you proofs)
  9. Hi there, call me toto. I'm looking for a replacement to tvtorrents.com which has been down for so long now...I really really liked that site, had great RSS support and I had worked hard to have a good ratio (or good about of credit as is the system on the site, just under 1TB, which I was happy with)...very sad to see it languishing...I have been hoping it would come back to life, but with no update in a long time, I'm getting more and more unoptimistic... I see there is an invite give away for new members, I have IPTorrents already, so the other give aways are BitSpyder or BitGamer. Quick google tells me BitSpyder is a elearning site, so no help there to replace tvtorrents, and BitGamer is obvious, I used to have a blackcatgames account, but lost it after the site was done for an age and didn't notice it was back up before my account must have been marked as inactive... So what is a good alternative to tvtorrents?
  10. Welcome to the forums toto from oz :welcome: