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  1. Hi Yokozoma! One apply for Blackcats-games for One happy seeder here with SeedBox and good seeding habits! +Like and +Rep! Ratio Proofs, Profile links/Seedbox info etc.. are at Your disposal. :)
  2. Hi Ripplefactor! One apply for One happy seeder here with SeedBox and good seeding habits! +Like and +Rep! Ratio Proofs/Seedbox info etc.. are at Your disposal. :)
  3. Hi Kareematef! One apply for One happy seeder here with SeedBox and good seeding habits! +Like and +Rep!
  4. 1. Start creating new IRSSI filters for major private tracker. 2. Do to much things at the same time and in one of the filters enter details only for display name field. 3. Enjoy having Your disk full in the morning with everything, but the things that You planned to give you a nice ratio boost :D
  5. Rules Are Very Easy, Write A Title And The Other Search It in Google, and add A Picture For Example: Invite Next Word: Sharing
  6. Congrats to All Winners!! Me also would like to politely apply for BiTmeTV account! :) Happy user of Seedbox with 10Gb, etc... :) Regards,b Update: In! :D
  7. Not ATM, but plan to. Still need to check out the prices etc..
  8. I don't like that floating menu hides my current Forum Tree location! Would suggest some changes in the code for that..:)
  9. WIn+ utorrent 2.2.1 for compatibility with trackers
  10. Content....one for older TV packs...one for new series....one for apps....one for learning material..one for xxx...one for HD movies...one for older movies...one for PDA :D
  11. Male, last time I checked :DD