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  1. hello are you selling an invite for asiandvdclub?

  2. Have RevTT Invites and ThePlace Invites Email Sent out in Want Music.Vid Exigo PTP TheVault TheOccult db9 BitVault Sinderella TTG offers ?
  3. Pirate Bay Loses New Domain Name, Hydra Lives On The Pirate Bay has lost one of its new domain names after an intervention from South Georgia's .GS registry. While the domain suspension wasn't unexpected and the proverbial Hydra has now lost one head, TPB says that it can easily grow some more. c1hUiNe.jpg Earlier this week the Stockholm District Court ordered the Pirate Bay’s .SE domains to be handed over to the Swedish state, arguing that they were linked to copyright crimes. The Pirate Bay was fully prepared for the negative outcome and quickly redirected its visitors to six new domain names. Since then the site has been accessible through the GS, LA, VG, AM, MN and GD domain names, without even a second of downtime. Marking the change The Pirate Bay updated its logo to the familiar Hydra logo, linking a TLD to each of the heads. However, we can now reveal that one head has already been chopped off. The site’s .GS domain name has been suspended by the registry, and ThePirateBay.gs is now listed as “ServerHold” and “Inactive.” The Pirate Bay informs us that the .GS domain has indeed been lost, which didn’t come as a complete shock. In fact, one of the reasons to move to six domains was to see which ones would hold up. “We have more domain names behind, if needed. We are stronger than ever and will defend the site to the end,” the TPB team tells us. At this point it’s unclear for how long the other domain names will remain available. Hoping to find out more, we reached out to the respective registries to discover their policies on domains being operated by The Pirate Bay. The Mongolian .MN registry informs TF that they will process potential complaints through ICANN’s Dispute Resolution Policy, suggesting that they will not take any voluntary action. The VG Registry referred us to their terms and conditions, specifically sections 3.4 and 7.2, which allow for an immediate termination or suspension if a domain infringes on the rights of third parties. However, it could not comment on this specific case. “We will review any complaint and act accordingly. Please understand that we cannot make any predictions based on theoretical options,” a VG Registry spokesperson says. It won’t be a big surprise if several more Pirate Bay domain names are suspended during the days and weeks to come. That’s a Whac-A-Mole game the site’s operators are all too familiar with now, but one that won’t bring the site to its knees. Source :- TorrentFreak
  4. Seller underselling 1: Karagarga.account 5$ 2: SceneTime 4$ 3: 32Pag.es 7$ 4: ManicomioShare Buffered 1 TiB 15$ 5: Animebytes.account 6$ 6: BitHUmen Invites 5$ 7: XSPeed.account 25$ 8: Frolik.me buffered 20$ 9: CartoonChaos.account 15$ 10: Sparvar.org.account buffered 35$ Neteller
  5. Giveaways 2 / IPTorrent Invites apply here active user here No forget Thanks Like Rep after inviting Feedback
  6. Open: gfxnews | General Tracker's Name: gfxnews Genre: General Sign-up Link: http://forum.gfxnews.org/profile.php?mode=register Additional information: Gfxnews.org I'm not entirely sure if it's normal to see Gfxnews.org with registrations open, but here it is anyway for those interested. http://forum.gfxnews.org/profile.php?mode=register Info: Great site for those interested in graphics and design. Not only it offers unique content and tons of apps plus tutorials, it also has a community full of professionals and enthusiasts in the field.
  7. Open: paradise-inspired | General Tracker's Name: paradise-inspired Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://paradise-inspired.info/signup.php? Additional information: New tracker : Paradise-Inspired.info so whats on offer, loads of new torrents, active shout, casino, friendly staff, competitions and well designed and managed forums. great look site with awesome speeds and a lot of goodies... Stats Members: 483 Torrents: 2,450 Seeders: 2,861 Leechers: 8 Peers: 2,869 Threads: 59 Posts: 86 signup link : https://paradise-inspired.info/signup.php? IF YOU'RE NOT ALREADY THERE, THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE!!!!!
  8. Iptorrents News If you live in the UK and are unable to load IPTorrents then Start using iPT Browser ;-)
  9. ScienceHD: News Donations closed and other stuff to note Well it looks like you guys/gals did it again! We are temporarily closing donations as we have enough to pay our bills for some time. We of course are extremely grateful for every one of you who donated including those in the past. We try to run as transparent as possible. Since we are all set with donations we will have a sitewide freeleech until Monday May 25th 21:59 UTC (give or take some time as [username] may forget) We are also recruiting Series Managers and we are looking for 1 more person for our Graphic Designer team. Please note that none of these are staff positions, you will get your own userclass and subforum. It can lead to a staff spot down the road when we have spots open if you are doing well. If you have any question feel free to pm [username] or hunt him down on IRC
  10. Supergirl pilot leaks to torrent sites, six months early After escaping from the planet Krypton years ago, 24-year-old Kara Zor-El is embracing her superhuman abilities. Better known as Supergirl, her latest adventures were to be showcased in a CBS pilot scheduled to air this coming November. This morning and six months early, the much-anticipated pilot leaked online. After making an appearance as far back as 1958, Supergirl was intended to be a female counterpart to DC Comics’ Superman who first appeared 20 years earlier. While successful in her own right, she never quite reached the dizzy heights of the Clark Kent-based character. This yeah, however, the world is braced for the return of Supergirl in a new CBS TV series. Featuring Melissa Benoist (Glee, Homeland, Law and Order) as Kara Zor-El, an alien who has hidden her powers since escaping from Krypton, the show will see her transform into Supergirl and “the superhero she was meant to be.” After a commitment in September 2014, the series was officially picked up by CBS earlier this month. The pilot was scheduled to debut in November, but those plans have now massively unraveled after the episode leaked online, six months earlier than its planned debut. Two ‘Scene’ release groups – DiMENSiON and LOL – competed to premiere the title first this morning, with the latter beating the former by around 90 seconds. LOL’s version is a convenient 400mb so likely to become the most sought after copy. On the other hand DiMENSiON’s is more than 15 times the size, but for 1080p connoisseurs it’ll be worth the wait. Although it’s certainly possible that the pilot contains hidden watermarks, as far as visible identifiers go the 46 minute episode looks very clean. As illustrated by the image below, there are no tell-tale ‘property of’ warnings that are regularly seen on ‘screener’ copies of leaked movies. The leak of the pilot came as a complete surprise a couple of hours ago so download stats on BitTorrent sites are a currently quite modest 25,000 or so. However, given the anticipated media snowball effect during the day the number of downloads is likely to increase dramatically, probably to more than a million by this time tomorrow. The Supergirl leak comes just weeks after the first four episodes of the new series of Game of Thrones leaked online. That event triggered a piracy crazy that continues to this day. Whether more episodes of Supergirl will leak online in the days to come is unknown but in any event it seems likely that CBS will try to stem the current tide. The company is a prolific sender of DMCA takedown notices and regularly sends more than 100,000 each week to Google alone. Source torrentfreak.com
  11. Open: Scene-Zone (SZ) | General Tracker's Name: Scene-Zone (SZ) Genre: General Sign-up Link: http://scene-zone.org/signup.php Closing date: n/a
  12. Open: SaveThePrincess |STP| Games Tracker's Name: SaveThePrincess | STP | Genre: Games Sign-up Link: https://savetheprincess.today/signup.php Closing date: Soon! Additional information: Good Luck
  13. Open: the-torrents.org | General Tracker's Name: the-torrents.org Genre: General Sign-up Link: http://the-torrents.org/free-signup.php Closing date: soon Additional information: Nice General Tracker..a lot of freeleech, easy to maintain good ratio