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  1. There was a great 45 minute episode lost somewhere in tonight's 90 minute #TrueDetective finale. But fittingly, it ended with a death march.

  2. Protip: if you want to pretend you're at the end of an indie movie, just ride in a train.

  3. Ain't nothin wrong with a New York roof pretzel, nope. http://t.co/OkMUFQz6Jt http://t.co/VZjPvcwKiV

  4. "It's funny, the way things always come full circle," thought Vincent, as the merry-go-round slowly bobbed him up and down, up and down.

  5. "This is the worst country in the world. MAKE. ME. YOUR. KING." - Donald Trump #GOPDebate

  6. Fun fact: the original name of @facebook was BreadAndCircus2.0

  7. Finally, a movie that gets what Fantastic Four has always been about: how boring and awful it is to be a superhero. https://t.co/4he9rnptHL

  8. New plan: demoralize them by calling them Trophy Humpers from now on. #OfficiallyZinged https://t.co/boMJeHFen7

  9. Every now and then I wonder how much further we'd be on trans rights if the 2nd and 3rd Matrix movies hadn't been such utter garbage.

  10. I'm genetically disadvantaged compared to most Olympians. Why no special Olympics for short, pudgy, lazy Jews like me?

  11. Nice try, but I'll only be convinced when I hear it from @TheRealPaulProvenza. https://t.co/gpL4CyiRJe

  12. If there isn't yet a Vietnamese restaurant named Pho the Nguyễn please make that a thing. #FTW

  13. Subway protip: if a guy enters the train and greets you by saying "nice place to stand, retard" you get to stare at him for the whole ride.

  14. This reminds me how we used to think dinosaurs had butt brains. Them were the days: http://t.co/RKHCWP1JhO https://t.co/EIa7wVx6dl

  15. Furries are the @RichardDawkins of sexuality. A small highly devoted fanbase, but primarily they broaden the spectrum by living on the edge.

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