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  1. 30€/month, 10 account slots left unlimited dl all en,de,nl,fr,spa content 220TB archive contact [email protected]
  2. https://zerobytes.pw/register.php :)
  3. Hello once (once) again So after hard re-coding, yet once (once) again we are back. Seeding is fixed. NFOs in torrent details are showing now corrently and not stripped ;)
  4. 20€/month, 3 account slots left unlimited dl all en,de,nl,fr,spa content 170TB archive contact [email protected]
  5. 10-30€/month unlimited dl all en,de,nl,fr,spa content 100TB archive contact [email protected]
  6. 25€/month unlimited dl all en,de,nl,fr,spa content 100TB archive contact [email protected]
  7. ACiD

    ZeroBytes News

    UPDATE: Added Video (mp4, avi, mkv), SVF, DiZ, JPG, PNG previews into torrent details DiZ: http://i.imgur.com/eWCjqq0.png SFV: http://i.imgur.com/nYa7PT4.png JPG (if more available it show all and NOT only one!): http://i.imgur.com/B72d7En.jpg Video Sample Preview: http://i.imgur.com/xXn2RJZ.png If torrent have all of this files it will show up on torrent description, as again available only on bOt uploads.
  8. Win 500GB Upload Credits! First 10 of you who will send message to ZerO win 500GB Upload Credits! //Do NOT just send empty message! ^_^
  9. ZeroBytes (ProjectZero) is a Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / TV / GENERAL Signup Link: https://auth.zerobytes.li/?page=register
  10. hello its me acid, glad i can be there again :)
  11. https://xftp.pw/ Video Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kretML1ZG-Y Small PLAN €15 / month 350k Download Credits Sections: English, German 24/7 support Advanced PLAN €25 / month 550k Download Credits Sections: English, German, Nordic 24/7 support Professional PLAN €35 / month 750k Download Credits Sections: English, German, Nordic, Spanish, French The best option for Data Hoarders ^^ 24/7 support
  12. Hello, i offer invite to Unique and Fast Usenet site with own uploads and requests for 1€/month (bitcoin only) as ViP, or free invite as normal user. The site have affils to .en .fr .de .nl .sp all content with fast speed and its unique!
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