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  1. VIP unlimited for torrent upload guide video. We need your help: Dear members, I got 20 messages every day from newbies asking me - "How to upload torrents to Audionews, what's ratio and how it works?" Many years we don't have proper step by step easy torrent upload guide for newbies. So I decided to ask you for help and help newbies I'm looking for authors can make a video (uploaded to youtube made by screen o matic) and pictures guide, with step by step instructions if possible with voice guide on video We need to mention following steps 1. short introduction about audionews and small guide about ratio, seeders, leechers and how bittorrent works 2. how to create torrent in torrent client (Utorrent) 3. How to upload torrent to audionews (step by step) 4. How to download own torrent and seed Your guides will be posted here and help many members. Also, you get VIP unlimited for 3 years We are looking for authors can make such as guides in English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian
  2. news 1 Due to a small change to further improve the site and forum, some pages can appear "white" or with the famous "error 404". Do not worry as everything is fine and running smoothly, you just have to clear the cache of your browser to make them appear correctly. For those who need help finding out how to clear cache in firefox, chrome or safari please see our forum thraed . news 2 Upload Challenge second edition! Woosh, too much time has passed since last contest... it's time to right this wrong. This one will be another Upload Challenge, with all our new brothers/sisters who recently joined us, it will be a blast! The contest will run for roughly 2 weeks (till 4th December include). If you wanna take part in this contest or simply curious about the rules and prizes...check out our forum thread //staff
  3. Tracker's Name: Elite-Tracker Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://elite-tracker.net/signup.php...es&invitehash= Closing date: N/A Additional information: Elite-Tracker is a FRENCH Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / TV / GENERAL Releases
  4. Tracker's Name: RapideTracker Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://rapidetracker.net/signup.php Closing date: N/A Additional information: RapideTracker is a French Private Torrent Tracker for 0DAY / General Releases
  5. Tracker's Name: Neo-Tk Genre: General Sign-up Link: http://neo-tk.com/account-signup.php Closing date: N/A Additional information: Neo-Tk is a French Private Torrent Tracker for 0DAY / General Releases.
  6. Tracker name : RockHard Lossless Category : Music Signup Url : http://rockhard-lossless.org/signup.php Closing Date : N/A
  7. The last Info from the site's IRC is that the site has been under a constant DDoS since Nov 16th and the host has shut them down. Moving data and changing things around would mean about 4 days of uptime before their deadline of Nov 30th. And they feel it isn't worth the effort. So this is the end of ScienceHD. The tracker or website will not be coming back up. The IRC server will keep running until December at least. RIP
  8. Tracker's Name: HDPter Genre: HD Sign-up Link: http://www.hdpter.net/signup.php Additional information: HDPter is a new chinese tracker.
  9. Previous recoding works (including 720p 1080p iPad) because handling reasons, will be completed after pressing somewhat flawed or defective, have now changed the approach, and later iPad through the built-in subtitle related software to ensure quality work.Recent re-encoding all the works limit 2XFree, also please support our team re-encoding. If you have comments or suggestions for re-encoding works feedback, you can post to the address: https://hdhome.org/forums.php?action...orum&forumid=3 In addition, we will replace the recent high-performance server 502 to resolve the frequent problems If the page does not open, please visit again later. Without notice
  10. bojack

    HDBits News

    it obviously means they are transferring from OVH French so they can be protected for sure.Its as much as i get it anyway.
  11. Dear Friends, as fellow members of the Private torrent community we are deeply sorry for what happened with What.cd. It was one of the best trackers if not the best and was basically a gateway into the world of private trackers. We hope an alternative springs up in the near future. As admins, we appreciate What.cd staff's decision to erase all the user data. We are all here for our passion but user safety & privacy comes first. That being said, let's come back to our site affairs. We won't be continuing our tradition of having yearly Holiday interviews to recruit new members. Also, until further notice no new invites will be handed out to our users and we will stay with one recruitment thread on an external tracker. This situation is temporary and will not last. We simply want to keep Morethan.tv completely out of the lights for the time being. We have a small and a nice community here and we want to keep it this way. Hope you agree with our decisions that were taken in these tough times. With respect, Morethan.tv staff
  12. bojack

    HDBits News

    From site's IRC, withheld usernames: (@REDACTED) REDACTED is making sure we're protected so what happened at what doesn't happen to us at all
  13. Woosh, too much time has passed since last contest... it's time to right this wrong. This one will be another Upload Challenge, with all our new brothers/sisters who recently joined us, it will be a blast! The contest will run for roughly 2 weeks (till 4th December include). If you wanna take part in this contest or simply curious about the rules and prizes... IT'S HERE
  14. De la part d'Abnormal, de celle d'AnanaMouss, de MrMouton, de Moljnir, de Chipolato, de RuBy et de moi-même Tous les upload du jour (up le 13 novembre 2016 entre 0h00 ce matin et 23h59'59'' ce soir) Sont en freeleech Y a un an on était 14 membres (des staffs et quelques testeurs) y avait pas bcp de torrents... depuis .. pas mal de prob, de gros fou rires, de belles engueulades, des histoires d'amour même pour certains (suis pas le seul) des événements regrettables ont jalonné cette année, il y a eu quelques histoires mémorables, des départs tonitruants mais... Mais ce matin Nous sommes 1440 membres et il y a plus de 35 000 torrents sur ABN Nos cadeaux pour vous 15 Jours de freelech integrale et quelques surprises qui seront ajoutés tout au long de la semaine soyez attentif ! Merci a vous tous C'est la plus belle aventure virtuelle de ma vie A titre perso, si c'était à refaire , avec le même programme, les mm galères et bonheurs... je re-signe direct Je vous aimes les Abnautes Translate From Abnormal, that of AnanaMouss to MrMouton to Moljnir to Chipolato to RuBy and myself all day upload (up November 13, 2016 from 0:00 this morning and 23h59'59 '' tonight) are in freeleech Y a year we had 14 members (of staffs and some testers) had not bcp torrents ... since .. quite a prob, large stitches, beautiful shouting matches, stories of love itself for some (am not the only one) of the regrettable events have marked this year, there have been some memorable stories, thunderous departures but ... but this morning we are 1440 members and has over 35,000 torrents ABN Our gift to you 15 days freelech integral and some surprises that will be added throughout the week be careful! Thank you all this is the most beautiful virtual adventure of my life for me, if it was again, with the same program, mm galleys and happiness ...I live re-sign
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