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  1. ET back online, main server crash repaired added 0 minutes later ET back online, main server crash repaired
  2. Tracker's Name: AsylumBit Genre: General Sign-up Link: http://asylumbit2.biz/signup.php Closing date: N/A Additional information: AsylumBit is a Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / General Releases
  3. Genaviv Red Genaviv red stylesheet is now available as a selectable theme in your edit profile page.
  4. Weekend Update Happy weekend, PTH! Here's what's new in our little corner of the internet. FLAC Log Viewer Update In case you weren't following the original FLAC log viewer announcement thread, the log viewer has received a bug fix update. You can now view all (including multiple) logs uploaded for a torrent, and that pesky "Unrecognized log file! Feel free to report for manual review" error has been removed. Plus, there was a minor CSS fix. However, it's come to our attention that users are doing one or more of the following: •uploading non-log files (non-log text files, images, etc.) instead of the log files •uploading non-log files (non-log text files, images, etc.) with the log files •not uploading all log files for a torrent, just the first one Please note that doing any of the above can impact your score, or give you a higher score than you're actually due. We're currently working on a way to figure out which torrents have these issues and how we can easily fix them. Stay tuned for further updates on this. Class Promotions As of this news post, there are now 7,755 Users, 1,844 Members, and 1,541 Power Users! Congrats, everyone! Donations are Live! We are now accepting donations for the site. These donations will go towards paying PTH's bills and infrastructure upgrades. More information can be found here. Please note that there will be a minimum for perks. Just a Reminder Please remember to use strong, unique passwords on each and every site you visit. A good password is 15 or more characters, with a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. If you need a place to store your passwords (for the forgetful ones), there are password management services such as 1password, lastpass, Passpack, and more. If you have any questions, you're always welcome to join us in #pth-help on the IRC, or send a staff PM. ---- Love, Nala & the PTH Staff
  5. Tracker's Name: FilmPlus Genre: Movies Sign-up Link: http://filmplus.ws/signup.php Additional information: FilmPlus is a HUNGARIAN torrent tracker for MOVIES.
  6. Several New Moderators As another day turns into night and the holidays inch closer, we are reminded of family. We would like to announce some new family members of our own, Carl, Saltbutter and Veritas. We are excited to see these talented individuals help the site shine and we hope you are, too.
  7. Through the seven-year itch, the site's birthday cake is about to plug in the eighth candle Every year, take the trouble to repeat this sentence: thank the release group, the management group and the general membership of our support, understanding and pay! 8th anniversary of the medal icon collection activities are now open, brainstorming, interested please come to give your work:
  8. Remote start: If you're using the remote start, make sure your client is set up to "seed forever" and not to some arbitrary ratio that makes the torrent stop when that ratio is achieved. Otherwise the client will stop the torrent again after it's been started remotely, making the remote start pointless. If you're not familiar with the remote start feature, see the HELP page, Remote Setup tab. Remote-start is a great feature but in some cases it's being misused. -DO NOT: 'Partial Seed' a torrent where you don't have ALL the files. You are NOT a SEED when you don't have all the files. You're a downloader. Downloaders trigger real seeds to start and 'partial seeds' trigger them unnecessarily. If you want to be a real seed, get ALL the files. -DO NOT: Adopt torrents where you don't have ALL the files. Same as above and remote-starting a 'partial seed' is adding insult to injury. -- Admin
  9. Holiday interviews 2016 at 17. and 18. December! : Hello and welcome to the Morethan.tv interview for the 2016 Holiday recruitment. You will have to answer all numbered questions and you will send them to the interviewer on IRC via private message. 1. Why the hell would exactly YOU join Morethan.tv? 2. We are looking for members who contribute, either through uploading, seeding for long periods and in the forums, is this something you can do? 3. Security is an important thing at MTV. We do our best to secure everything. What are you doing for protecting you ? List 3 ideeas about what you will done to protect yourself. 4. Do you own a seedboxserver or you will seed from home? 5. What release would you choose: Scene or P2P? Rules The invitee needs to confirm he understands: Taking this interview does not mean you will be accepted! You need to login with your home connection when you takes the interview or you will not be served. So no VPN on this interviews. You can use it after you registered. Most of the questions will need a full sentence response (feel free to write more). You need to read the wiki immediately after you register on the site, this is a verbal warning, and if you break any rules that make it clear you haven’t read the wiki then further action may be taken. If you are caught lying to us or an attempt to deceive us at any point, you will be banned. No questions. No Hotmail, Live, Outlook, they do not work. Disposable emails will not be accepted. DO NOT PM anyone without an invitation. If you have been asked for an interview and have not heard a reply within 10 minutes you will be kicked. We DO NOT want any idlers. If you are leaving your computer or not paying attention, DISCONNECT! How to join our IRC? Server: irc.morethan.tv SSL Port: 6669 Channel: #mtv-interviews * Do not JOIN now * IRC Webclients are disabled on our servers, so you can't join with them. You will need to install one of these: Desktop Mirc - http://www.mirc.com/ ( Windows ) HexChat - https://hexchat.github.io/ ( Windows, Linux, OS X ) Textual - Mac OS X Mobile Android: AndroIRC, RiceIRC, HoloIRC iOS: Mutter, Palaver After you joined the channel stay there until a recruiter (marked with a @ in front of their nickname) ask you to pm him. Don't pm any recruiter without permission or you will get banned! Make sure you already have the five question answered and pasted into pastebin.com and have the url to the file ready. All further instructions you will get directly from your recruiter at IRC.
  10. Tracker's Name: Ultimate Gamer (UGC) Genre: Games Sign-up Link: https://ultimategamer.club/application.php Additional information: Applications are open! Apply now and join the community! Official IRC Channel #UGC.Help @ irc.ultimategamer.club or connect via your browser @ widget.mibbit.com/?server=/irc.ultimategamer.club&channel=%23UGC.Help UGC Site/Tracker/IRC Status ugcstatus.club Use the Search Option to find Reddit Threads reddit.com/search?q=ultimategamer.club&sort=new
  11. Tracker's Name: BlueBird-HD Genre: HD Sign-up Link: https://bluebird-hd.org/signup.php Closing date: indefinite and not soon
  12. Tracker's Name: TorrentLand Genre: General Sign-up Link: https://torrentland.li/index.php?page=account Closing date: Very soon.Very rarely open. Additional information: TorrentLand is one of the best and major private trackers in Spain has about 6K registered users and about 15.000 active torrents. Tracker interface is in Spanish and can be easily translated using Google translate. Most media torrents are internals and they come with dual audio files: English and Spanish. They have many internal encoders like EmlHDTeam,Eml Team and Castellano who provide full Bluray,1080P,720P and Brips. Speeds and pre times are good and many torrents are freeleech but they don;t have bonus pints system. Community is good and active.
  13. "As some of you may have noticed, we have been testing the implementation of various banners at the top the website. It is part of several new features that are in the works. The banners will be a default permanent fixture that can be toggled on or off in your settings. You also may have noticed non-staff pick torrents being marked free leech. Free leech will be toggled intermittently to balance out the economy. We are also having discussions on possible changes to our economy, which can include bonus points or another points system and would appreciate it if you placed a vote in the appropriate thread and expressed any thoughts you have regarding them. We appreciate your membership at NoStream and your assistance in creating a post-What.CD community of music lovers."
  14. Sitewide freeleech on BrokenStones till January 5, 2017
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