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  1. Lights Out! What is Lights Outs? Lights Out is our latest program to ensure Bitsoup is properly funded and here for everyone to enjoy. It will allow us to turn on-and-off site services and support based on the amount of support we ourselves are getting in return for those services. We have tried over the years to keep the site as free for everyone as possible. We can no longer sit idle while a small group of members keep things going for everyone. Many have said going to a membership based site is a good idea. This rewards everyone. The staff do not have to worry about funding shortfalls allowing us to do our job better. Others say that its pay to leech. This is not the case. A membership fee allows you to access the site. It does not change the day to day rules of the site. Ratio still has to be maintained rules still have to be followed. Now if someone does want VIP or PCVIP they can still have such accounts. The real change is we are charging everyone equal to enjoy the site and to help ensure we can stay around as long as possible. With the 2 major funding shortfalls this year we were called scammers this past summer and only because some members understood the risk involved did they submit a donation. More members donated in that short time frame than most of the year. This is the only reason that the site was able to stay on-line yet we are called scammers because of such. When we do not have reserve funds and lose access to collect donations this can be the end of the site as without solid donations or a reserve we can’t pay the bills. This has been spoken of time and time again over the years and we have to admit to ourselves that the vast majority of the site users really don’t care. They have mind set that we are pirates stuck in their heads and god forbid they pay a penny towards the site. This frame of mind we have tried for ages to correct and it just can’t be done. Therefore starting Jan 1st if you want access to Bitsoup it will cost you a small membership. It can be paid as a whole year in 1 shot at a cost of $120.00 or in 4 monthly payments of $30.00 if a larger amount of members support the site we will drop to $60.00 per year or in 4 monthly payments of $15.00. This option will only happen if more member’s support the site they use daily. When monies were better we did not have to beg our members. Program’s of this nature would never ever be spoken about. 2016 Bitsoup will be here the question is how many of its membership base will be. There are other concerns about speeds and content. The vast amount of our content is supplied by our uploading team. The speeds behind such are backed by our own seeding network ensuring content is fast. Our total torrent count has not really gone up over the past year as we have had to cut so many costs its affected the torrent count. Bitsoup is going to rebound and become stronger. Jan 1st 2016 Operation Lights Out goes into effect. If we have enough donations to meet our monthly goal then nothing will change. If there is enough donations in Jan then nothing will change for feb so on and so on. If monthly donations do not meet for the following month then site will be locked down and only people who are in VIP class or higher and those who have submitted the monthly donation of $10.00 will have full access rights. Why is this happening? For the last 2 years, Bitsoup has begged, pleaded and at times had to get very blunt about site support and the funding needed to stay in operation. We have implemented many things to suit our member's needs and requests, and although claiming to be what was need to achieve that support, most everything has failed for one reason or another. Everyone should already know the lengths, changes and updates we've gone through for our members, including opening entire domains and redirects to ensure our members are able to stay connected. We announce everything and have a forum, so if you don't know, it's simply your own lack of reading as to why you don't. The simple fact is, far too many members take Bitsoup for granted and abuse its services for their own gain without ever giving anything up but some bandwidth and in many cases, not even that. If you live in the UK or AUS regions and haven't donated although you could have since your ISP started blocking you, then shame on you for not returning that level of support! While support technically comes in many forms and takes a little bit of everything, including but not limited to seeding, member interaction, uploading etc.. as with any machine, none of those parts matter if that machine doesn't have the proper power needed to run in the first place. The power in our case is our site funding! Without the funding, there is nothing else. There can't be a Bitsoup unless the proper funding is there first and foremost, or nothing that follows matters at all! Having a dependable and supportive staff, a nice, clean and virus free site to call home, not to mention ad free, tracker encryption and more member security than anywhere, on top of saving 100s if not 1000s of dollars every month for more important family matters, still isn't enough for most of our community to stick their hand inside their pocket every once in a while and voluntarily help the site stay up and running. It will never be enough no matter what the site does and something we have more than come to realize. For many months our supporting members have asked us to correct the imbalance our funding scales. For years, basically the same small group of members has been supporting the whole site for the rest of you, and to no thanks other than from our staff! Most members can't even take a few seconds to thank an uploader who takes their own time, money, risk and effort to make sure you have original content at blazing speeds. We've been working closely with this group over the past year and I can tell you that if most of them had it their way, most of you wouldn't be here reading this right now. They are done seeing the unjustified response from the community and want something done to even out the playing field and rightfully so. We do need something done, not only for those reasons, but to ensure the site is here for all that want it to be, and therefore the program that now stands before you! We must act now or no one will have a site given another few months or so. Based on this fact, we've decided to remove the optional aspect of donations for most members. We apologize in advance to those that simply can't even afford 5 dollars, but as with everything in life, everything isn't always fair or something we're all able to participate in. This doesn't however mean you won't be able to use the site as you'll read about below. From here on out, Bitsoup will only stand tall for those that stand tall with us. Otherwise, members will have limited times and access to use the site as freely as everyone has become so accustomed to. Everything in life comes at a cost and a torrent site where members share files and free data among themselves is no exception. Bitsoup costs real money to securely stay up and running 24/7 for all its members, and it is only logical and should be expected that every member does their part for it to stay that way. Who does this affect? Simple answer: This affects everyone with an account here at Bitsoup! Regardless of past account history if you're below the class of VIP on the 1st of every month, then you have a chance to be affected until site costs are met. It's as simple as that. What are the Guidelines? The guidelines are very simple.. At the beginning of every month, if site costs aren't covered from the previous month's donations, the site will go into what we'll call "Lights-Out" mode. This means that everyone below a VIP class will not have access to our forums or able to download torrents until such time that site costs are met for that month. This technically means that you may be locked out for 2 days or 20 days and solely depends on the amount of support received by you the member. Only at such time that the site has been covered on its monthly overhead will the site open up for all. This doesn't mean no one else should donate when it does open, or it will be simply shut back down again at month's end. Don't count on it being locked up the same amount of time every month either as one month may only take a few days while the following month may not open at all if the full funding isn't there and will not open again until it is. Can this be prevented? This answer depends on how you want to look at things. No, the program itself cannot be stopped and is going to happen. I believe we've all done all the talking that is necessary and we're all still on square one! We're still begging, and our members still aren't giving back.. The time to operate on an exclusive voluntary basis is over and long gone. The only way this program doesn't happen is if the owner pulls the plug and since he's the one that plugged it in, that is unlikely to happen. However, the second part of this answer is yes, it can be prevented all together from running each month if enough funding comes in to prevent the switch from being thrown. So the best practice for most would be to make a small donation every month. Your supporting donation is the only thing to stop the lock down and the lights going out. All VIP classes and above will always have access regardless of whether the site's lights are on or off. Even in the middle of a blackout, if a member makes a donation they will have instant access to everything just as normal just as soon as their donation posts to their account. Only when you run out of membership time will you need to worry about having access come the following month, or if in the middle of a blackout and site costs aren't covered yet. When will this happen? Anytime after DEC 1st when everything is in place. We're hoping it doesn't come to that however, and members simply donate as it's the right thing to do and DEC gets covered without any further badgering from the site side. However, everything will be done, ironed out, tested and ready no later than JAN 1st and when we expect to use it full time. In Closing - We would first like to thank all our supporting members of every class. Whether it has been financial or otherwise, we appreciate your contribution to the site. - Please do not take this as an empty threat.. it is real and will happen. For far too long we've been talking about change and what's to come and for far too long the members that actually support the site have been asking for change. Our lack of change has come at the cost of some supporters due to the fact that we're not making those changes to help them. If we don't change, neither will our members. We owe it to our supporting members to make changes that support them and their money. - With this program, credit will be a thing of the past. We will no longer offer credit outside of normal modest ratio boosters already found around the site. Our Platinum Club will not be changing and you'll always have the option of taking monthly and yearly memberships. - We will not be making anything public so it is futile/pointless to even talk about such things. We will not have a meter, open any books, give any sort of financial information whatsoever, so don't ask! We've tried all this before and it has failed. We will never make public certain things due to security. Whether you accept that answer or don't understand the dangers, no matter how many other places may or may not do it, Bitsoup will never do it! - Some will try and slap a pay site label on Bitsoup but this is not true. Bitsoup will not be a pay site and free to use by many members, but site costs will come first from now on before the site is freely opened up for all. It's up to you how fast that happens or how long the restrictions last each month. We have been begging for proper support long enough and has only fell on deaf ears. It's now time to ensure we have what is needed and will do whatever it takes. - We're very sorry that some of you will feel the repercussions of the failing support that this great site is receiving, but it is what it is.. we've tried and now our hands are tied and our actions being forced. If you do not want to be affected come JAN 1st, please be sure to continue to support your great site of Bitsoup and be in a VIP class or higher on that date. Bitsoup Support Forum Will Bitsoup survive such a stupidity? It was one of my fav trackers,but it's not worth 120 $ a year with al other good trackers around.
  2. I'll give it another try :) Want to apply for Waffles. Will send fresh screens.
  3. 10 years ago Nike,but now i'll go for Adidas. Adidas originals ftw!!
  4. When i have the choice i'll go with mp3.
  5. Torrentday i use most for movies and TV so it should be my fav i guess. I also like Tribalmixes for livesets and torrentech.
  6. All i need is rep + PM me fresh speedtest.
  7. I'm doing fine with 100mbps up and down fiber connection.
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