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  1. Awesome Giveaway I apply for CartoonChaos Many thanks for this opportunity
  2. HTTPS site has been activated for the seedfile.ro enough added a S (secure) after http to use https://seedfile.ro It added a new server for peer sites advertisement (announce). Soon we plan to move some functionalities of the website on the new server. We also wish to announce the change in the address uTorrent announce the new the following: http://power.seedfile.ro:8080/announce.php?passkey= here enter your passkey possibly announce you copy from your old .
  3. Denuvo is one of the most famous anti-piracy systems in use today. Earlier this month the protection was properly cracked for the first time on Rise of the Tomb Raider, but that was after the game had been out for 193 days. Now, similar protection on the game 'Inside' has been defeated in just six weeks. denuvoDozens of anti-piracy techniques have been tested over the years on formats ranging from cassette tapes to digital downloads, but for pirates the lure of free content is both intoxicating and enduring. In recent years, games developers have come to accept that piracy cannot be eradicated entirely, but it can be slowed down. The main aim in the modern era is to stop games leaking in the days, weeks and early months following their launch. This allows titles, especially those with high production costs, to make the best of those crucial early days. In no insignificant terms that breathing room has been provided by Austrian anti-piracy outfit Denuvo. Its anti-tamper technology is quite possibly the best there is and as a result, many so-called AAA titles have remained piracy free since their launch. Just recently, however, significant cracks (excuse the pun) have appeared in its armor. Early this month, a ‘Scene’ group called CONSPIR4CY properly cracked an iteration of Denuvo that had been protecting Rise of the Tomb Raider (ROTTR). The news had many pirates extremely excited. While undoubtedly a momentous occasion, ROTTR had been released in January, meaning that in theory CONSPIR4CY might have worked on the crack for six or seven months, a lifetime for most pirates. Furthermore, half a year’s head start is huge for the title’s developers in terms of sales, so without doubt Denuvo had done its job. Yesterday, however, there was a new development which might represent a more worrying chink in Denuvo’s defenses. With a lack of fanfare usually associated with some of the Scene’s more mature groups, CONSPIR4CY (a reported collaboration between the CPY and CODEX groups) released a fully cracked version of puzzle-platformer ‘Inside‘ The importance here is that while ROTTR enjoyed six months without having to compete with free, Inside was released for Windows on July 7, 2016. No one but CONSPIR4CY knows precisely when they began chipping away at the game’s protection but even if they started on day one, it has taken only six weeks to defeat it. There is some speculation that Inside took less time to crack because in storage terms it’s a smaller sized game that ROTTR. That being said, it will be of little consolation to Danish developer Playdead who will have paid Denuvo handsomely for their protection. With CONSPIR4CY all but impossible to find, let alone obtain a comment from, TorrentFreak asked game cracker Royalgamer06, a colleague of Voksi who found a Denuvo workaround earlier this month, for his thoughts on the new release. “It’s quite obvious that CONSPIR4CY is beating Denuvo. At least the current Denuvo protection,” Royalgamer06 told TF. “Inside’s Denuvo protection is quite recent and therefore we could expect all sorts of Denuvo (Steam) games coming from [CONSPIR4CY].” Royalgamer06 believes that it may have only taken CONSPIR4CY two weeks to crack Inside and that another big game’s debut (also Denuvo protected) might have influenced the pirate release yesterday. “It took [CONSPIR4CY] two weeks. They either waited to release it (just before the new Deus Ex game is nice timing) or it’s all the time it took them to patch all in-game triggers and polish the crack,” he explains. So all eyes now turn to the brand new release of Deus Ex Mankind Divided. If that game is quickly cracked by CONSPIR4CY, Denuvo could be coming out in a cold sweat. In the meantime, others are also attempting to dismantle their empire. “Voksi is also up to something,” Royalgamer06 concludes. https://torrentfreak.com/denuvo-weak...orrentfreak%29
  4. ThePirateBay.org domain has been blocked by some ISPs in India and users are not happy about it. Earlier we reported how India has waged a war on Torrents and file sharing websites. Now according to Hackread’s readers in India, the World’s largest BitTorrent tracker ThePirateBay is being blocked by some Internet service providers (ISPs) throughout the country. The war against torrents and file sharing services came as a surprise when ISPs started blocking their domains with a brief, yet confusing, warning message alerting visitors to avoid visiting, viewing, downloading or sharing “illegal content” from such sites or they may face 3 years jail time and also a fine of 3,00,000 Indian Rupees (4,464 US Dollar). But on ThePirateBay.org domain the message was rather simple: This URL has been blocked under instructions of the Competent Government Authority or In compliance to orders of Hon’ble Court. One of the readers confirmed that TPB has been blocked in Hyderabad city since the last couple of days on ACT Fibernet Connection, ACT is currently the 4th largest ISP In the wired broadband category and the largest non-telco ISP in India. Another reader using Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) Internet also confirmed that the site has been blocked with a similar message but they can access the site using a Virtual private network (VPN). When it comes to AirTel Internet, users can still access TPB meanwhile status on Tata and Reliance Internet service remains unclear. As per Alexa ranking, The Pirate Bay is 135th among most visited sites in India. Several users expressed their anger over the blockage of TPB and other torrent platforms referring it as Internet Censorship. One user going by the online handle of Namo commented on the issue and described it as ”Shameful and against the democratic practices: “India is now behaving like China in terms of censorship. And top of that indulge in making filthy rules to fill their own pockets with the money force out of common man’s hard earned wages. It is indeed shameful to experience such a rule in a country governed by the ideals of democracy.” The war on Torrents and file sharing sites is not new in India. In 2012, the government blocked ThePirateBay and Torrentz.eu without stating any reason but the recent decision came a month after the shutdown of Kickass Torrents which led to the arrest of its owner Artem Vaulting.
  5. i hope they do that was great site
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