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  1. Have the above invites. Looking to trade for PTP, GG, Teh, MTV, Awesome-HD, HD-Torrents, Xtremewrestling
  2. tenyardtorrents is a sports tracker, but specifically an American Football tracker. Its hosts mainly NFL games, NCAA football games, CFL games, Arena football games, and shows about American Football. It also has plenty of old NFL and NCAA games, such as old NFL Superbowls and memorable Playoff games. There is a main site, and there is a forum. You have to sign up for both to have full access to the site. If you watch American Football, this is definitely the tracker for you. For the most part, it has the fastest upload times of games that Ive seen over the other trackers Ive used. Tracker URL: http://tenyardtracker.com Signup: Access the Forum part of the site, http://tenyardtracker.com/community/ and register. After you have registered, and youre logged into the Forum, click on the subject "TYT Site News." Then click on "Tracker Signups Status." Register for the email alerts in this forum, and you will get an email notice whenever the tracker has Open Signups. These typically take place in June or August, in preparation for the NFL season, although there are no guarantees. Invite System: This tracker has no invite system, unfortunately. In my experience, its only major downside. Ratio: Must maintain a minimum Ratio of 0.30, which is extremely easy. Seeding Time: Minimum of 10 hours Ratings Upload Times: 8/10 Most games are uploaded within 2 hours of airing. Sometimes within 30 minutes, sometimes a little bit longer. Speed: 7/10 Most files have no issue hitting 1 Mb/s, but some fail to get past that mark, especially as soon as the file is uploaded. Some of the more immediate files are 18 gb, because its a 1080p full NFL game, so it takes some time to get some seeders. Content: 10/10 As far as actual American Football content is concerned, they pretty much have everything. Theres no current NFL game that they dont have, and Im pretty sure they have all the recent NCAA games as well. I have been able to find every game I have wanted on this site. Community: 8/10 The users are great, most of the moderators are cool, they have multiple uploaders, but the owner/lead moderator has a little bit of an attitude. I would suggest leaving it alone though. He does a lot of work and the site is amazing for what it is. Overall: 8/10 Theres nothing disappointing about this tracker except for the no invite system. Even with a moderate wait time on some games, you still cant complain because you know itll be there soon. I would rate it a little higher if it wasnt for only being able to get in once a year (if that) during open registration, and slow times on new, large files. Other than that its great.
  3. Speed.cd has been open for signups since January 17th in honor of its Bday on Jan 18. It says that it will remain open for signups for exactly 1 week. https://speed.cd/login.php and then click on the Signup link in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  4. Moderator, can you delete this post? I completely forgot that I had a hnr warning on IPT and cannot issue an invite until it is removed. Ill have to retry in a few days.
  5. Have 3 IPT invites and 1 Freshon. Looking for Pass the Popcorn, Pass the Headphones, Apollo, or Gazelle Games invites.
  6. Want PTP or Gazelle Games invites for the above mentioned mentioned tracker invites.
  7. Tracker Name: BeyondHD Genre: HD movies/TV Sign-up Link: https://beyondhd.me/login.php?returnto=%2F Closing Date: " BeyondHD is currently open for 7 Days ending 7th March 2016 @ 8.00+12 GMT " Additional Information: " BeyondHD (BHD) is a ratioless Private Torrent Tracker for HD MOVIES / TVBeyondHD is the internal tracker for multiple release groups "
  8. Me. Im interested in an invite. I gave you a rep point. Also willing to show speedtest and ratio proof from the main site that I use which is IPT.
  9. I have 2 available IPT invites. Willing to trade for the above mentioned Trackers.
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