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  1. If you could only belong to one.... Which one would it be?
  2. Im not sure if talking about recruitment is allowed, so I won't mention details but this site isn't that hard to get into. They recruit.
  3. Looking for a TV account. Aged preferred but not required. I can pay via many methods but middleman preferred unless your reputation and feedback here is great. Please message me with age of account, country account was made in, sales thread and your asking price. Thanks in advance for those reaching out.
  4. Can you recommend any 8TB plans in the $25+/- price range?
  5. The M10G XL Plan. Pricing looks very very good. (LINK REMOVED)
  6. I haven't had a see box in a while. Is the verdict still out on PulseMedia? Any other companies comparable in pricing with their 12tb plans?
  7. How would you guys say this tracker compared to BrokenStones?
  8. I remember a time when getting in was indeed much easier. Glad they're still tugging along. They've seen a lot of competitors close down.
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