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  1. Huh? Is this trying to hid?
  2. I do not understand why lack of activity on a site like this is reason for pruning. All the sites I currently am a member of do not allow the trading of invites. I could be banned for trading invites.
  3. update 2016-12-20 I have a 10.7TB NAS that has reached 90%. I have little room to download anything new until I upgrade all the drives. I am waiting for the price to drop (<$2000). Till then I have no need for new invites to website I can not use. The greater problem is InviteHawk.com with its threats of losing your account. I prefer websites that allow you to be inactive for over 10 years like Excite.com but InviteHawk.com can do anything it wants. When I have more room for downloading I will be more active. _________________________________________________________
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