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  1. The European Court of Justice (CJEU) has today ruled that operators of free (no password required) public WiFi hotspots cannot be held liable for copyright infringements (Internet piracy) committed by users on their networks, but there’s a password-attached catch. Public (open) WiFi hotspots can be found all over the place, such as inside airports, cafes, libraries and even homes, but the long-running “McFadden case” in Germany had threatened to make such services more difficult to operate. However today’s outcome does still add a challenge over the need for password protection. Tobias Mc Fadden originally operated a business selling and renting lighting and sound systems near Munich, in which he also offered a WiFi network accessible to the public. In 2010, a musical work was “unlawfully offered for downloading” via that Internet connection by a user of the service and the copyright holder, Sony, decided to pursue the operator. Sony reasoned that Tobias Mc Fadden, the operator of said network, should accept “indirect liability” on the grounds that his Wi-Fi service had NOT been made secure. Sony obviously had no hope of finding the responsible user because, like many such hotspots, they didn’t leave any valid identifiable information. The case eventually ended up before the CJEU and earlier this year the Court’s Advocate General (Szpunar) issued a non-binding opinion on the case, which stated that the “operator of a shop, hotel or bar who offers a Wi-Fi network free of charge to the public is not liable for copyright infringements committed by users of that network” (here). Today the CJEU’s formal ruling has upheld that position and rejected Sony’s claim. The Court also appears to vindicate the right to privacy of communications, by precluding ISPs from undertaking general surveillance of user activities on their network in search of copyright-infringing content. Naturally the association of EU and UK ISPs (EuroISPA) is pleased. Malcolm Hutty, EuroISPA’s Intermediary Liability Chair, said: “Today’s CJEU ruling further strengthens the consensus that copyright enforcement measures must be assessed in context of competing fundamental rights and the social good.” However EuroISPA notes that the ruling still foresees the potential of injunctions obliging public WiFi operators to password protect their networks and obtain user identification before network access. In this regard, EuroISPA says it is essential that national courts follow the finely-balanced reasoning of the CJEU, and order such injunctive relief only in those instances where there is demonstrable and serious risk of repeat infringements. Mind you it’s worth considering that even password protecting such networks is not in itself a solution because it’s still very easy to simply enter fake details.
  2. THE PIRATE BAY IS UNDER THE RADAR AGAIN! CHROME AND FIREFOX NOW SHOW THEPIRATEBAY DOMAIN AS A MALICIOUS SITE TO VISIT WHILE COMODO’S SECURE DNS SHOWS TPB IS A HACKING WEBSITE. In May 2016 when ThePirateBay was still on .SE, the extensions in Google Chrome, FireF0x and Safari browsers marked the domain as potentially dangerous to visit. Their reason was the domain could drop malware or carry a phishing attack against visitors. But after being forced to give up its .SE domain, the ThePirateBay went .ORG and warnings about being malicious site to visit magically disappeared from all three browsers. However, today users around the world are reporting that they are unable to download torrents from the site without going through a security alert on both Google Chrome and FireFox browsers. On Chrome users can see ”The site ahead contains harmful programs” alert whilst FireFox users can see ”Reported Unwanted Software Page!” alert. “Attackers on thepiratebay.org might attempt to trick you into installing programs that harm your browsing experience (for example, by changing your homepage or showing extra ads on sites you visit),” the warning adds. Google Safe Browsing checker has also marked TPB as potentially dangerous site to visit: chrome-firebox-label-thepiratebay-org-malicious-site.jpg If you want to you can dodge the browser warning by disabling security warnings completely in the settings, but it will put your PC/laptop at serious risk.
  3. A lawyer who represents Julian Assange and took part in The Pirate Bay trial says a file-sharing case he's currently involved in has the most unreasonable claims for damages he's ever seen. Per E. Samuelson says the case against the founder of torrent site SwePiracy contains a claim for more than $3m in damages, for a single movie. Founded back in 2006, SwePiracy grew to become one of the most famous private torrent sites on the Swedish scene. With that reputation came attention from anti-piracy groups and local authorities In the wake of the “guilty” verdict in the Pirate Bay trial during April 2009, SwePiracy disappeared offline. It reappeared just a few weeks later. Anti-piracy group Antipiratbyrån (now Rights Alliance) said that during this downtime, the operators of the site took measures to improve their security. However, three years later those efforts proved futile. In February 2012, police in Sweden and the Netherlands took coordinated action to shut down the site and earlier this year its 24-year-old operator appeared in court for the first time facing several years in prison. Despite the prosecution admitting that the site had likely been created for fun, it’s alleged SwePiracy raised $100,000 from donations. As a result, the pursuit of damages against its operator was to be made “according to The Pirate Bay model”, i.e extremely aggressively. This week the now 25-year-old appeared in court again, facing charges that he assisted in the unlawful distribution of a large number of movies. As is customary in such cases, the prosecution has homed in on a smaller sample of 27 movies in its evidence. “They earned a lot of money, they spread huge amounts of pirated content and this [man] is one of the key players. Therefore, it is important that those involved are sentenced to severe punishment,” said Henrik Pontén of Rights Alliance, who represent Nordisk Film, one of the plaintiffs in the case. One of five companies acting against SwePiracy, Nordisk is reportedly being the most aggressive. The film distributor is demanding more than $3m (20m kronor) in damages for a single low-budget movie. SwePiracy defense lawyer Per E. Samuelsson, who also represents Julian Assange and previously took part in The Pirate Bay trial, says the claims are the most unreasonable he’s ever witnessed in his 35 years as a lawyer. “I think this is the most unreasonable claim for damages I have been through. The idea that [this type of film] could cause 20-25 million kronor in damages on an illegal file-sharing site is totally absurd from every point of view,” he said. Swedish news outlet SVT reported an exchange in court between Samuelsson and Pontén, in which the former argued that his client had started the site as a child, for fun. “My client started [SwePiracy] when he was 14 years old. It was purely a prank,” Samuelsson said. “That’s not true,” Pontén objected. “He was not fourteen years old when he committed these acts. At some point, he has certainly been fourteen, but when he did this he was criminally responsible and earned lots of money.” The verdict will be handed down at a later date.
  4. Libranet: Karbantartás Az oldal egy komolyabb karbantartáson ment keresztül, kell egy kis idő, míg visszaélednek a peerek. Legyetek türelmesek, pár óra, és helyreáll a rendszer. Libranet-AVL Team Google Translation: Libranet: Maintenance The site went through some serious maintenance, we need a little time until the peers are sorted out. Be patient, in a few hours, the system will be restored. Libranet AVL-Team
  5. 23 nap, 3 óra, 48 perc, és 22 másodpercig minden anyag arányromlás nélkül letölthető + extra bónuszpont jóváírással !! Google Translation: 23 days, 3 hours, 48 minutes and 22 seconds to download without any material deterioration in credit + extra bonus points !!
  6. NOHnR + 4x szorzós napok - átköltöztünk! - DDoS támadás Kedves mindenki! Az új regesek kedvéért és a költözés miatt szeptember 17-én éjjelig (nem pont éjfélig) NOHnR napokat tartunk 4x-es feltöltési szorzóval kombinálva. Ez azt jelenti, hogy a letöltött torrentekre nem keletkezik kötelezettség, és minden feltöltést 4x-esen számol el a szerver. Költözés Új szerverre költözik az oldal. Ezért egy rövid leállás lesz valamikor - teljesen pontosan nem tudni mikor. A költözés megtörtént közben. DDoS támadás érte az oldalt Csütörtök este megtámadták az insane-t. Ez rövid leállást okozott. Senkinek semmilyen adata nem volt veszélyben, csak pár percre megbénították az oldalt. Az új szerveren már lesz DoS és DDoS védelem is, az ilyen "szórakozások" ellen már védve leszünk. Persze várható, hogy azért csak rá fognak ott is próbálni. A költözésig sajnos még előfordulhat emiatt is leállás. Köszönjük a megértést és a türelmet! Mindenkinek kellemes free napokat kívánunk! Staff Google Translation: NOHnR + 4x multiplier days - we moved! - DDoS attack Dear all! For the sake of moving to a new server on the night of September 17 (not exactly midnight) NOHnR days will be applied in combination with a 4x multiplier. This means that all torrents have no seeding obligation and upload amount will be credited 4x times. Migration Site moves to a new server. Therefore, a short downtime will occur at some point - not exactly know when. Update: The move has been the made. DDoS attack on site Thursday night Insane was attacked. This caused a short shutdown. No data was in any danger, just the site paralyzed for a few minutes. The new server will have DoS and DDoS protection, we will be protected from such "entertainment." Of course, it is expected that someone will be there to try it. The move may unfortunately be a reason for downtime. Thank you for your understanding and your patience! Everyone have nice free days! staff
  7. SpaceX

    nCore: News

    Dear users ! For The lighter colors fondly lovers , we've provided a new look on the page. The theme of the profile page you know , you can select nCore.Light .
  8. Research commissioned by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry has found that half of 16 to 24-year-olds use stream ripping tools to copy music from sites like YouTube. The industry group says that the problem has grown so much that in volume terms it has overtaken downloading from 'pirate' sites. One of the recurring themes of recent years has been entertainment industry criticism of Google alongside claims the search giant doesn’t do enough to tackle piracy. In more recent months, the focus has fallen on YouTube in particular, with the music industry painting the video hosting site as a haven for unlicensed tracks. This, the labels say, allows YouTube to undermine competitors and run a ‘DMCA protection racket‘. While complaints surrounding the so-called “value gap” continue, the labels are now revisiting another problem that has existed for years. For the unfamiliar, stream ripping is a mechanism for obtaining music from an online source and storing it on a local storage device in MP3 or similar format. Ripping can be achieved by using dedicated software or via various sites designed for the purpose. With the largest library online, YouTube is the most popular destination for ‘rippers’. Broadly speaking, the site carries two kinds of music – that for which the site has a license and that uploaded without permission by its users. The labels consider the latter as straightforward piracy but the former is also problematic in a stream-ripping environment. Once a track is downloaded by a user from YouTube, labels aren’t getting paid per play anymore. According to IFPI, the stream-ripping problem has become huge. A new study by Ipsos commissioned by IFPI has found that 49% of Internet users aged 16 to 24 admitted to stream ripping in the six months ending April. That’s a 41% increase over the same period a year earlier. When considering all age groups the situation eases somewhat, but not by enough to calm IFPI’s nerves. Ipsos found that 30% of all Internet users had engaged in stream ripping this year, that’s 10% up on a year earlier. In fact, according to comments made to FT (subscription) by IFPI, the problem has become so large that it is now the most popular form of online piracy, surpassing downloading from all of the world’s ‘pirate’ sites. Precisely why there has been such a large increase isn’t clear, but it’s likely that the simplicity of sites such as YouTube-MP3 has played a big role. The site is huge by any measurement and has been extremely popular for many years. However, this year has seen a dramatic increase in visits, as shown below. Equally, with pirate site blockades springing up all over the world, users in affected regions will find YouTube and ripping sites much easier to access. Also, rippers tend to work well on mobile phones, giving young people the portability they desire for their music. But while YouTube and Google will now find themselves under yet more pressure, the company hasn’t been silent on the issue of stream-ripping. On several occasions, YouTube lawyers have made legal threats against such sites, including YouTube-MP3 in 2012 and more recently against TubeNinja. “We strive to keep YouTube a safe, responsible community, and to encourage respect for the rights of millions of YouTube creators,” an email from YouTube’s legal team to TubeNinja read. “This requires compliance with the Terms of Service and API Terms of Service. We hope that you will cooperate with us by ceasing to offer TubeNinja with functionality that is designed to allow users to download content from YouTube within seven days of this letter.” While it is indeed the biggest platform, the problem isn’t only limited to YouTube. Stream rippers are available for most streaming sites including Vimeo, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Mixcloud, and many dozens of others, with Google itself providing convenient addons for its Chrome browser. With the major labels now describing stream-ripping as the biggest piracy threat, expect to hear much more on this topic as the year unfolds.
  9. SpaceX

    TTG: News

    Dozens of members of banned due to DHT seed leak, please note!
  10. Guess who will win at the Emmys and earn upload credit! Check out https://anonym.to/?http://www.bitmet...&topicid=59276! The contest forum needs players as well! Go to https://anonym.to/?http://www.bitmet...rum&forumid=18 to guess and/or post screenshots for upload credit! See you there!
  11. Hello, Hello my dear friends and welcome to Morethan.tv season 2 . I hope you all had a great summer; got some nice tan and all. But now it's the Fall season! It’s time to get back to watching TV and that’s why we’re all here for!! We will resume work and start releasing more shows here at MorethanTV (MTV). Upload Be very careful when you upload something. Here we care very much about the proper torrent naming. And some of you just take the .torrent and dump it there. That's not even close! You can find more info here but who's crazy enough to read that entire list ? So, i will start with what mistakes i saw you guys do often : a) Forget .mkv in the title. So when you have a .torrent file, just edit it. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN WITH THE FILE.. So instead of : Mr.Robot.S02E05.UNCENSORED.1080p.WEB.X264-DEFLATE.mkv.torrent you need just Mr.Robot.S02E05.UNCENSORED.1080p.WEB.X264-DEFLATE.torrent b) If the autoupload bot doesn't fill the proper cast, synopis and covers that doesn't mean you should do the same. Please complete proper the codecs part and the info part. It's your upload, don't you want to be nice? DO NOT UPLOAD the .torrent taken from other trackers! You have two scenarios : a) In case you want to upload to multiple cases you will do this : Create a .torrent file without your passkey, let it empty, upload it on those trackers then download the .torrent from that tracker which will give you a legit .torrent with your passkey. b) In case you downloaded it from somewhere and you want to upload it to Morethan.tv you need to do this : Create the .torrent again!! Internals First and foremost, at MTV we believe in the culture of sharing but we also respect the work of the encoder/uploader so feel free to ask our staffs before uploading our releases to everywhere else (with a few exceptions and of course, public trackers) There are certain contents that, the uploader might just want them to be here on MTV and not anywhere else, especially for safety reasons. So, it’s important to ask first before uploading them to other places. With that said, I want to give thanks to the users who were nice enough to ask us before ?. DRACULA is a Morethan.tv INTERNAL group, and only here. If you see our releases on other trackers, that does not mean DRACULA is an INTERNAL group there as well. Okay, moving on to... Requests and Reseed Well, there is a bit of a problem with this system. Everyone knows the community here at MTV has been nothing but exceptional. However, it’s not without its fault when it comes to requests. The problem arises when some (not all!) users create requests but end up not downloading them at all. We use space on our servers, and spend time filling those requests. So it would be great if users to bookmark their requests, check their messages and grab those uploads We will start monitoring every requests and if a user makes a request but then don't grab and seed it, he will be given a WARNING and his invite & request privileges may be DISABLED. It is the same with reseed requests. Some people come on forum, ask for a reseed, grab it then HnR them. So the same case will be applied here as well: If you ask for a reseed but don’t seed them for a decent amount of time, you will be given a WARNING and your invites & request privileges may be DISABLED. Invites and Recruiment threads At MTV, we want our users to appreciate the invites they are given. However, there are certain users who don’t. There have been a few users who grab a few releases just to meet the download requirements, take the invite and then proceed to stop seeding those releases. We, as staffs at MTV, feel that it’s appropriate that to be eligible to request an invite, users need to seed at MINIMUM, 25 torrents, and for at least 2 WEEKS. And as staffs, we can check if you meet the requirements. So, to make it clear again, if you want an invite then you need to have at least 25 torrents SEEDING in your client and those 25 torrents must be seeded for at least 2 WEEKS. When it comes to recruitments, it has been some time since we closed all of our recruitment threads. So, we have decided to ask you, as users, in this thread to decide if MTV should open ONE recruitment thread. And last but not least, a short note to for everyone here at MTV. We never have forced our users to do anything unreasonable. We always try to not clog our front page with news nor bother our users with mass PMs. We just asked and hoped our users to be good users; to seed and demonstrate to others that as a private tracker, MTV can be run by users who believe in the right things to do, and not users who are forced into doing something without proper reasons.Don't misunderstand my intentions, the gentleman agreement here at MTV has not been broken. The Seeder/Leecher ratio is still ‘green’, but it’s not good not enough. And for that, we urge our users to constantly seed to increase our retention and make MTV even better. PS: If anyone wants to know about our seedservers, we will post some screenshots on this news thread and we will have discussions if any users want to. Well…This has been an interesting board meeting. Now, who wants a beer?
  12. TmGHuB Staff wish to extend their warm wishes to all the TmG members, their families & loved ones on the special occasion of Eid-ul-Adha & Onam. May this festive season bring you joy and all the happiness in your life. We have activated free leech for the next 8 days until 18th September midnight. Download will not be counted during this free leech, only upload will. So, take the opportunity of downloading as much as you can and remember to seed back, so that others can enjoy too. We once again wish you a very Happy Eid-ul-Adha and Onam. Regards, TmGHuB Staff
  13. Under Attack In the last few days our community was and is under some DDoS attack because people are too stupid Rest assured, We will not waver; we will not tire; we will not falter, and we will not fail.
  14. TRACKER NAME: DataFilles TRACKER GENRE: General SIGNUP LINK: http://datafilles.net/signup.php CLOSING TIME: N/A ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: DataFilles (DF) is a Romanian Private Torrent Tracker for 0DAY / General Releases.
  15. TRACKER NAME: ExDesi TRACKER GENRE: General SIGNUP LINK: http://exdesi.com/register.php?s=825f1fdf1b9f0ecfe65a88cadffdad1d&do=signup CLOSING TIME: N/A ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Exdesi (EXD) is an Indian Private Torrent Tracker for Indian Movies / TV / Music Releases.
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