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  1. Can anyone explain what this means? The torrenting world is clearly way more complex than i ever thought.
  2. I may be an outlier here with my love of traditional country music. Caleb klauder and Reeb Willms has been looping on my stereo lately.
  3. Why are super hero movies so big lately? i've not really watched any of them though I've heard daredevil is really good.
  4. Highly highly reccomend this book series http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/lin-manuel-miranda-tackling-epic-fantasy-kingkiller-chronicles-951016
  5. Been really enjoying the Walking Dead. A few seasons are slow af but once you get through them its so much better. I love the drawn story in the post apocalyptic world. Also, the Leftovers is an incredible show. Can't wait for the 3rd season.
  6. Absolutely loved this game and New Vegas. The Pitt was fun since I have spent a lot of time in Pittsburgh. Really the opening scene is th emost Pittsburgh thing about it.
  7. What are the must have mods? I'm just starting the game and so far I've only added the one that makes the dialogue options written out.
  8. I love witcher 3 but haven't finished it cause is tarted reading the books and playing other games. Should i finish it before getting expansions?
  9. Tell us something about yourself. [Name, age range, interests, hobbies etc.] Early 30's, multi-instrumentalist, politics How did you find InviteHawk ? Searching around for soitgo.es invites What Bit-torrent sites are you looking to get in ? Anything comparble in quality to what.cd Do you use your InviteHawk username on any tracker ? nope Do you use same browser for your trackers and InviteHawk ? YES (SHOULD I NOT?)
  10. Rank 57? Nice. Did you know it was coming?
  11. Thanks! Which is the most active forum around here?
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