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  1. Thanks suburban,I really just did the tutorial as a basic guide to help people. Its not 100% accurate just to try and give people an idea about difficulty with seeding trackers. I have mixed feelings with scc,when i joined a good few years ago it used to be very difficult to maintain a good ratio but yes i do agree,now they have the archive section etc it makes it much easier. When i created the original tutorial i got many mixed feelings there too but thats ok and i hope that it does give some people a general guide. Thanks. T-P.
  2. That is my tutorial Trader that i created on another website mate. What do you mean dead tracker?.
  3. I'm not sure if a guide has been posted before but i thought i would share this to help out people that are new to private trackers and are wondering if they need a seedbox or not. I am personally looking for one myself at the moment,whilst looking i came across some useful information that i thought i would share, i came across this list which will hopefully help. I probably don’t have to tell you that maintaining a good sharing ratio on your private trackers is crucial to keeping the account. Period. However, no tracker is alike - I would like to break this down a little further and delve into the seeding secrets behind individual trackers. The "i need a seedbox" myth: While a seedbox can (and will) greatly improve your ratio at a much faster rate than seeding through a home connection, especially for 0Day sites, it isn’t necessary for most trackers. While the fact remains that many trackers comprise of members that use RSS feeds hooked up to a powerful seedbox, or, IRC feeds that run straight from the #announce channel, there are many clever options to circumvent this with a home BitTorrent client. You’ll probably not hit a 1:1 ratio in uTorrent within the first 24 hours - patience is the key. Looking below, the Seedbox required? is not mandatory. ANIMEBYTES. seedbox : will help freeleech: NO BITME/BITMETV seedbox : difficult to seed,recommended. freeleech: NO BITGAMER. seedbox required: NO. freeleech: YES. BITSOUP.ORG. seedbox required: MEDUIM freeleech: NO CINEMAGEDDON seedbox required: MEDIUM freeleech: YES DEEPBASENINE. seedbox required:MEDIUM freeleech:NO. DEMONOID. seedbox required: NO freeleech: YES FUNFILE/PRETOME. seedbox required: NO. freeleech: YES HORROR CHANNEL seedbox required: not necessary but would help. freeleech: NO. iPLAY.RO seedbox required: LOW-MEDIUM (60,000 seeders but just 2000 leechers) freeleech: YES IPTORRENTS seedbox required: NO. freeleech: YES. KARAGARGA. seedbox : recommended. freeleech: YES METAL.IPLAY.RO. seedbox required:MEDIUM freeleech: YES. NORDIC-T seedbox required: NO freeleech: YES REVOLUTION TT seedbox required:MEDIUM freeleech: YES SCC seedbox required: recommended. freeleech: YES TEHconnection.eu seedbox required: MEDIUM freeleech: YES. TORRENTLEECH. seedbox required: NO freeleech:YES. TTI.nu seedbox required:LOW-MEDIUM freeleech: YES. WHAT.CD/WAFFLES. seedbox required: MEDIUM freeleech: YES. XS-XTREME SPEEDS. seedbox required:NO. freeleech: YES (torrent of the month). TB-the box. seedbox required:NO. freeleech: YES (always) PTP-passthepopcorn seedbox required: NO. freeleech: YES. Trackers with No Ratio: You’ll simply need to seed from anywhere between 48-72 hours to stay in the good graces of these ratio-free trackers (although good members tend to seed much longer): * FtN * GFT * iFi * iTS * PtN I understand this is not a full list of all the private trackers,just the popular ones. Hope the list helps. THIS IS JUST A GUIDE!!! T-P.
  4. I know we all use and love our cell/mobile phones so i thought i would share a little something here. I recently came across this site for Blackberry's, you may have stumbled across it or not but this truly is a great site for Blackberry Apps,Games and all things Blackberry. If you own a Blackberry give it a try - http://crackberry.com/ T-P.
  5. I agree with 443556,i love windows 7 ultimate but mac has to have much more security and power for development. I hated vista big time but now windows 7 is here windows seems to be better by far.
  6. I wouldn't say TL is difficult at all to be honest just be careful what torrents you jump on first,this probably applies to most trackers.Make sure you download new releases that you know will be popular for a long time. My personal experience with hard to seed trackers has to be SCC,BITME.TV,SCT,WAFFLES,WHAT.CD. If you don't have a seed box for these trackers you will atleast need a very fast connection from your isp.
  7. Saw this one this morning,i just think this is really cool!!,one of the best ive seen imo.
  8. I have seen in many forums 150 x 250 and they look really good but i really don't mind which size you go with.Just what everybody else thinks is a good size. Its nice that you guys are taking our thoughts and ideas in to consideration. T-P.
  9. http://torrentfreak.com/police-raids-tear-apart-hungarian-bittorrent-scene-100618/ There was a police raid in Hungary. Most Hungary-based trackers, namely Mesevilág, Blue-Dragon, Evolution, Majomparádé, Gigatorrents, nCore are down (not sure how many of this has to do with the raid), as are most of the Hungary-based seedboxes. I know, these aren't so popular trackers here, but I thought it was worth posting. T-P.
  10. WOW headies,starting off with sct must have been nice mate!! i started with demonoid lol. I also used public trackers a lot until i got tired of getting viruses lol. :angry:
  11. Not using it yet kidla mate,still using Utorrent 1.8.4 because BCG don't allow 2.0. Not sure how many trackers are using 3.0 but BCG is one of my fave trackers so im just keeping them happy for now bro!.
  12. As the title says,post your best sites for desktop wallpapers. I love HD walls so here is mine. http://www.wallpapers-room.com/newest/17/ http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper_beta/downloads/date/any/ Whats your favorite?.