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  1. meh, never really liked rap myself :P Though I do admit that some have a genuine talent for poetry
  2. Personal favorites are Wolves in the Throne Room and early Ulver.
  3. nerdyluke


    Never thought there'd be wardruna fans here. I recently downloaded Ragnarok, was pretty epic. If you like this genre, check out: Forndom and Gaetir the Mountainkeeper (Paleowolf side-project)
  4. Just started The Strain, not bad so far
  5. GoT (obivously) and Vikings are my favorites. Also Spartacus (first season)
  6. I love Berserk and Shingeki no Kyoujin, recently tried spice and wolf but that wasnt really to my taste
  7. Mostly LateX, but I sometimes use LibreOffice
  8. Im using Debian testing with i3wm on an almost 10 years old machine, its quite fast
  9. Male, not even sure what female is (jk)
  10. rtorrent with whatever patch it was that added colors to it
  11. Only FLAC with properly setup eac logs
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