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  1. Dear MTV, Today we're here to bring you some sad news: freshon.tv has announced it will shut down. We're a bit surprised by the decision, as we're sure most of you are but there's nothing anyone can do about it now. Freshon staff have contacted us and have since posted an announcement on the forums letting users know morethan.tv is opening up interviews for any refugees that are interested in joining a new tv tracker as long as they can provide proof of membership. Spread the word among your friends so no one that wants to join will be left out. Server: irc.morethan.tv SSL port: 6669 [SSL] Channel: #morethan.tv-interviews Best regards, - MTV staff
  2. Update on Freshon: Dear TvT users, as you all know from the announcement, the sysops of Freshon have decided to discontinue this tracker. We, the staff, didn't know of this until they made the public announcement, so this all comes a bit rushed. Luckily the Morethan.tv staff decided to take Freshon refugees. Morethan.tv is a rather young but fast growing tracker focused on TV and movie content, with a nice community, dedicated staff and a huge selection of content. I'm pretty sure you all will be happy there. Thanks MTV for doing this! As I don't know how long Freshons servers will stay up, I suggest you to do this as quick as you can. IRC INTERVIEW: Requirements: - A screenshot of your Freshon.tv profile - The direct link to your Freshon profile Server details: Server: irc.morethan.tv SSL port: 6669 [SSL] Channel: #morethan.tv-interviews Kiwiirc Webchat URL (SSL) Spread the word! I'm deeply sorry this happened so unexpectedly.
  3. Following a complaint from the UK Premier League, authorities in Thailand have arrested two Brits and a local citizen. The trio are accused of offering unlicensed IPTV subscriptions through the website 365sport.tv. The authorities seized a variety of hardware and handed over the two British men to their local embassy. In recent years there’s been an increase in the availability of unlicensed TV streams, with vendors offering virtually any channel imaginable, for free or in exchange for a small fee. Many of these IPTV packages are unlicensed. That makes them a lot cheaper to the end users, which explains why their popularity is growing. While the phenomenon remained under the radar for a long time, more recently we have seen several raids on vendors who sell these ‘pirate’ subscriptions. After arrests in Spain and Poland, Thai authorities have also joined in. Last week the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) arrested two British men, William Lloyd, 39 and William Robinson, 35, for their alleged involvement in selling unlicensed IPTV subscriptions. The pair were arrested together with 33-year-old local man, Supatra Raksasat. The enforcement action followed a complaint from the Football Association Premier League Ltd (FAPL) and was made public yesterday. According to the authorities, the men sold pirate subscriptions to dozens of TV-channels through 365sport.tv. 365sport.tv The website in question was taken offline and is no longer operational. However, cached versions show that the outfit sold subscriptions for 10 or 22 premium sports channels for a monthly fee of 600 ($17) and 999 ($29) Thai Baht respectively. During the raids DSI, which is a special department of the Ministry of Justice, seized mobile phones, nine computer servers, nine computers, and a total of 49 set-top boxes, local media reports. DSI deputy chief Suriya Singhakamol said that the men were also accused of offering unauthorized content through a variety of other sites targeted at expats, including Thaiexpat.tv, Hkexpat.tv, Indoexpat.tv, Vietexpat.tv, and Euroexpat.tv. Following the Premier League complaint, DSI’s cybercrime unit launched a special investigation which found that 365sport.tv offered the unlicensed streams through Thai servers. The authorities subsequently obtained arrest warrants through the Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court. While the case remains open, the two British suspects have been handed over to officials from the British embassy, which requested their bail. All unlicensed IPTV streams, meanwhile, are no longer online.
  4. recent activities -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- Nursing Group Recruitment & Conservation Plan & Hair Breeding & Capture Bugs -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- Recruitment & Conservation Plan for Nursery Group -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- Recruitment instructions 1, is now recruiting nurses ten people 2, nurses should have 1T hard drive for the site resource conservation 3, the caregiver should ensure that no less than 100 resources per day online, not less than 1T resources, online time average 12 hours a day. 4, insurance resources limited to OurBits, HDPter, PbK, OurPad, OurTV, HosT resources Reward rules & instructions 1, no less than 1T per month online resources and not less than 100 kinds, reward 10W magic. More than 1T part of the volume of more than 100G each reward 1W magic, not on the cap. 2, the insurance resources need to claim their own, after the recognition of the end of the confession (each resource a floor) https://ourbits.club/forums.php?acti...=last#pid19651 and summary posted (per person One floor) https://ourbits.club/forums.php?acti...=last#pid19661 registration within the record, each resource limited to a member registration claim, if the second member is not included in the 100 resources Inside, only the volume is calculated. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- Two kinds of competition To enrich the resources of this site, the management decided to continue to carry out breeding activities. 1. Activities: All members of this site can participate in this event. 2. Seed range: the original disk, 4K, 10bit, hevc resources 3. Awards setting: each Original disk / 4K ------- reward 5000 magic 10bit / hevc ------ reward 2500 magic Special awards: In addition to reward magic value outside Number of awards VIP Original disk / 4K ---------- 15 ------------------- month 10bit / hevc ---------- 30 ----------------- month Rewards can be superimposed, for example: hair 30 original disk, that is reward VIP two months +150000 magic Note: after the hair must be registered, otherwise there is no reward. 4. Release requirements: need to contain the correct title subtitles related profiles screenshots and info information. Duplicate (dupe) rules: and the station does not repeat the resources, the version is not worse can be released. Subtitle format: name or description + hair contest fourth issue 5. Requirements: after the species reached 5, before the withdrawal. 6. After the crop moved to https://ourbits.club/forums.php?acti...5&topicid=4381 thread reply. 8. The fourth period of activity for a long time, the end of each month reward once. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- Catch bugs -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- Some members have recently responded to some seed errors, and there were a lot of problems in the seed. It is now decided to start the bug plan, that is, the user to download the seeds, and then on behalf of the open, if there is a problem recorded (doc document records seed information and seed number, preferably with an error screenshot), and the problem seeds retained, Put the compressed package together. This event needs to be in the post https://ourbits.club/forums.php?acti...5&topicid=4391 (100 seeds, such as 3501-3600), reward for 100 + 50 * error number of magic.
  5. AnimeBytes is opening up applications soon. From Twitter account: This just in from an inside source: >we'll start recruiting normally >soon How soon is that? Only time will tell. Update: We will most likely start off with recruitment from other sources before the applications open up again…
  6. Hackers are demanding money from Disney to stop the leaking of a pirate copy of an upcoming film. While Disney CEO Bob Iger didn't mention the movie by name when he announced the news, reports have identified the upcoming 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' as the target. During a town hall meeting in New York on Monday, Disney CEO Bob Iger informed a group of ABC employees that hackers have stolen one of the company’s movies. The hackers offered to keep it away from public eyes in exchange for ransom paid in Bitcoin but Disney says it has no intention to pay. Although Iger did not mention the movie by name during the meeting, Deadline reports that it’s a copy of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.’ The fifth movie in the ‘Pirates‘ franchise starring Johnny Depp, is officially scheduled to appear in theaters next week. Needless to say, a high-quality leak at this point will be seen as a disaster for Disney. The “ransom” demand from the hacker is reminiscent of another prominent entertainment industry leak, where the requested amount of Bitcoin was not paid. Just a few weeks ago a group calling itself TheDarkOverlord (TDO) published the premiere episode of the fifth season of Netflix’s Orange is The New Black, followed by nine more episodes a few hours later. Despite Netflix’s anti-piracy efforts, the ten leaked episodes of Orange is The New Black remain popular on many torrent indexes and pirate streaming sites. There is no indication that the previous and threatened leaks are related in any way. TorrentFreak has seen a list of movies and TV-shows TDO said they have in their possession, but the upcoming ‘Pirates’ movie isn’t among them. The Disney hackers have threatened to release the movie in increments, but the movie studio is hoping that they won’t go ahead with their claims. Thus far there haven’t been any reports of leaked parts of the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film. Disney, meanwhile, is working with the FBI to track down the people responsible for the hack.
  7. Tracker's Name: Konor.net Tracker's Genre: Music Signup Link: http://konor.net/register.php Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: Konor.net is a new gazelle based chinese music tracker. Note: For the moment is allowed only @163.com email, so register this free email in order to register!
  8. ExtraTorrent, one of the most visited torrent sites on the Internet, is suffering from connectivity issues. The site has been offline for nearly 24 hours, with CloudFlare suggesting that the server is offline. No official reason has yet been provided, but several ExtraTorrent affiliate groups and sites are still active. With millions of daily visitors ExtraTorrent is the second largest torrent site, trailing only behind The Pirate Bay. However, for almost a day now visitors have been unable to reach the site. Those who try to access it see a Cloudflare notification instead, suggesting that the site’s servers are down. TorrentFreak reached out to the site’s operator a while ago, but thus far we haven’t heard back. The site’s official Facebook page doesn’t have any updates on the situation either. ExtraTorrent is down While users may fear the worst, for now the most likely explanation is that the site is down as the result of a technical problem. The site’s domain names are operating as they should, but there might be an issue with the server. Although ExtraTorrent is offline, several release groups connected to the site are still operating. The popular TV distribution groups EtHD and ettv continue to release content through other sites, including The Pirate Bay. ExtraTorrent’s image hosting site ExtraImage is also up and running, as usual. If we hear more about the current downtime, we will update the article accordingly. For the time being, however, ExtraTorrent users will have to get their torrent fix elsewhere.
  9. The top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent are in again. 'Logan' tops the chart this week, followed by ‘Ghost in The Shell'. 'Fist Fight' completes the top three. This week we have three newcomers in our chart. Logan, which came out as DVDRip last week, is the most downloaded movie. The data for our weekly download chart is estimated by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only. All the movies in the list are Web-DL/Webrip/HDRip/BDrip/DVDrip unless stated otherwise. RSS feed for the weekly movie download chart. This week’s most downloaded movies are: Movie Rank Rank last week Movie name IMDb Rating / Trailer Most downloaded movies via torrents 1 (3) Logan 8.6 / trailer 2 (1) Ghost in The Shell (Subbed HDRip) 6.9 / trailer 3 (…) First Fight 5.7 / trailer 4 (4) Kong: Skull Island (Subbed HDRip) 7.0 / trailer 5 (…) The Great Wall 6.9 / trailer 6 (2) xXx: Return of Xander Cage 5.3 / trailer 7 (6) Split 7.0 / trailer 8 (8) The Fate of the Furious 6.7 / trailer 9 (…) Get Out 7.9 / trailer 10 (5) Gifted 7.0 / trailer
  10. Tracker's Name: Nongpink.com Tracker's Genre: XXX Signup Link: http://www.nongpink.com/signup.php Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: Thailand porn tracker
  11. Tracker's Name: Foudelatele.net Tracker's Genre: TV Signup Link: https://foudelatele.net/registry.php Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: French TV tracker. Tips: For me gmail not working, so use another email.
  12. Should discussion about copyright protection circumvention mechanisms only be allowed in certain places? That appears to be the takeaway from a post on the Music Tech Policy blog, which slams YouTube for leaving up Content ID defeat videos but embeds one for the purposes of....erm....discussion. YouTube is not only one of the best sites on the Internet today but is arguably the best multimedia platform ever created. There can be barely a person alive who has heard of the Internet but not of YouTube. The site is that important. But today, YouTube has problems. Despite generating hundreds of millions each year for the music industry, the major labels argue that the company fails to do enough about piracy while exploiting the safe harbor provisions of the DMCA. YouTube sees things quite differently. The company says that its Content ID recognition system, which was developed at huge cost, allows creators to block or monetize otherwise pirated content uploaded to the platform by users. Like every anti-piracy system ever created, Content ID is fallible. It can be circumvented using various techniques and tricks found on any number of sites and indeed, on YouTube itself. This week, that fact attracted the attention of the Music Tech Policy blog. “What’s Wrong With Content ID? Start with Dozens of YouTube Videos on How to Defeat It,” wrote editor, industry veteran, and outspoken Google critic, Chris Castle. Castle begins by talking a little about one of the techniques often used by people trying to evade the clutches of Content ID – changing the tempo of an uploaded music track. The idea is that by altering the speed, the fingerprint of the uploaded track is changed enough for YouTube not to recognize it as an infringing copy. No doubt it’s a popular trick, but at this point the conspiracy theories begin. YouTube has a feature which allows people to speed up or slow down videos, which can be handy for speed ‘reading’ an audio book, for example, or slowing down a tutorial so someone inexperienced in the task can keep up. However, discounting fans of pitch-shifted vocals, Castle says it’s actually there for Google to make money from pirates. Slowed-down, Content ID-evading tracks can be sped back up to enjoy at normal speeds, he says. “Why is it there? To cater to fans of Alvin and the Chipmunks? No. It’s there so YouTube can monetize illegal copies of music and movies,” he says. “If Google were serious about piracy, they’d dump the speed control on YouTube. They’d also police the ‘how to’ defeat Content ID videos on YouTube.” While Castle is perfectly entitled to his opinion (and it’s one that is popular in the industry) he seems oblivious to the fact that his own article not only reveals how Content ID can be gamed, but also goes on to demand that YouTube censors discussion on the same topic. If that doesn’t already feel like a case of “don’t do as I do, do as I tell you”, then perhaps the next bit will. Amping the irony up to 11, Castle then embeds one of the Content ID circumvention videos from YouTube into his own article. Of course, some people will quite rightly argue that in order to properly report on the problem, someone writing on this topic might need to show an example of an ‘offending’ video on YouTube. We wouldn’t disagree with that assertion at all, 100% in agreement. There are, however, plenty of problems. For a start, discussing how Content ID can be bypassed isn’t illegal, so if any uploaded videos covering that topic are all the creators’ own work, the resulting videos are legal too. With that in mind, it’s difficult to see what grounds YouTube would have for taking those videos down. If nothing else, it would be seen as stifling free speech, no matter how disappointing that speech is to the music and movie industries. Admittedly, inciting people to commit a civil wrong might be a problem in some regions, but in most cases that’s not what we’re talking about here, as illustrated by Music Tech Policy’s willingness to embed the video on its site. The take-home here is that some material on YouTube is always going to be offensive to some people, we just have to learn how to deal with it and in some cases, make the best of it. For example, last year I was particularly irritated to find a video on YouTube which detailed how my car could be stolen in seconds using a special device. A link to buy that device was included below the video. Screw YouTube, right? Not really. With the information presented in the video, I was able to find and buy an aftermarket alarm/immobilizer that defeated that device and others like it. Admittedly the video (and ‘buy’ link) had the potential to recruit other would-be car thieves to the party, but if I hadn’t have seen it too, my car would still be vulnerable today. The thieves, meanwhile, would still have the ability to steal it. As it stands, it’s going nowhere, at least by that method. Ultimately, knowledge is power and it is absolutely pointless to try and suppress it with censorship, people are always one step ahead. We just need to use all available knowledge to our advantage. So, despite Chris Castle perhaps not appreciating the irony, he was absolutely within his rights to write that article and embed those videos in order to illustrate a point that is not only important to him, but others too. Whether people agree with him or not is moot. He shouldn’t be censored, and YouTube shouldn’t be required to censor people either. The site already provides Content ID to millions of satisfied users and presumably, it’s in YouTube’s best interest to have that working as advertised. That it fails sometimes is no surprise but talking about its weaknesses, on YouTube and sites like Music Tech Policy and indeed here on TF, draws attention to the topic. And only when people are allowed to discuss stuff openly does anything get done. Censorship is never the answer and only makes matters like these worse.
  13. Ujra indul a képes kviz!.Amerikai szinésznő volt, aki összeházasodott III. Rainer monacói uralkodó herceggel.Kissé eltorzitott képéről kell a nevét kitalálnotok. http://p.coldline.hu/2017/05/08/2539...08-6aGh4Vt.gif A megfejtésért 500 MB jár.Megkérünk mindenkit hogy a megfejtést küldjétek PM-ben /NE az adatlapomra látogatói üzenetbe, NE staffpóstába!/ Perlchen-nek címezve. Jó játékot! *********************************** The queen of quarrel begins! She was an American girl who married III. Rainer's Monarch of the Emperor.You have to name your distracted picture. 500 MB for decoding. We ask everyone to send the decision in PM / NE to my profile page in a visitor's message, NE staffing / Perlchen. Good game! ***********************************
  14. Scandinavian telecoms operator Telia has revealed how rightsholders are bombarding the company with demands to identify alleged pirates. During the past year alone, Telia has been ordered to hand over personal details relating to more than 82,000 IP addresses, a large proportion of which will go to known copyright trolls. It was once a region where people could share files without fear of reprisal, but over the years Scandinavia has become a hotbed of ‘pirate’ prosecutions. Sweden, in particular, has seen many sites shut down and their operators sentenced, notably those behind The Pirate Bay but also more recent cases such as those against DreamFilm and Swefilmer. To this backdrop, members of the public have continued to share files, albeit in decreasing numbers. However, at the same time copyright trolls have hit countries like Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, hoping to scare alleged file-sharers into cash settlements. This week regional ISP Telia revealed that the activity has already reached epidemic proportions. Under the EU IPR Enforcement Directive (IPRED), Internet service providers are required to hand over the personal details of suspected pirates to copyright holders, if local courts deem that appropriate. Telia says it is now being bombarded with such demands. “Telia must adhere to court decisions. At the same time we have a commitment to respect the privacy of our customers and therefore to be transparent,” the company says. “While in previous years Telia has normally received less than ten such [disclosure] requests per market, per year, lately the number of requests has increased significantly.” The scale is huge. The company reports that in Sweden during the past year alone, it has been ordered to hand over the identities of subscribers behind more than 45,000 IP addresses. In Finland during the same period, court orders covered almost 37,000 IP addresses. Four court orders in Denmark currently require the surrendering of data on “hundreds” of customers. Telia says that a Danish law firm known as Njord Law is behind many of the demands. The company is connected to international copyright trolls operating out of the United States, United Kingdom, and elsewhere. “A Danish law firm (NJORD Law firm), representing the London-based copyright holder Copyright Management Services Ltd, was recently (2017-01-31) granted a court order forcing Telia Sweden to disclose to the law firm the subscriber identities behind 25,000 IP-addresses,” the company notes. Copyright Management Services Ltd was incorporated in the UK during October 2014. Its sole director is Patrick Achache, who also operates German-based BitTorrent tracking company MaverickEye. Both are part of the notorious international trolling operation Guardaley. Copyright Management Services, which is based at the same London address as fellow UK copyright-trolling partner Hatton and Berkeley, filed accounts in June 2016 claiming to be a dormant company. Other than that, it has never filed any financial information. Copyright Management Services will be legally required to publish more detailed accounts next time around, since the company is now clearly trading, but its role in this operation is far from clear. For its part, Telia hopes the court has done the necessary checking when handing information over to partner firm, Njord Law. “Telia assumes that the courts perform adequate assessments of the evidence provided by the above law firm, and also that the courts conduct a sufficient assessment of proportionality between copyright and privacy,” the company says. “Telia does not know what the above law firm intends to do with the large amount of customer data which they are now collecting.” While that statement from Telia is arguably correct, it doesn’t take a genius to work out where this is going. Every time that these companies can match an IP address to an account holder, they will receive a letter in the mail demanding a cash settlement. Anything that substantially deviates from this outcome would be a very surprising development indeed. In the meantime, Jon Karlung, the outspoken boss of ISP Bahnhof, has pointed out that if Telia didn’t store customer IP addresses in the first place, it wouldn’t have anything to hand out to copyright trolls. “Bahnhof does not store this data – and we can’t give out something we do not have. The same logic should apply to Telia,” he said. Bahnhof says it stores customer data including IP addresses for 24 hours, just long enough to troubleshoot technical issues but nowhere near long enough to be useful to trolls.
  15. We are in the process of recovering all the torrents missing due to the downtime and the domain change. We expect to complete this in a few days. After that, the ownership of the torrents will be re-assigned to their original uploaders and we will work on restoring the correct whitelisting of the GB torrents. We appreciate your patience as we are bringing everything back in order.
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