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    Google Translation: Win a pair of tickets to SZIN! Prizes: • 7 pairs of passes SZIN performers and program at The passes are named and not transferable, and the personal data of the winner(s) are required for their receipt. The game page is here: Prize Draw Further information: Policy Questions for you to answer until 2019-08-06
  5. @Ethan Hello brother, I would love to have an invite for cinemageddon, looking for it for a while. If there is isn't any issue with me applying, I would be very grateful to receive one. thanks in advance.
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  11. * Perfect11's - Who can get the most uploads in a week contest - Round #21 * Empornium Upload Speed Contest - Round 21 !!! Begins Saturday June 29th, 2019 12 PM MDT (Noon) (6:00 PM UTC) It ends Saturday July 6th, 2019 11:59 AM MDT (5:59 PM UTC) Please post in this thread and announce your participation BEFORE the round begins! Discuss this post here
  12. Leading Kodi add-on resource TVAddons has gone through some rough times in recent years. The site's founder was sued in the US and Canada, but despite the legal pressure, it remains online today. While some expected the 'cleaned up' addon repository to languish, it still 'serves' millions of people per month. Dedicated streaming set-top boxes, many of which are running on Kodi, have become increasingly popular over the past several years. The Kodi software itself is perfectly legal, but many third-party add-ons complement it to offer access to pirated movies, TV-shows, and live-streaming. These ‘pirate’ add-ons can be found on a variety of sites and resources. Some are blatantly offering infringing content, but it’s not always clear what’s permitted and what’s not. TVAddons, a popular repository of third-party Kodi add-ons, learned this the hard way. Previously the site used to offer many problematic add-ons. This lead to lawsuits in both the US and Canada, after which the company cleaned up its site and tightened its policies. When the site returned, during the summer of 2017, it had to start from scratch. Since some of the most popular add-ons were removed, many people thought, or even hoped, that the comeback would be destined to fail. However, this is not the case. New statistics released by TVAddons show that its repository is still widely used. “There are many groups that wish to see TV ADDONS die. They include Hollywood, copyright bullies, preloaded box sellers, paid IPTV sellers, Kodi ‘blogs,’ and probably cyber-lockers too. They’d be free to continue their profit-seeking, without us getting in the way,” TVAddons says. “Unfortunately for the haters, we aren’t going anywhere. We continue to grow, maintaining a healthy number of daily active users.” The site revealed its most recent ‘visitor’ statistics for May. These are not site visits, but the number of connections that ping TVAddons servers by using its add-ons. Last month, TVAddons received up to 1.76 million unique calls to its update server per day, and over 14 million for the entire month. This means that every 24 hours, roughly one-and-a-half million ‘Kodi boxes’ with their add-ons are online, checking for updates. TVAddons repo stats for May 2019 These numbers are indeed quite significant. However, what TVAddons doesn’t mention is that they are down quite a bit compared to a few years ago, before the legal trouble started. During September 2016, TVAddons had roughly 24.7 million users a month and a rough average of 5.6 million per day. This shows that daily usage has dropped significantly. The number of website visits also shows a downward trend, although that’s never been very high. According to the TVAddons team, this is in part due to the removal of the old add-on library. “We lost website ranking when we upgraded our site, because our old add-on library is down which had over 800 pages in it. We have the new and hugely upgraded version almost ready to go public,” TVAddons informs TorrentFreak. It is clear, however, that TVAddons isn’t done yet. Since the legal trouble started it has settled its U.S. lawsuit with Dish. However, the Canadian lawsuit through which the repository lost its old domain, remains ongoing. That lawsuit is not a threat to the current site, according to TVAddons. The suit in question targets TVAddons’ founder Adam Lackman who has since distanced himself from the Kodi-addon repository. “There’s no update on the Canadian lawsuit yet, but it’s really Adam Lackman’s personal problem at this point. We continue to support him as much as we possibly can, but his lawsuit has no bearing on our community,” TVAddons says. While there are no official figures available, the interest in Kodi, in general, appears to be waning. Traffic to the official Kodi site is dropping and the number of Kodi searches on Google is on a downward spiral too.
  13. Hello from just letting all Power users know can upload to the site get that Good ratio Uploaders wanted also staff if you got what it takes to be on the team please let staff now asp Admin staff at
  14. Hi Nulled, We are currently facing LR voltage regulator issues on our main server line. There will be intermittent downtimes until fixed. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  15. Google Translation: Freeleech 24-hour freeleech from K*******!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22 hours 05 minutes 53 seconds Freeleech