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  1. The popular game YouTuber “Golden Modz” has admitted to posting copyright-infringing videos that displayed Fortnite cheats and hacks. Brandon Lucas, owner of the channel, agreed to an undisclosed settlement and a permanent injunction that prevents him from promoting Fortnite cheats going forward. The “Golden Modz” channel remains online and appears to have switched focus to GTA V. With more than 1.8 million subscribers, ‘Golden Modz‘ ranks among the more popular game YouTubers. The channel is linked to Florida resident Brandon Lucas, who uses it to share gameplay videos which regularly feature cheats and hacks. Game publishers are not always happy to see this type of activity. When Golden Modz uploaded several Fortnite cheat videos last summer, Fortnite creator Epic Games took action. Initially, the company just sent takedown notices to YouTube. However, when these were appealed by the channel operator, the game company saw no other option than to go to court. In the complaint, filed at a North Carolina Federal Court, Epic Games accused Brandon Lucas a.k.a. Golden Modz of copyright infringement. The lawsuit also named fellow YouTuber Colton Conter, a.k.a. ‘Exentric’, as a second defendant. “Exentric” made occasional appearances in the videos that were posted on the YouTube channel. In the videos, the two referred to their cheats as “magical powers,” informing viewers where to buy these, while hosting giveaways as well. Initially, Lucas denied that the videos posted on the channel were his. In an unsworn affidavit, he said that no videos using cheats were posted by him, nor did he own the websites where the cheats were sold. As such, he filed a request with the court to dismiss the case. Epic Games wasn’t convinced of Lucas’ innocence. The company filed a response to the motion to dismiss stating that, among other things, Lucas previously stated that the videos and channel were his. These claims were made in response to an earlier YouTube takedown request. The court sided with Epic Games and denied the motion to dismiss the case. This prompted both parties to get together to see if the case could be resolved without going to trial. Fast forward four months, and Lucas and Epic Games have now agreed on a settlement and a permanent injunction. A stipulated order filed at the North Carolina District Court, signed by both parties, clarifies that Lucas did use cheating software in his videos, which he profited from. “Lucas publicly displayed the use of cheat software (‘cheats’ or ‘hacks’) to third parties for personal gain via his YouTube channel, ‘Golden Modz’, by playing in squads with players who were using cheats while playing Fortnite in at least nine videos posted on his YouTube channel. “Lucas infringed Epic’s copyrights in Fortnite by creating and publicly displaying unauthorized derivative works of Epic’s copyright protected Fortnite code in videos of himself and/or others on Lucas’ YouTube channel,” the stipulated order reads. Both Lucas and Epic Games agree that the violations of the Copyright Act caused great and irreparable harm to Epic which can’t be fully compensated or measured in money. Despite this claim, there is no damages or settlement amount mentioned in the paperwork. It is possible that Lucas agreed to compensate Epic Games outside of court, but the details of the settlement are not public. The stipulated permanent injunction is published in full. This prevents Lucas from engaging in any infringing activity of Epic Games works in the future. In addition, he is not allowed to develop, promote, or link to, any cheating tools for Epic’s games. The operator of the Golden Modz waived his right to appeal and faces $5,000 in damages in the event that any terms of the agreed injunction are violated. The co-defendant in this case, Colton Conter, also agreed to a similar settlement and injunction earlier this year. Injunction or not, the popular Golden Modz channel remains online. It still features several ‘cheat’ related videos. Golden Modz wisely refrained from posting any videos with Fortnite cheats, but the same can’t be said for GTA V. “USING AIMBOT in GTA Online to make kids rage on the mic! 5,000 likes for part 2!!! Buy Modded accounts and GTA 5 services here –,” the description of a recent video reads. While the injunction doesn’t prevent Lucas from using GTA V cheats, these videos are not without risk either. GTA V’s Take-Two Interactive has also filed several lawsuits against alleged cheaters. In fact, the company just filed a new case against several John Doe defendants who are believed to be involved with the cheating and ‘griefing’ software Evolve. As such, the company may not be happy with Golden Modz activities either. Source: TorrentFreak
  2. Four men in the UK have received sentences of up to four-and-half years for running a torrent site that leaked movies online, sometimes in advance of their theatrical release. Most notably, the quartet shared The Expendables 3. All four pleaded guilty to defrauding Lionsgate Films and members of the MPAA to the tune of $11.2m. Running a torrent site anywhere in the Western world was once an extremely risky endeavor, with prosecutions regularly hitting the headlines. These days there appears to be less law enforcement and civil action than there once was but for four men in the UK, their actions several years ago have now caught up with them. Steven Pegram, 40, Mark Rollin, 37, Paul Taylor, 54, and Alan Stephenson, 42, were part of a group which uploaded movies to their relatively low-profile torrent site, Importantly they also made movies available before their theatrical release, notably The Expendables 3. The movie leaked in so-called ‘DVD Screener’ format during July 2014 and was downloaded millions of times before its official release August 15, 2014. In November that same year, the UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit revealed that two arrests had been made in connection with the leak. The men were aged 33 and 36, the same ages as Pegram and Stephenson would’ve been at the time of the arrests. Information now provided by the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service states that Pegram, Rollin, Taylor and Stephenson shared the movie on their platform, causing producer Lionsgate Films an estimated £1.5 million ($2 million) in losses. Other movies made available on the site affected members of the MPAA, including Sony, Disney, Fox and Warner Brothers. Their losses were calculated at £7 million ($9.26 million), with Godzilla and X-Men: Days of Future Past accounting for almost £4 million ($5.29 million) of that total. According to the prosecution, Pegram owned the site and along with Taylor, paid for its servers. Both men uploaded content to the platform. Rollin acted as an encoder and uploader and was found to have 47 “high quality” movies on his computer, including the titles Are You Here and Third Person, in advance of their theatrical releases. Stephenson was responsible for setting up and maintaining the torrent site. Rollin and Stephenson earlier pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the copyright owners. At the first day of their trial on December 3, 2018, Pelgram and Taylor pleaded guilty to the same charge. The quartet were all sentenced yesterday, with Pegram receiving a prison sentence of four-and-a-half years and Rollin a sentence of three years. Taylor and Stephenson were each sentenced to two years imprisonment, suspended for 24 months. “These defendants set up and ran a site which allowed users to download films for free via BitTorrent, including the Expendables 3 before its release in the cinema,” said Leigh Webber, a Specialist Prosecutor in the Specialist Fraud Division at the Crown Prosecution Service. “All of them had clear knowledge of what the site was used for and were well aware they were breaching the copyright of the production companies.” The saga surrounding the leak of The Expendables 3 has now been running for almost five years, with several individuals, groups, and platforms being held responsible for its distribution. In August 2014, file-hosting site Hulkfile threw in the towel in the US after being targeted by Lionsgate after a user stored the movie on its servers. Almost a year later, file-hosting site reached a settlement with the movie company after users streamed the movie illegally. In March 2016, United States District Judge Otis Wright granted a default judgment which ordered Muhammed Ashraf (LimeTorrents), Tom Messchendorp (Dotsemper), and Lucas Lim (Swankshare) to pay the maximum statutory damages of $150,000 each, again for offering The Expendables 3. Then last December, a federal grand jury in California indicted five men for allegedly offering pre-release copies of hundreds of movies and TV shows via the Internet, The Expendables 3 included. The indictment revealed that at least one of the men stands accused of accessing the California-based servers of a content-management services company which was used to store and distribute motion picture assets. In 2013, the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) informed TorrentFreak that The Expendables 3 had been “stolen” from a “cloud-based system”, something which supports the information released in the indictment. The unit later revealed they’d arrested a then 26-year-old man in the UK during April 2015 under suspicion of leaking The Expendables 3. While it is still to be officially confirmed if it is indeed the same person, Malik Luqman Farooq (placed at 30-years-old in December’s indictment and said to be resident in the UK), is mentioned prominently by the Department of Justice in the US. The indictment claims the unreleased copy of The Expendables 3 was obtained from a content-management services company and downloaded via TOR. The copy was then stored on an OVH server with Farooq later selling it to an undercover anti-piracy investigator working for the MPAA. Source: TorrentFreak
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  9. Dear community, We would like to take a moment to welcome all our ADC friends to AsianCinema. Please be aware that no official word has been provided by any of the ADC staff about the site's current affairs. As most of you might know, ADC was taken offline last month due to what seems to be a billing issue (lack of server payment). As of today, one of the staff members has made an 'unofficial' announcement regarding ADC's sysop possible retirement and an promising offer made to the sysop to transfer the ownership to one of the senior staff members in order to keep ADC alive but no answer has been given by the sysop as of yet. We are sharing this news with you today, as we would like to kindly ask that you do not start any rumors regarding ADC's downtime. Any person found spreading false rumors will be met with a warning and possible ban if s(he) refuses to comply with our site rules. We would also like to take this moment to address a couple things regarding the site rules. 1. AsianCinema (ACM from now on) was born as an ADC alternative therefore only media and formats listed in the Rules are allowed. Members who continue to upload encodes (x264/x265) will be given official warnings starting today. 2. All uploads are required to comply with the following rules: a) Title naming b) All uploads MUST have at least 4 screenshots in the PNG format ( Guide here > ) c) All uploads MUST have a Medainfo (Remuxes, WEB-DL and HDTV) and/or BDinfo (Blu-rays) logs added to the Mediainfo box (Blue box at the bottom of the upload page). d) All remuxes MUST have a eac3to log (Guide here > ) Why Is This Important? Here at AsianCinema, we believe that in oder to deliver the best experience, it is important to that our content is as high quality as it can be and by enforcing the above rules, we will be able to achieve this goal. If you are new to torrenting and/or need help adapting to the new changes, you are welcome to reach out to us in the forums, IRC and Discord for guidance. With love, AsianCinema Staff
  10. e*** has triggered the Freeleech Pool! The following films have been randomly selected and are now freeleech for the next 48 hours. Augustine Family Weekend Jackie Brown Logan Slap Happy Pappy Fist of Legend Thanks to users e***** who donated to the pool. Now go drop some of your own orbs into the next pool!
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    Dear Users, We have a quiz at 18:00 on Saturday! Rules: There will be mixed questions! You have to choose the right one from the three answers given! 3 minutes per question available! For each question, the first three correct answers are won: 3000-1500-500 bonus points Exactly describe the correct answer as the question is, only one answer is accepted! It is forbidden to correct the answer already sent! We wish you fun in the game! Teracod staff
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