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  1. Upcoming Software change We are moving board software. The site will run as it does now pretty much, but were moving to more up to date software, running on more up to date software. We are currently in the process of setting this up, and will be available soon on the potuk.net domain. More details to follow. The tracker code is running, and tracker is installed, and we will soon be closing this board down in order to transfer all the users, posts etc over to the new board. When we come back, certain things may or may not work, as until we actually get a live board working, we wont know for sure what we might have missed, and we will be relying on you to let us know what does and doesnt work as you find it. Usergroups may be messed up a little, but we will get round to fixing that as soon as we can. Once we have a few weeks of bumpiness, and iron out all the quirks, the new software will run a lot better and smoother than this one. It boasts the option to set your accounts to 2fa is you wish (staff will be forced) as extra security, using either authy or google authenticator, as well as using an up to date version of php which is still supported. We have a coder who is willing to help set up his tracker mod, and also help a little with xenforo should we need. This Current site will be taken offline without notice when we do and you will be met with a board closed message.. Im hoping this will be today, as i have a lot of hours free today to start the process.. You can expect us to be closed for between 2-5 days while we try and sort out all the usergroups and permissions and anything else we think of along the way.. Why so long you ask?.... Becuase simply, i never know how much time I have free, what with real life goings on, so im allowing that many days so I dont feel under pressure to get the job done and make mistakes. I have a full time job, and family life.. we will be making this move around my availability, so the downtime will be stretched accordingly. Its best if you take note of the links in my signature and get yourself on discord, where you may be kept up to date a lot easier. Hope to see you on the other side. Admin
  2. We've changed default behavior of SSL tracker setting under profile for everyone. The new default is now to always use SSL tracker. Ability to opt-out for users that absolutely need to use HTTP is still provided. The change applies immediately to newly downloaded torrents while previously downloaded .torrent files are of course not affected. Please also keep in mind that we have plans to disable non-SSL tracker at closely undisclosed timeline. As such, users are encouraged to migrate their older torrents to SSL (HTTPS) tracker when possible.
  3. HARDY

    NetHD News

    Connectivity issues due to server overload.
  4. From staff: "The server, after having an update, banned several ip addresses for some reason. Admin knows and is looking into it, not sure how long it will take though."
  5. HARDY

    TTsWeb News

    Crazyhour...All torrents free and triple upload credit! starts in 13:53:10
  6. Google Translation: All Saints! All Saints November 1. Happy holiday
  7. Donation System The way some of you currently donate to us will have to change, we are no longer using a third party system (g*****) we will now only accept direct bank transfer payments, check out donation page for more info, this is mainly because it's a lot safer not having another party involved, we receive the donation a lot quicker so can amend your account faster, plus the site receive's 100% of your donation and not a percentage, we hope most of you will get on board with the new system if not we understand also, but this is how it's gunna be for now. Regards R3V staff
  8. HARDY

    eStone News

    Google Translation: Formula One racing Game! Dear User Lead your bets to the American Grand Prix! http://kepcsaszar.hu/image?id=342380&.jpg More here By eStone Staff
  9. Google Translation: Another peer record Yesterday, a new peer record was created on the site. The new record is 94,784 Thank You!
  10. HARDY

    PTFiles News

    Crazyhour All torrents free and triple upload credit! starts in 4 Hours 32 Minutes 02 Seconds
  11. Google Translation: Early winner (1 application for participation in the contest of uploaders) DONOR asks to vote:
  12. New domain (telly.cc) is now online.
  13. Google Translation: Please do not post screenshots of this site on public sites (including but not limited to: Baidu Post Bar, various publicly accessible forums)
  14. Server is down
  15. Congratulations to d***** who won lottery 2019-43 Results for Lottery 2019-43 *** people entered, with a total sweetening of ****GB. Winners were: FIRST PLACE 100GB d***** SECOND PLACE 50GB ***** THIRD PLACE 30GB *****
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