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  1. I have Apollo. Seeking Redacted.ch invitation. Let me know your thoughts.
  2. The amount of bonus points can be compromised. Let me know your thoughts.
  3. Can anybody kindly send 5,00,000 bonus point to the user katmat on jpopsuki?
  4. jpcop

    DJ Software

    Tractor is cool :)
  5. Suppose, I am looking for the albums of an specific artist named "Mr. AbCd Ef ". I don't know which private trackers have them in lossless flac. Can I ask here you guys, that in which tracker the files are available? Just suppose? (If someone confirms me that the files I'm looking for are available in tracker "xyz.com", then I might look for invitation in the seller's section).
  6. Hello, can anybody tell me if there's any way to get 900K bonus point gift on my jpopsuki user id? Kindly let me know. TIA
  7. Kindly discuss about trackers that gathers jpop in lossless format. It may be totally jpop only tracker (like jpopsuki), or it can be a tracker that is partially jpop scrapper . Kindly inform. (Does apl, red, opencd collects jpop in lossless?)
  8. Hello, kindly inform, give short description about trackers that have plenty asian music in lossless format. TIA
  9. I have newly opened avitaz account .Want an OpenCd invitation, or (not buffered) account with mail. Let me know about your thoughts via pm. Thanks in advance .
  10. Hello, I have fresh working Empornium id. In exchange, I want 20,00,000 bonus point for jpopsuki. Let me know your thoughts.
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