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  1. @daryush yazdi good GA Applying for Mteam invite thanks.
  2. @baby , Good GA. Applying for an invitation thanks
  3. my friend comment on my post or send me MP, for future exchanges or business
  4. @Shawonloko can i apply to an invite.
  5. @kardashian09 good GA i would like to apply for tv-vault
  6. I have for trade at the moment Morethan - account with imail Making-off - account with email M-team - invites looking for : HDcenter , Bibliotik and Torrent-Syndikat , Abnormal acconnt
  7. have pixcove,bitgamer,mteam,ipt,td,clssic looking for an invitation to TurkTorrent BitTurk HdTurk TürkNova
  8. @Maistron good GA interested in an invitation for my personal use. thanks.
  9. @Helas great GA Apply invite Crazyhd thanks .
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