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  1. @kell2011 Thank you for great giveaways I want to apply for an invitation to personal use . I love old stuffs so much . I waiting this tracker opened for the free signup so long . But never seen this happen . So I really want to have an invitation to join this tracker . Hopefully you consideration me . Thank you so much . Have a nice day ^_^
  2. @Skylights Hi you Thanks for great giveaways I want to apply for this account . I really want have this account for personal use Like and rep added . Thank you so much . Have a nice day
  3. @Madlox84 Hi you I want to apply for an invitation to personal use . Thank you .
  4. @Mastan Hi you I want to apply for an invitation . Thank you .
  5. @Lia Hi you Thank you for great giveaways I want to apply for an OurBits invite to personal use . Like and rep added . Thank you .
  6. @thunderball Hi you Thank you for great giveaways I want to apply for BeyondHD and SecretCinema to personal use Like and rep added Thank you so much .
  7. I have enabled leverage browser caching (for images/css/js) and have also cleaned up and minified a lot of our JS and CSS. I ask that everyone clear there cache for this site. This should result is faster page load speeds. I will make a MassPM shortly.
  8. ihcom

    HDCity News

    Increase the PIN code setting, the default is none. When set, this code needs to be provided for security purposes when seeking a pass service (for example, resetting a password). Citizens can set their own PIN code, 1-6 digits. Click to go to the security settings . PIN code setting now online. You should provide your PIN for passport services such as password reset once you set your PIN. PIN should be one to six digits. Set your PIN code here .
  9. ihcom

    Ethor News

    New invitation rules in force On Sunday, November 5th, 2017 at 8:26 am Please be sure to read the new rules listed on the homepage. Any breach of these rules will be penalized as the case may be. In short and for those who do not like to read: You are now responsible for the wrongdoings of your guests. Be advised.
  10. ihcom

    Ncore News

    SpOoKy DaYz 2k17 Ending Dear Users! Thanks to your help, the zombie and witch hacks have never encountered a wall that has not been seen so far, they have been forced to retreat so this year's SpOoKy DaYz has come to an end. In the protection of nCore, 177 476 users assisted the Staff, who, with a total of 1 097 341 ghosts, cats, and other demonic creatures, managed to defend the site. Witches and ghosts hit our servers at no less than 795 times, with more or less success, but they took the barrier. Congratulations to Bayernfan25 who got the most figures. The second most appetizer for gourmets became eva0408. Just behind him, behind the third place, he was in the right place. Next, do not leave your home away from home because we suspect that they will try to occupy our fort again.
  11. The BlackJack stake has been increased from 15GB to 25GB.
  12. ihcom

    BluBird News

    Freeleech! Download does not count! Poured at the expense of novlen79 ! Fritsch acts on EET (GMT + 3) until: 2017-11-07 20:06:03
  13. In order to keep the site alive, we accept donations. All money raised will be invested in our servers, bandwidth provider. Keep in mind that this site is only here because you guys make it happen. If you appreciate what we are doing and you want to see us around every day please consider donating. Thank you, BIT-HDTV Team
  14. Planned maintenance Hi everyone, We're doing some planned maintenance on our infrastructure today so there might be one or two downtimes that are gonna be on 30min each. It's gonna be announced on IRC before we take the site down.
  15. ihcom

    CHDBits News

    The server will be around 16:00 on November 9 for maintenance, maintenance time about 4 hours, please tell each other.
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