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  1. Thank you Ethan for trusting and giving me an invite for AcrossTheTasman ! I will make you proud! Cheers!
  2. Back in the days when I was a public tracker user, I generally used to download only and not maintain the ration. But since I started using private tracker, I have understood the importance of maintaining ratio, and 'doing my part' in keeping the p2p community going strong. I now upload 100-200 GB per month.
  3. I was thinking about getting a seedbox, but since I scored pretty cheap hard drives....I now just rua a NAS 24/7, which is like a seedbox for me. Does the job well.
  4. National Geographic all the way. Discovery feels like it is heading more and more towards commercial/entertainment channel.
  5. Norton is a resource hog. AVG free has too many ads! Kaspersky was good, but now with all the spying allegations, I am having to double think about it. I have been using Avast Free which seems to be pretty decent(but with every new version releases, it is collecting more and more info about the users, which I do not link). ......So considering all of these, Norton is the way to go, even though it is a resource hog.
  6. Thanks for the info. I have just resorted to using the older version of utorrent ( specifically utorrent 2.2.1 ). It has all the functionality I need, and I dont have to worry about the annoying/intrusive ads.
  7. Great review. If I can add to this, LearnFlakes is also good at making SANS Courses available. Pretty rare to find elsewhere. Community is active, admins are easily reachable, respond pretty quickly as welll.
  8. 1. NAS that has RAID 5 2. Portable hard drive (as backup)
  9. Kodi, with different addons( Exodus, Zem, HVEC, Strictly HD, Phoenix, TurkUK etc)
  10. Firefox has been my primary browser, and Chrome my secondary. I was going to give up on Firefox as it was laggy and slow....but after yesterday's Quantun FIrefox release, it is looking very promising! So, not ready to give up on Firefox yet! Chrome is faster, but I like Firefox more :)
  11. 1. Game of Thrones 2. Breaking Bad 3. Seinfeld
  12. Primary : Windows 8.1 Laptop : Mac OSX high sierra On my lab : ubuntu, kali, windows 7, windows xp, windows server 2016
  13. Reddit > Twitter > Facebook in that order. Calling Reddit a social networking site is debatable though :p
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