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  1. @Razer It would be great if they worked xD
  2. Hey everyone , this is a guide to help all people who are new to torrenting , if you thought this guide was useful please give a like , enjoy In this guide, we will not be going over ways that can cheat the system or trackers via your torrent client. Most of the decent private trackers have evolved over the years to prevent you from pulling off those techniques. However, we will go over basic concepts and workable solutions to help you excel with private bit torrent trackers and download sites. If you are a seasoned file sharing netizen of a bittorrent community, you probably will not need this guide. This guide is written to offer downloading / uploading strategies to those individuals who consistently run into site warnings and private tracker bans due to low ratio. Understanding Ratio and Rules Depending on the private bit torrent tracker website or forum that you are involved, they all have specific rules that typically revolve around these three main terms. 1. Upload to Download Ratio You divide your upload bytes to download bytes to obtain the upload to download ratio. In general, this is the first rule that most private trackers apply. You basically have to upload enough relative to your download 2. Seeding Time Some private trackers’ mods and admins frown upon users who do “Hit and Runs”. They usually require you to continue seeding after downloading a file for a certain period of time. 3. Absolute Uploading Size Some tracker also imposes rules on the absolute upload amount of data. 4. Acceptable Clients Most of the trackers have their specific list of bittorrent clients that they accept. Double check and use the client according to the rules. This is because wrong clients will usually give wrong data. Potential Penalties It is very important for you to be in good standing with your BT private tracker sites. When you fail to satisfy the private tracker rules, below are some of the common penalties. 1. Ban You from the tracker. 2. Ban you completely from the website or forum. 3. Limiting Your peer connections. 4. Limit your download slots. 5. Limit your wait times before downloading newly released BT files. Basic Strategies Boost Your Ratio 1. Go for New Files The best and surest way is to get the latest files possible that are starting to take off. By grabbing the files earlier on and become seeds, you can obtain a much higher ratio as other peers start to download those files off you. 2. Get Popular Files If you know the taste and needs of a private sharing community, get the files that are trending to become popular. Similar to the first strategy, if you can become a seed before others, you are more likely to upload much more data than you have downloaded. 3. Partial Seeding For some ultra big files, you can partial feed which means that you cherry pick certain files in a mega pack. This way you can start seeding earlier with your downloads. The key to this is to pick off the smaller files ahead of other peers in the sharing network. However, this strategy involves more work and will require you to start seeding files that you do not need. 4. Use High Leecher to Seeder Ratio Seeder to Leecher ratio is one of the most important metric that will determine if you want to grab a file to boost your BT private tracker ratio. Always get the torrents with high Leecher count relative to seeds. With more leechers, you will have more chances to upload your bits and pieces to your peers. With complete seeds, you will have to compete with those seeds which can in turn lower your ratio. 5. Smaller Files VS Bigger Files Both smaller files and bigger files work to boost your ratio. However, it depends on the rules and sentiment of your specific private sharing Bittorrent trackers. Big Files are generally a gamble that can pay off your ratio quite easily if you play your cards right. In general, if your tracker requires a 1:1 ratio, smaller files is better. However, if your BT tracker requires a 0.5:1 ratio, the big file can help especially in your early quest of obtaining the initial sharing files. With smaller files, more people are likely to start leeching because they complete faster. This means that higher turn over with the smaller files. If you can turnover and reupload your smaller files, you obtain a much higher ratio. With big files, you may hit the download cap early on with your private sharing community. This can be bad especially if the specific community has low grace period. However, the gamble can pay off if you have enough time to upload those files back to the other leechers before they get crowded. However, you generally want to get big files only if they are relatively new with low numbers of completed seeds. 6. Use Absolute Leecher Number If a certain file has a large number of leechers, the chances are you may be able to get some decent ratio out of the file. However, you will have to take the seeder ratio into consideration too. The best batch of files that boost your ratio are the ones with large absolute leecher number with low number of seeders. 7. Be Diligent If you want to remain as a free user on some of the more popular private trackers, treat your accounts standing and membership diligently. Take your ratios seriously and leave your computer on as much as you can. The more you upload, the higher and better buffer of uploading ratio that you may have. Leave all of your seeders run and never move or remove those files. This is especially important when you are new to any private tracker network for Bittorrent. 8. Avoid Deadly Ratio Killing Files To summarize some of the points above, avoid the following files will do wonders for your BT tracker ratio. In general, the files share similar characteristics when they fall into any one of the following category. Avoid old Torrents. Avoid Non-Popular Torrents. Avoid Torrents with many seeders. Avoid torrents with no leechers. 9. Use Download Complete Data as Additional Guide Some trackers let you know how many times that a given batch of files have been “snatched”. Use that as an additional guide to help you determine whether or not you want to go after a certain file. Technical Strategies to Boost Your Private BT Ratio 1. Make Sure Port is Open The most common reason why your bit torrent uploading ratio is out of whack is because of improper setup. Double check and confirm that you have the best setup by checking your settings. It should be noted that the top reasons for failed uploads are either firewalls or error in port forwarding. Always make sure that your torrent client system is running without problems. 2. Adjust Client Download / Upload Ratio The upload speed is usually a direct ratio of your download speed. This means that you can obtain a higher upload speed to/from certain peers only when you are downloading the file at the same time. This concept is important when you need to hit a certain absolute uploading data limit. If you do a little download, you will also do a little uploading by design. So when an absolute data upload rule is in place, downloading a mega file can usually put you at a safe side. However, this can hurt your ratio if you are not selective in your files shared. 3. Data Transfer Ceiling Hit Although you have both download and upload streams, in reality they “share” the same pipe. This means that if the pipe is filled with “download” data, your upload data can actually be capped. When this happens for a prolonged period of time, it can destroy your ratio completely since you will only be downloading instead of uploading. It can be smart to cap your global download speed so that a certain upload data stream can always function. As a generic rule, cap your download speed at 50~80% of your possible bandwidth to ensure smoother uploading speed. Adjust your global cap whenever necessary. Other Non-Free Ways to Help You Do Better in Private File Sharing Community 1. Get Seedbox Seedbox is a private server that is made specifically for exchanging files. They can typically help you obtain much higher ratio because they have higher “uptime” than your personal computer and they usually have much faster upstream speed. In general, you will not take full advantage of it unless you participate in multiple private trackers. You are not likely to benefit from seedtrackers unless you really take the file sharing business seriously. You will usually pay more money for a seedbox than donating to a single private tracker community. 2. Donate or Buy Credits To get away from upping your ratios with most of the communities, you can simply pay or “donate” for the ratio immunity. In short, you are paying for the right to download the files off other free seeder users of the private tracker community. In general, a private tracker community can only thrive when they have enough paid donaters and free seeders that keep the files alive. So if you consistently run into ratio issues with private trackers, these are a good options that is relatively cheaper than others. 3. Upgrade Your Internet Connection Sometimes one easy way to boost your upload ratio is by, simply upgrading your internet connect so you upload faster. The faster your upstream upload is, the more likely that you will be uploading the files.
  3. What do you prefer to game on ? Cast your vote above - poll is open for a month. Invite your friends to vote as well and Lets see who wins ! Good Luck
  4. @sBoB tell me more about torrentleech , whats so good about it
  5. Straight forward question: what is the best tracker for Udemy courses ? Im on bitspyder at the moment and there is quite a few things they dont have that im after . Any suggestions would be great
  6. @Green Life my goal is try get into gazeelegames , i heard the site has awesome content for games
  7. @Green Life you are the perfect example of someone who despite everything's against them - still pulls it off . awesome
  8. @Muldune Tell me more about demonoid ? never used that 1 before . Is it free ?
  9. Il will update when i get a seedbox , p.s i might need to invest in some external storage xD
  10. @Green Life despite the speed of your connecting , pulling in over 1tb every month is incredible. Congrats !
  11. @Hoarder that is an insane amount ! congratz ! , i wish i could do that much lol .
  12. So how much data do you use downloading torrents every month ? Hey everyone , i just want to get a feel of what sort of bandwidth people are chewing downloading all that awesome content ! Share around , im currently only doing a few gbs ; p.s im saving up to get a seedbox xD
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