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  1. fedexguy left Positive feedback   

    Smooth transaction 100 percent recommend

    Archiee was The Seller

  2. Lunatic79 left Positive feedback   

    Thank you so much for the invite

    Archiee was The Seller

  3. mikey12 left Positive feedback   

    Thank you @archiee for the Blutopia invite. I can't thank you enough!

    Archiee was The Seller

  4. Subpar2167 left Positive feedback   

    Thank you so much for the invite

    Archiee was The Seller

  5. CrowThe1906 left Positive feedback   

    Amazing service. Very kind of Archiee to help me out! I would recommend to anyone.

    Archiee was The Seller

  6. Mate33 left Positive feedback   

    Thank you mate. 🙂 Once again you proved yourself to be a valued part of this community.

    Archiee was The Seller

  7. B-Lee left Positive feedback   

    Thank you for another great transaction! I'm a very happy customer!

    Archiee was The Seller

  8. pram0dm left Positive feedback for a topic   

    3x Blutopia Free Invite Giveaway
    Great guy. Thank you so much for the giveaway.

    Archiee was The Seller

  9. B-Lee left Positive feedback   

    Awesome seller who went above and beyond! I am a super happy customer. Thank you Archiee!

    Archiee was The Seller

  10. Serbianhawk left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Good communication and nice person. Highly recommended!

    Archiee was The Seller

  11. Serbianhawk left Positive feedback   

    Great guy for a newby like me. I recommend him for everyone.

    Archiee was The Seller

  12. DXDX left Positive feedback   

    Can you invite me to accept you?

    Archiee was The Seller

  13. kaktarua left Positive feedback   

    Great to do business with. Fullfilled all my requests. Trustworthy. Will purchase again.

    Archiee was The Seller

  14. Salieri left Positive feedback   

    Good, Honest, friendly... we had a great deal...

    Archiee was The Seller

  15. kaktarua left Positive feedback   

    Prompt response. Highly reccomended.

    Archiee was The Seller

  16. medanny left Positive feedback   

    Kindly fulfilled my invite request, thank you. Highly recommended.

    Archiee was The Seller

  17. biterver left Positive feedback   

    Thank you!!

    Archiee was The Seller

  18. mOsThaGod left Positive feedback   

    Archiee provides fair prices and prompt Services! Very Reliable. Keep up the Great Work. I'll be Back!

    Archiee was The Seller

  19. satchel000 left Positive feedback   

    just awsome. he was super kind. men, this is a great person

    Archiee was The Seller

  20. CyberPimp left Positive feedback   

    great service with good communication. Will definitely use again

    Archiee was The Seller

  21. toad left Positive feedback   

    Rapid delivery; buffered account works! Big thanks!

    Archiee was The Seller

  22. Anon707 left Positive feedback   

    Solid service

    Archiee was The Seller

  23. .::DarKShaD0wTT::. left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for the deal Mrs.Archiee , Appreciated !

    Archiee was The Seller

  24. jackytheripper left Positive feedback   

    superfast. thanks.

    Archiee was The Seller

  25. afootytop left Positive feedback for a topic   

    X-ite.me News
    Was offered, and received a tracker for a small and exclusive LGBTQ tracker, which is notoriously difficult to get hold of, given the size of the membership. Archiee reached out with good grace and aplomb and provided me with an invite, which I had been trying to find for over six months. An excellent communication and a smooth transaction, an absolute pleasure to trade with.

    Archiee was The Seller

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