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  1. Jkap78 left Positive feedback   

    Ulquiora has yet again been awesome with their service keeps in touch and makes sure things work out. I highly recommend Ulquiora if you are looking for anything.

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  2. peanutbuddha left Positive feedback   

    Great communication and quick transaction. Awesome stuff

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  3. Bringerino left Positive feedback   

    Excellent, quick service, everything went smoothly

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  4. binglebanglebongle left Positive feedback   

    great service, no issues, thank you!

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  5. Lohefalter left Positive feedback   

    Successfully bought an MTV account. Trustworthy seller!

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  6. GlitterBow6 left Positive feedback   

    Another great experience with Ulquiorra! Excellent prices. Excellent customer service. Excellent seller all-around! A++++++++

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  7. tonytazz left Positive feedback   

    if you want something this the person to deal with excellent service as usal

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  8. GlitterBow6 left Positive feedback   

    Ulquiorra to the rescue again! I have purchased multiple times from Ulquiorra, and each time has been such a GREAT experience. Ulquiorra is a highly knowledgeable seller, has excellent prices, and provides wonderful service! I ABSOLUTELY recommend this seller!!

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  9. Barak left Positive feedback   

    The Seller was very kind and efficient with the whole process. I was able to complete the purchase and obtain an invite in no time. Plus the seller accepts various payment methods. Highly recommend and would definitely come back for another one.

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  10. Ja-Queen left Positive feedback   

    Excellent experience, highly recommended

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  11. GlitterBow6 left Positive feedback   

    Another great experience with an absolutely top-notch seller! Ulquiorra has excellent communication, wonderful expertise, and goes above and beyond in making sure the customer experience is simply the best! Will definitely be doing business with again in the future!

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  12. TyteK left Positive feedback   

    As always, reliable seller with great prices

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  13. Ifeellikeme left Positive feedback   

    Bought Proaudiotorrents it had a small delay but that didn’t bother me 11/10

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  14. Almesto left Positive feedback   

    Great communication, consistent follow up, handled a long transaction smoothly. Trust that your transaction will be successful! Definitely will work with Ulq again!

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  15. Ifeellikeme left Positive feedback   

    I bought Extremebits from him and it went very smoothly

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  16. veemtl left Positive feedback   

    Second time buying from him. Good communications and fast turn around

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  17. DirtyDave94 left Positive feedback   

    Have done business with Ulquiorra twice and both times everything went great. Have purchased both a TV Vault and TVChaosUK invites from him both delivered shorty after payment. Would 100% do business again.

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  18. kristjan left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Gazellegames invites 50$ | Orpheus invites 35$
    Fast and Friendly! i will 100 percent recommend dealing with Ulquiorra :)

    Ulquiorra was The Buyer

  19. ms18 left Positive feedback   

    Successful transaction, prompt and trustworthy. Would definitely come for more

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  20. TyteK left Positive feedback   

    Have bought 3+ invites and the seller has been extremely cooperative and willing to accommodate. They provide clear instructions and there was never a doubt that they would deliver.

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  21. Ifeellikeme left Positive feedback   

    Bought ipt came quickly and smoothly no complaints

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  22. TyteK left Positive feedback   

    Seller was patient and worked to get me the necessary invites and was very kind! Would recommend.

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  23. GlitterBow6 left Positive feedback   

    Ulquiorra was absolutely amazing to work with! They made the process very easy and were extremely knowledgeable, answering any and all questions that I had. To anyone reading this, I VERY HIGHLY recommend working with Ulquiorra. You won't be disappointed!

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  24. Torrentz4you left Positive feedback   

    trusted buyer, great communication

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

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