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Ulquiorra's Feedback

  1. double07 left Positive feedback   

    Very helpful and friendly guy. He sent me invites as he promised. Replied fast to my queries, and kept me upto date as the transaction is progressing. Will definitely get invites/accounts from him again in the future. Thank you.

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  2. Wilhelm left Positive feedback   

    Trusted buyer! Thank you!

    Ulquiorra was The Buyer

  3. John_see_ya left Positive feedback   

    Nice guy

    Ulquiorra was Trading

  4. Earthwire left Positive feedback   

    A great community member,always trustful and polite.Vouch for this guy :)

    Ulquiorra was Trading

  5. keys left Positive feedback   

    very genuine guy, very patient and helpful. reliable A+++. highly recommended

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  6. Visa left Positive feedback   

    I strongly recommend this trader/seller.just made a deal with him and every thing is fine.Hope to make other ones in the future.thanks again

    Ulquiorra was The Buyer

  7. KillZ left Positive feedback   

    Fast transaction.

    Ulquiorra was The Buyer

  8. jimmy neutron left Positive feedback   

    Good and reliable trader

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  9. ReBooBeR left Positive feedback   

    trusted seller very quick

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  10. owen2471 left Positive feedback   

    Very helpful. Easy transaction

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  11. .::DarKShaD0wTT::. left Positive feedback   

    Many Thanks Mate.

    Ulquiorra was Trading

  12. ArcanoXIV left Positive feedback   

    successful tracker exchange

    Ulquiorra was Trading

  13. kara43408 left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for invite :)

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  14. 🐈🐕🐀🐁 AnimalLover1976🐈🐕🐀🐁 left Positive feedback   

    not enough words too describe this guy absolutley brilliant 100% genuine makes my days coming on here worthwhile..this guy is 1 in a million and worth more than just feedback thank you so so much most trustworthy person i have came across on here :-)

    Ulquiorra was Trading

  15. Vough left Positive feedback   

    Awesome user! A+++

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  16. YNWA96 left Positive feedback   

    trusted seller very quick would use again A+

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  17. westin left Positive feedback   

    A generous and friendly gesture, everything worked fine.

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  18. keys left Positive feedback   

    trusted seller, fair price, will deal with him again, A++

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  19. Pyramid left Positive feedback   

    Trust member! Thanks

    Ulquiorra was Trading

  20. 🐈🐕🐀🐁 AnimalLover1976🐈🐕🐀🐁 left Positive feedback   

    Brill trader great guy so hope too trade with again 100% trustworthy thank you

    Ulquiorra was Trading

  21. keys left Positive feedback   

    Smooth transaction ,Awesome seller, Fair price, A+++

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  22. Beyin07 left Positive feedback   

    Trusted seller! Thanks for the deal. He is very helpful.

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

  23. lifeisbeautiful7 left Positive feedback   

    Very fast and perfect in sending the invite. Thanks a lot.

    Ulquiorra was Trading

  24. Visa left Positive feedback   

    thanks a lot for the deal man

    Ulquiorra was Trading

  25. noniman left Positive feedback   

    Nice person. Thanks

    Ulquiorra was The Seller

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