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  1. The Eternals: How The New Marvel Movie Could Introduce The X-Men To The MCU
  2. Prison inmate Harvey Weinstein has been placed in isolation after allegedly testing positive for the COVID-19 virus. The alleged diagnosis continues a whirlwind few weeks for the former super producer, as he was found guilty, sentenced to 23 years in prison and later rushed to the hospital. The news definitely still needs an allegedly at this point. It was first reported by The Niagara Gazette. Following the initial publication, The Daily Beast reached out to Weinstein’s publicist, Juda Engelmayer, but he reportedly said he hadn’t heard any such thing. The New York Department Of Corrections has officially confirmed two inmates at Weinstein’s current prison, Wende Correctional Facility, have tested positive, though they have not disclosed any names for privacy reasons. Harvey Weinstein’s recent trial was highly publicized, lasted for four weeks and featured numerous witnesses. He was ultimately found guilty of sexual assault, then immediately rushed to the hospital after complaining of chest pains. From there, he took a detour for processing to Riker’s Island. Between prison officials and inmates, 38 people have reportedly tested positive for coronavirus in New York City prisons. Harvey Weinstein was once considered one of Hollywood’s most powerful producers, at least when it came to awards season type movies. He had a hand in launching numerous careers and won more than his share of awards. He also picked up producing credits on more than 300 projects including Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction and Shakespeare In Love. Rumors of alleged tyrannical behavior and womanizing followed him around, but it wasn’t until the #MeToo movement that actresses and other women working in Hollywood began speaking up in unison. He was eventually kicked out of the Academy, which votes on the Oscars, and later prosecuted for rape and sexual assault. At 68 years old and with a failed recent back surgery under his belt, he wasn’t in particularly good health prior to his alleged COVID-19 diagnosis. Right now, Weinstein has reportedly been moved to isolation to keep him from infecting other inmates. As of right now, it’s unclear whether he’s showing any symptoms or even why exactly he was tested. If he is coronavirus positive, we’ll likely hear some kind of statement from his publicist in the coming days, but until then, there’s not going to be a lot of verified information out there. The Department of Corrections won’t comment on the record, and the flow of information in and out of prison is always sketchy. The COVID-19 pandemic is currently ripping across large segments of the world. Much of the United States is under quarantine, and stories of new celebrities testing positive are coming on what feels like a daily basis. Some, like Tom Hanks, are providing regular updates, and some are fighting quietly. We’ll keep you updated if/ when more information becomes available on Weinstein. Shop Related Products Shakespeare In Love $7.99 (1102) Good Will Hunting $3.99 (3178) Shakespeare In Love $3.99 (1102) Shakespeare In Love $9.99 (1102) Ads by Amazon
  3. While people around the world have been stuck inside their homes social distancing/ in quarantine, entertainers have been trying to do what they do best: entertain. In some cases it hasn't gone as expected, with the Gal Gadot-led "Imagine" video being the most obvious example, but Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have consistently been providing some great content on their social media platforms. The world has been worried about the couple ever since it was revealed earlier this month that both of them have been diagnosed with COVID-19, but they've been demonstrating their high spirits via a wide variety of online posts. The most recent comes from Rita Wilson's Instagram, and if you haven't already heard about it, I'll maintain the surprise element until after you've clicked play on the video below: Let's get this out of the way: you're not hallucinating. When the video first starts, it seems like Rita Wilson is perhaps about to start reading passages from Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game... but the presence of the music seems a bit weird. Then everything changes when the lyrics to Naughty By Nature's "Hip Hop Hooray" begin. Suddenly the actress reveals some serious skills as she performs the entire track without missing a single line. Rita Wilson may have a potentially fatal virus, but that was a totally different kind of sick. Who knew that she had such talent? I can't swear I've seen her do anything like that in any of her past acting performances, but maybe it's something that can be worked into a future project. Also, it's not made explicitly clear by the video, but I'm really hoping that it was Tom Hanks who shot the video. If that's the case, I'm also hoping that we will soon get another bit of footage from the Hanks/Wilson quarantine, this time with Hanks performing his own rendition of a '90s rap song. Maybe just keep the Naughty By Nature going and have him do "O.P.P."?
  4. c In recent days, a few celebrities have come under fire for spreading what is legitimately dangerous messaging during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, a few days ago Marvel Cinematic Universe star Evangeline Lilly announced that she would not be practicing safe social distancing because "some people value freedom over their lives." The statement has resulted in the actress receiving criticism from a number of sources, but one of the loudest voices to emerge in the backlash belongs to Dark Phoenix/Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner: 61.3K people are talking about this Staying in contact with her fans while also staying at home, Sophie Turner recently hosted a live broadcast on her personal Instagram account, and while she never mentioned Evangeline Lilly by name, it's very clear that she is directly responding to the Ant-Man star's comments from this past week. The seriousness of Turner's message is a tad undercut by the filter being used, which strangely morphs her face, but her intent still hits home. Feeling very little urge to censor herself, Sophie Turner spilled the proverbial tea, saying, Based on the facts that we know about COVID-19, Sophie Turner makes some very important points. Limiting the amount of time you spend outside the house and around other people has absolutely nothing to do with a person's individual health, but instead everything to do with stopping the spread of the disease. An infected person may not start showing symptoms until as much as two weeks after catching the virus, and by being out in public that person can easily transmit the sickness to others without even knowing. This means that those with healthy immune systems who are less prone to the serious risks of the novel Coronavirus can spread the contagion to more at-risk individuals – and when that happens, people die
  5. The number of celebrities being diagnosed with the coronavirus is steadily increasing, with The Bachelor’s Colton Underwood and Younger’s Debi Mazar among the latest to contract it. This group also includes Idris Elba, who initially took to social media to announce the news. While it has been an ordeal for him, the actor has been spreading information about the virus and is now sharing his experience. Idris Elba recently appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s Apple TV+ talk show, Oprah Talks COVID-19, during which he spoke in depth about the disease and the public’s perception of it: Elba also took a moment to acknowledge fellow actor Tom Hanks for being one of the first celebrities to speak out about being diagnosed. Believe it or not, it was actually Hanks’ actions that encouraged Elba to say something: It can’t be easy for Elba to be sharing all of this with publicly, but he should be applauded for it. His situation can serve as a means of both informing people who are still learning about the disease and as a comforting hand to those who have been diagnosed and are struggling with it. Tom Hanks, in particular, has been extremely candid since he and his wife, Rita Wilson, were diagnosed while in Australia. Following the revelation, he’s made it a priority to share updates through his social media accounts, and many of them have been delightful to say the least.
  6. Over the years, there have been dozens upon dozens of basketball movies that cover all sides of the court. You have your inspirational feel-good stories about the underdog team lacking in star power, the tales of redemption and new beginnings of former players, and then you have wacky sports comedies that defy logic and reason. But with as many streaming services and places to rent movies as there are teams in the NBA, finding your favorite basketball movie is no easy task. Well, that's where I come in with this curated list of some of the best basketball movies and where you can find them to stream and rent. Below are 11 great movies that feature stories both on and off the court. So lace up your shoes, put on your sweatband, and get ready for some of the best basketball movies out there. Hoosiers (1986) Making a list of the best basketball movies without including Hoosiers would a criminal disservice to this Oscar-nominated sports classic about a ragtag high school basketball team who won the Indiana state championship in 1954. Starring Gene Hackman and Dennis Hopper (RIP), Hoosiers has often been called your father's favorite basketball film, so if you're anything like me, you've seen bits and pieces of this iconic underdog story hundreds of times at this point. Do your dad proud and watch it again, will ya? Stream It On Starz: Starz Where To Rent It Online: Amazon He Got Game (1998) Over the course of his career, Denzel Washington has worked with director Spike Lee on four different productions, including Lee's 1998 joint He Got Game. Centered around a former convict Jack Shuttlesworth (Washington) who's trying to form a connection with his son, Jesus Shuttlesworth (Ray Allen), who aspires to reach the NBA, the film explores the tattered father-son relationship both on and off the court. Often considered one of the vintage Denzel movies, this late-90s love letter to basketball and tale of redemption is definitely one to watch when you're missing basketball. Stream It On Cinemax: Cinemax Where To Rent Online: Amazon White Men Can't Jump (1992) I have watched White Men Can't Jump just about as much as my dad has watched Hoosiers. There is just something about this 1992 street basketball hustle story that intrigues me nearly 30 years later. From the first time I saw Woody Harrelson take on the role of Billy Hoyle and team up with Wesley Snipes' Sidney Deane in this off-color pairing, I was hooked. Lacking the glitz, glamour, and traditional basketball courts found in most iconic basketball stories, White Men Can't Jump captures the struggles of being a down on your luck hustler just trying to make it by playing the game you love It all features some of the most athletic basketball scenes in all of cinema.
  7. In the making of Doctor Strange, director Scott Derrickson and his team were tasked with bringing to life the classic Marvel villain Dormammu, and the direction they ultimately decided to go with it is bold and epic. Playing into the character's god-like dominion over the Dark Dimension, the film features him as a threatening and imposing being that also happens to be largely formless. In retrospect it was a great choice, as it works rather perfectly with Dormammu's role in the blockbuster, but it's also cool to think about how the blockbuster may have been different with an alternate design. Take, for example this look, which was recently posted online by concept artist Jerad Marantz: As you can see, and as noted in the caption, what makes this version of Dormammu distinctive compared to the version that is in the finished cut of Doctor Strange is the simple fact that he has a more human-like form. One can imagine that he would still be presented as a giant, towering over the titular master of mysticism on the big screen, but it would be a very different kind of towering than what can be seen in the still at the top of this article. The final look that the film went with really emphasizes the expanse of Dormammu, and instantly lets you know that Doctor Strange is going to be unable to win any kind of physical altercation – which is something that wouldn't necessarily come across the same way with the Marantz design. That being said, this is a character whose strength comes from beyond his physical nature anyway, so perhaps it would have simply added a different dynamic to the "I've come to bargain" sequence. At first you might think that Strange can face Dormammu one-on-one, but then the god-like being would teach both the hero and the audience otherwise with some kind of horrific, threatening display of his power. Another notable element of this design compared to the final Doctor Strange version is that it is a tad bit closer to the look of Dormammu in the comics – who does have a more human-like body, as you can see in the artwork below: It's kind of funny, because if you were to put Dormammu's face as it appears in the blockbuster on to a form more like Jerad Marantz's take, then what you would get is a character ripped straight from the pages of Marvel. As things stand, Marvel fans can be happy with the version of Dormammu that we got, and who knows? Maybe he will make a return in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness next year and take on a form less god-like (it's definitely not impossible, as we really know next to nothing about that film at this point). We'll just have to wait and see as more details about the project become available. For now, know that we will continue to bring you updates about the future of the titular hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe here on CinemaBlend as they become available. Shop Related Products Doctor Strange (2016) (Theatrical) $3.99 (2171) Deliver Us From Evil $13.99 (838) Thor $2.99 (4161) Devil's Knot $2.99 (252) Ads by Amazon
  8. A hero is only as good as its villain, but some villains have even managed to surpass their own adversaries… in terms of popularity, that is. For instance, there was a time when Loki was one of the brightest highlights of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there's no question why most of the best DC movies have the Joker in them. The God of Mischief and the Clown Prince of Crime have become the heroes of their respective universes’ darker sides and only continue to grow more influential, with Todd Phillips’ unfathomably bleak Joker taking home Oscars and Tom Hiddleston reprising his Marvel character in his own Disney+ spin-off series. The question is, which one of big baddies is the biggest and the baddest? Let us take a moment to imagine Joker finds a way to sneak through the Bifrost into Asgard, crossing paths with old Loki, and inciting a quarrel of bombastic proportions in which only one can be the ultimate victor. By thorough analysis of the characteristics that give them a leg up on their usual foes and the flaws that put them at a fatal disadvantage, I theorize which one of these two devilish evildoers will have the laugh. Loki Inspired by the Norse figure of the same name, Loki is the adoptive son of Asgardian king, Odin, but his true parentage is that of deceased Frost Giant, Laufey. His tendency for trickery by the use of his power to alter his own appearance and project illusions of his choosing have earned him the mythological title of “God of Mischief,” which he proudly owns in his every attempt to usurp the throne of Asgard from his brother, Thor, the God of Thunder, or even take control of the whole universe, which the Avengers thankfully put a stop to in their inaugural assembly. Loki's Strengths In addition to his shapeshifting power, Loki’s Frost Giant lineage endows him with a variety of abilities unique to the average Asgardian, such as increased superhuman strength, durability, and stamina that make him an impressive opponent in combat (even against Thor), in addition to a regenerative healing ability, slow-aging process, and immunity to all earthly infections commonly shared among the people of Asgard. With an extensive knowledge of the mystic arts, he is also one of the most skilled sorcerers of his realm, possessing a variety of abilities that have come in handy against adversaries, such as telekinesis, energy blasts and force fields, dimension hopping, and bringing inanimate objects to life. So, do not be alarmed when his prized sword, Laeveteinn, slithers its way toward you all of the sudden. Loki's Weaknesses Admittedly, Loki’s impressive sorcery is not without its limitations, such as suffering weakness in magical effectiveness on realms outside of Asgard and, despite his extrasensory abilities, he cannot read nor control the minds of others. However, his most crucial and debilitating flaw is easily his own ambition, which, paired with an unquenchable thirst for power and a general lack of human understanding, has sealed his downfall on numerous occasions. He may have the confidence to brave an opponent like the Joker, but he is too ignorant to realize just who he is messing with… Joker Depending on which interpretation you accept as canon, the true origins of the Joker are widely unknown, even to himself, although he prefers to keep his life story “multiple choice.” However, behind that white face, green hair, and red, grinning smile, what is clear about him are his intentions to lead the world into chaos.
  9. There is a tremendous amount to love about the original Zombieland, but certainly high on the list of great things is the legendary cameo made by Bill Murray. It truly comes out of left field, and while relatively brief in the grand scheme of things, it's at the center of one of the movie's most hilarious sequences. What you may not know, though, is that it wasn't always going to be Bill Murray playing that part. Because screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick weren't entirely certain that they would be able to get the actor for the part, they wound up developing many iterations with many different stars. One, for example, was the late, great Patrick Swayze, and now that version of the script has been revealed in full. It's never been a secret that Patrick Swayze was written into an early Zombieland script, as Rhett Rheese and Paul Wernick were talking about the potential cameo even before the movie was released back in 2009, but now we know exactly how the alternate version of things was going to play out. With people worldwide stuck inside during Covid-19-related social distancing/quarantine, the writers have done their part to keep movie-fans entertained by posting actual script pages from the Swayze draft. Prefacing that the version featured some switched-up characters names, as Tallahassee was originally Albuquerque, Columbus was Flagstaff, and Little Rock was Stillwater (fans will note how that creates a little Easter egg in Zombieland: Double Tap), the first page of the draft once again finds Woody Harrelson's character leading the pack in fandom, expressing that Patrick Swayze was his hero going back to his first time seeing The Outsiders as a kid: See Paul Wernick's other Tweets Unfortunately, we learn on the next couple pages that Tallahassee/Albuquerque's Patrick Swayze worship couldn't outlive the release of Dirty Dancing. The group searches the house to clear it for zombies, with Columbus/Flagstaff pairing off with Little Rock/Stillwater, and Tallahassee/Albuquerque going with Wichita. They each discover that Swayze is a big fan of his own work, while there is some creepiness happening. See Paul Wernick's other Tweets Upon discovering a potter's wheel and some clay, Tallahassee/Albuquerque then gets a special opportunity to reenact a scene from Ghost in Patrick Swayze's house... but things don't exactly go as planned: See Paul Wernick's other Tweets Unlike the Bill Murray version, where it turns out that the Ghostbusters star is only pretending to be undead, Patrick Swayze is actually a zombie in this version of Zombieland. A fight scene breaks out, and it's one that manages to include references to Point Break, Dirty Dancing, City Of Joy, and even Father Hood. See Paul Wernick's other Tweets Sadly, Patrick Swayze became unavailable to do the Zombieland cameo because he became sick, and he died just a few weeks before the release of the horror comedy. There story doesn't end there, however, as the Patrick Swayze script wasn't the only drafts that Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick put together as a backup plan. The writers have been continuing posting these alternate versions to social media, and you can follow them to see the posts in real-time, but when they are done we'll also have a full round-up for you detailing how Zombieland could have been very different.
  10. If there’s anything messier than navigating multiple legal battles, it’s trying to get through those legal battles in the midst of a pandemic. Just ask Johnny Depp. His most recent libel lawsuit against The Sun over Amber Heard's domestic violence allegations has been put on hold because of coronavirus. In 2018, The Sun published an article that expressed dubiousness as to whether or not J.K. Rowling was happy about Johnny Depp’s role in Fantastic Beasts, given the domestic abuse allegations Amber Heard had made against him. Johnny Depp is suing the publication for libel on the grounds that they called him a “wife beater” in the article. But the lawsuit seems destined to become quite intense. In order to defend itself in court, News Group Newspapers, which owns The Sun, has sought numerous disclosures from Johnny Depp’s team surrounding his personal life and relationship with Amber Heard. That includes requesting testimony from eyewitnesses to a 2016 event in which the Los Angeles police were called to the former couple’s home to investigate a claim about domestic violence. Basically, they’re trying to compile enough evidence that labeling him a wife beater was not inaccurate. At first, it seemed as though the trial, which was due to begin in London on March 23, would go on as scheduled. Despite the growing global threat of the coronavirus pandemic, many of the 24 eyewitnesses in the trial were going to appear via video stream. And the UK courts are mostly operating normally at the moment, as that nation is currently taking less stringent measures toward social distancing than many others. But then, the UK High Court began to examine the many logistical challenges in the case. First, there’s the fact that the key people involved in the trial are scattered all over the world. Amber Heard is in Los Angeles. Johnny Depp is in France, which is more or less locked down. And, perhaps most importantly, one person on Johnny Depp’s legal team is currently self-isolating due to coronavirus. The judge also said that there were some extraordinary variables at play. What if, for example, some of the trial’s participants got sick at some point during the trial? After weighing all of these factors, and after multiple hearings, UK High Court Judge Andrew Nicol decided the trial cannot continue as scheduled. While a lawyer for News Group Newspapers claimed Johnny Depp was trying to avoid facing the accusations made against him, a statement from one of the actor’s lawyers said that’s not the case (via THR Johnny Depp is also locked in another legal battle that could hang in the balance for a while -- a defamation suit against Amber Heard, in which he claims the actress sabotaged his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise when she published an op-ed detailing alleged abuse. In that trial, many prominent figures in his life, including James Franco and Winona Ryder, have been asked to testify or have come forward in his defense as character witnesses. There’s no official word yet on when Johnny Depp’s libel case against The Sun will proceed.
  11. For many actors, appearing in a Star Wars film has to feel a bit like a dream come true, but appearing in a Star Wars film and instantly befriending one of its most legendary stars? That’s almost too good to be true. It happened for one of The Force Awakens stars, though, when Carrie Fisher introduced herself to him in a way that was truly, quintessentially Carrie. Greg Grunberg first played Temmin “Snap” Wexley in The Force Awakens and then reprised the role in The Rise of Skywalker after longtime friend and collaborator J.J. Abrams came on board to direct the film. While the pilot doesn’t have an enormous role in the franchise, the actor still made the most of his screen time. In a conversation with THR, Greg Grunberg revealed that he and Carrie Fisher bonded quickly on the set of The Force Awakens. Like, really, really quickly: Well, it’s safe to say that’s one way to break the ice. And it was definitely a memorable initiation into the franchise for Greg Grunberg, who says that moment was the beginning of more than one lasting Star Wars friendships: He also shared a story about how he once upset Carrie Fisher when he neglected to come to her impromptu house party -- so much so that she made J.J. Abrams send him a video clip of her chewing him out. Greg Grunberg clearly cherishes these memories: Because Greg Grunberg wasn’t in The Last Jedi, The Force Awakens was the only film he got to make with Carrie Fisher. Still, he praised J.J. Abrams for finding a tasteful way to incorporate Princess Leia into The Rise of Skywalker following the actress’ death. In the interview, he also defended the director against accusations that the final film in the franchise was meant as a rebuke to Rian Johnson. With the fond way Greg Grunberg speaks about his co-stars and his loyalty to his boss, it’s easy to see why Carrie Fisher was quick to befriend him.
  12. In Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America sported a pretty sweet new shield, courtesy of his friends in Wakanda but, if recently revealed concept art is any indication, those shields could have been much deadlier than what we saw on screen. Steve Rogers didn’t just (temporarily) lose some of his biggest allies in Captain America: Civil War. He also lost track of his signature shield, which wound up in the hands of Tony Stark. Once it became clear that Thanos was aiming to cause some serious damage, Captain America knew he needed some new protective gear, and ye got it by way of T’Challa and his friends, who hooked the superhero up with some vibranium arm shields. The new shields Steve Rogers sported in Infinity War were awesome in their own right. However, Marvel’s Head of Visual Development recently revealed some concept art that showed off a different iteration on the arm shields, seemingly inspired by Black Panther himself. In two posts on his Instagram, Ryan Meinerding offered up glimpses of what Captain America’s armor could have looked like. In the first post, we see that the shields are somewhat similar to what we see in Infinity War. However, there’s one crucial change from page to screen -- the original concept featured retractable talons that are a bit reminiscent of T’Challa’s own powerful weaponry. Take a look below: The second post shows concept art from the Infinity War battle in which Captain America is putting those talons to good use fighting off one of Thanos’ alien allies: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-AaiySp9Z-/ Though the original vision for the arm shields share a similar size and color scheme to what ended up in Infinity War, it’s hard to argue that the addition of those talons wouldn’t have been pretty cool. Still, the shields that end up on Captain America’s arms are nothing to shake your head at -- and they certainly helped him get the job done when the big battle came.
  13. Dwayne Johnson has created a body of work that’s just fun. Whether fighting giant animals or chasing bad guys, Dwayne Johnson movies are enjoyable in their simplicity. They give you action, sometimes romance, funny one-liners, and an adrenaline rush. He makes really good popcorn flicks. Dwayne Johnson is one of the highest paid actors around because he has the star power to build hit franchises: He is a likable guy and that comes across through most of his characters. Dwayne Johnson movies are the perfect thing to watch when you need a boost of endorphins. To start your Dwayne Johnson movie marathon, we listed a few of his best movies available to rent or stream. Fast and Furious 5 to 8 (2011-2017) The Fast and Furious movies follow a group of criminals who street race, conduct heists, spy, and perform other car related missions. Fast Five is the movie that brought Dwayne Johnson to the franchise, and it is when the Fast series became more of an action heist series than a car racing one. According to Vin Diesel, Tommy Lee Jones was the original actor that the series wanted for the Luke Hobbs character, but Facebook fans of the Fast franchise suggested Johnson and Diesel star in a movie together. In the Fast Five, Luke Hobbs is on a mission to bring down the core team, including Dom (Vin Diesel) and Brian (Paul Walker). In Fast & Furious 6, he seeks Dom’s help to take down Owen Shaw (Luke Evans), a leader of a global crime ring. In Furious 7, Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) targets Hobbs to get revenge for his brother Owen. The Fate of the Furious marks Hobbs final appearance in the Fast franchise, but opens the door for his separate franchise with Jason Statham’s Shaw. Fate of the Furious involves Shaw and Hobbs in prison together. Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs begins the franchise as a straight-laced cop figure, but builds layers as he continues in the series. Where To Stream: Fast Five is available to stream on HBO Now. Where To Rent Online: Fast & Furious 6 is available to rent on Amazon. Where To Rent Online: Furious 7 is available to rent on Amazon. Where To Rent Online: The Fate of the Furious is available to rent on Amazon. Hobbs & Shaw (2019) Hobbs & Shaw is a spin-off series from the Fast and Furious franchise. It follows mortal enemies Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Shaw (Jason Statham) as they’re forced to work together for the good of mankind. Idris Elba plays a terrorist trying to take down the world with a deadly virus. Hobbs & Shaw also digs deeper into the backstory surrounding these characters. Hobbs & Shaw is many things rolled into one. It’s a buddy cop film, an action film, and a comedy. Statham and Johnson are two very different brands of action hero, which results in great onscreen chemistry from this unlikely pair. Hobbs & Shaw is a fun addition to the extended Fast and Furious universe. Where To Stream: Hobbs & Shaw is available to stream on HBO Now. Race To Witch Mountain (2009) Dwayne Johnson stars alongside AnnaSophia Robb, Alexander Ludwig, and Carla Gugino in Race to Witch Mountain, a remake of the 1975 Disney film Escape to Witch Mountain. It’s Disney’s third adaptation of the Escape to Witch Mountain book. A cab driver named Bruno (Dwayne Johnson) must help two alien teens Sara (AnnaSophia Robb) and Seth (Alexander Ludwig) return to their home planet. Race to Witch Mountain strays very far away from the original source material. Big fans of the Escape to Witch Mountain books or previous movies might not enjoy this action heavy adaptation. However, if you just want a fun, action-packed family film, Race to Witch Mountain is a great choice. Dwayne Johnson’s film persona fits well with this kid-friendly movie because he takes on the protector and comedic relief role with ease. Bruno is just the right combination of bewildered human and highly skilled professional.
  14. Apollo 13 co-stars Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon have been swapping emails since the former revealed he was diagnosed with Coronavirus. That’s not a surprise given the two are reportedly pretty close. For Bacon, the unfortunate medical news has apparently given him a chance to take a step back and really appreciate his friend, both for the man he normally is and for how he’s handled his diagnosis. Speaking in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kevin Bacon said Hanks is an “incredible actor” and a “great man.” He also predicted and rightly so, that we would soon see a wave of other famous faces getting diagnosed. Here’s a portion of his quote… At this point, we all agree Tom Hanks is great. I can’t imagine many people in the United States with higher approval ratings than he has. Because of that, it’s not surprising to hear another one of his friends and co-stars came out and say he’s a great dude. What is, perhaps, more interesting, however, is what Bacon went on to say. Following that initial quote, the Footloose actor said it was a “beautiful” move for Hanks to be so open about his Covid-19 diagnosis, and you know, that’s actually a great point. He was one of the first famous American citizens to acknowledge what was happening to him, and for many in the general public, it was the first moment (along with the NBA season getting cancelled) they sat up and really put a face to the disease. Here’s more of Bacon’s quote… I think with Tom Hanks, more than anything else, it’s the tone at which he addresses things. He always has a great sense for how seriously to take moments. With his coronavirus diagnosis, it was very direct and to the point. He shared what happened, made it clear he was going to follow the rules and said he and wife Rita Wilson will take it one day at a time. Just the ideal message everyone should follow.
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