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  10. Even as “Game of Thrones” returns on Sunday night for its final season, the dispute between HBO and Dish keeps dragon on. In order to pacify “Thrones” fans who are also Dish subscribers, the satellite provider has taken the unconventional approach of directing customers to how they can separately sign up for HBO Now. Dish’s website features a page devoted to explaining the process to signing up for HBO NOW, the premium cabler’s streaming service that Dish explains “is similar to Netflix.” “Even though HBO is not available on Dish, you can still watch their content with the HBO NOW app,” a tutorial video explains on Dish’s website. “It only takes a few minutes. Click, start your free trial, then just follow the on-screen instructions. Now, you’re ready to start watching HBO shows and movies, including ‘Game of Thrones,’ when you want, where you want.” It’s an unusual call to action by Dish, which doesn’t get a dime should its customers sign up for HBO that way. But it’s also an attempt to placate customers by pointing out they can stay with Dish, even though it doesn’t currently offer HBO, and yet still watch the channel. Dish blames most of the standoff on AT&T, which owns rival DirecTV and took over HBO when it completed its purchase of Time Warner (now WarnerMedia) last June. Prior to the standoff, Dish charged monthly subscribers $15 for HBO and $10 for Cinemax. As Dish notes on its site, “HBO typically has offers including a 7-day free trial and a cancel anytime policy; monthly subscription is $14.99 billed through HBO.” HBO hasn’t been available to Dish or Sling TV (Dish’s over-the-top live TV service) since November, when the two sides couldn’t come to terms on a new carriage deal. The standoff comes at a tough time for Dish, as traditional cable/satellite providers continue to shed video subscribers. Dish lost 1 million subs in 2018 — including 334,000 in he fourth quarter, which it blamed on the company’s carriage disputes with HBO and Univision. Dish finally struck a new deal with Univision last month, ending a nine-month blackout. But its standoff with HBO, now in its fifth month, shows no sign of resolve just yet. The dispute is a familiar one in cable, as carriage fee disputes frequently lead to channel blackouts. But they rarely last as long as this has, and neither side seems to have budged. HBO declined comment, while Dish sent a boilerplate statement: “AT&T removed HBO from DISH and has refused to accept any offer that could realistically be considered fair for DISH customers. DISH customers are not being charged for HBO. Given HBO’s broad availability, DISH is working on a case-by-case basis with our loyal customers regarding their viewing needs.” But now Winter Is Coming. Specifically, there’s so much attention and buzz surrounding the final “Game of Thrones” season that even Dish chairman Charlie Ergen said in a February earnings call that “realistically you would expect that when Game of Thrones comes on you may see a pickup in defections from HBO.” Ergen added that Dish customers may find other ways to watch “Game of Thrones”: “They’ll go to their friend’s house for 10 weeks during ‘Game of Thrones’ or there becomes an increased usage of – every young person knows how to go on the internet and get a code and watch HBO for free.” The exec even suggested that piracy may increase due to some Dish users not having access to HBO, something “we prefer not to see.” Despite Dish’s drive to send its “Game of Thrones”-loving customers to HBO NOW, HBO isn’t expecting to see a frenzy of sign-ups. One insider said that’s because they haven’t historically seen a spike in HBO NOW subscribers when “Thrones” returns (perhaps because the show, entering its seventh season, is already well-established).
  11. Lena Waithe is headed to HBO. The Emmy-winning Master of None writer-actress is confirmed to appear in the third season of genre drama Westworld. The nature of her commitment — guest star, recurring or regular — is unclear as in typical Westworld fashion, details are being kept close to the vest. Waithe, who exec produces Showtime's The Chi and BET's recently renewed Boomerang, joins Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) as big-name additions to season three. The series from showrunners Lisa Joy and Jonah Nolan is expected to return for its third cycle in 2020 and is currently in production. Waithe joins a Westworld production that includes stars Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright and Thandie Newton, who all sources say, received big raises for the upcoming third season. Joy and Nolan have promised a "radical shift" for the series in season three. "I'm excited to explore the idea of host as guests, as Bernard and Dolores are guests now," star Wright said shortly after the season finale, speculating about Bernard's future, as well as the show's own new direction. "The mirror reflection seems that it's turned on this new [incarnation of] Westworld, and that is the human world. I think the exploration now of [pretending to be] human inside this world as hosts could be rich territory. Once again, it seems there's a possibility, again, without having read one word of season three, that the worlds are turned upside down and inside out once more."
  12. While prose publishing announcements have been thin on the ground so far at this year’s Star Wars Celebration — Friday’s Lucasfilm Publishing panel only teased future plans about titles relating to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, while the “Del Rey Books - Behind The Scenes” panel explicitly announced no news announcements as it started — Marvel made a valiant effort to fill the void with a volley of comic book news during its panel Saturday afternoon. Details were released about the upcoming Star Wars: Age of Resistance series, which will consist of nine one-off special issues focusing on characters from the new trilogy of movies, launching in July. All but one of those issues will be written by X-Men Red and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’s Tom Taylor and spotlight one of the characters from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi; the ninth issue, Star Wars: Age of Resistance Special, will feature three stories written by Taylor, G. Willow Wilson and Chris Eliopoulos, centering on Admiral Holdo, Maz Kanata and BB-8, respectively. Cover artwork by Phil Noto for five of the eight spotlight issues of the series was unveiled during the panel, revealing titles Star Wars: Age of Resistance: Finn, Star Wars: Age of Resistance: Captain Phasma (Both July), Star Wars: Age of Resistance: Rey (September), Star Wars: Age of Resistance: Poe and Star Wars: Age of Resistance: Hux (Undated, but likely scheduled for an August release). Joining Tom Taylor on the issues focusing on heroes is artist Ramon Rosanas, with Leonard Kirk illustrating the villain issues. Phil Noto artwork was also showcased in artwork for upcoming issues of Marvel’s core Star Wars comic book, with the news that writer Greg Pak would be taking over the series with July’s 68th issue. Noto will provide interior artwork as well as covers for the series beginning with Pak’s first issue. Pak, one of the guests on the panel, said that his initial storyline — set between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back is drawn from a line from the opening of the latter movie. “You know the opening crawl of Empire where it mentions thousands of probes across the galaxy, and we see one probe?” he asked the crowd. “There are a lot of other probes— 1,999 if there really were thousands of probes — and this looks at what they’re doing.” The storyline will split the central heroes of the original trilogy up into three pairings, each one allowing Pak to tell a different genre of story; Luke and R2-D2 will feature in a western-inspired story, while Han and Leia will have a noir-style tale that Pak characterized as “kind of smoky and sexy.” Pak said that he’s attempting to write what he would want to see in a movie set during the original trilogy, adding that he’s surprised what Lucasfilm have allowed him to get away with in terms of story. “We’re going for the big moments, and they keep saying yes,” he said, with some surprise.
  13. This documentary focuses on a huge museum in Kentucky built to recreate Noah's Ark and debunk evolution. An intriguing and unfortunately timely documentary, We Believe in Dinosaurs, has its world premiere at this week’s San Francisco Film Festival. The movie focuses on the creation of a massive museum in Kentucky that is a kind of theme park version of Noah’s Ark. Of course the creators of this museum had an agenda; it is part of a program designed to verify the teachings of the Bible and debunk the theory of evolution. Although the film is frustratingly incomplete at times, it convincingly and sometimes frighteningly explores the big business connections to fundamentalist religion. This museum is affiliated with another very popular museum nearby in Kentucky, a Creation Museum that recounts more of the entire Biblical experience for true believers. The film’s directors, Monica Long Ross and Clayton Brown, managed to secure interviews with some of the people involved with both museums, along with skeptics who protest the shoddy science that accompanies the imposing Disneyland-style exhibitions. The film’s title refers to the ingenious and somewhat insidious attempt to link the museum’s religious manifesto with some indisputable facts of science. Since dinosaurs remain immensely popular with kids who are the target audience for these museums, the founders had to come up with a way to bring a Jurassic Park appeal to their message-mongering. So they posit that dinosaurs did exist, but they were created at the same time as all other animals (on the sixth day of creation), but the raptors and friends were destroyed in Noah’s Flood. And the geological evidence of the dinosaurs’ existence is explained away as sediment found in the rocks left after the Flood submerged the earth. This allows for audience-friendly dinosaur exhibits in these Biblical museums, along with vehement indoctrination. The film captures a disturbing current in contemporary America, but it’s far from the whole story. There are a few naysayers among the film’s interview subjects — a former creationist who changed his mind and a geologist who tries to debunk the pseudo-science depicted at the museums — but the film cries out for a few more scientific voices. The directors understandably didn’t want to overwhelm their audience with talking heads, but a few more sage voices would have been welcome. There are disturbing scenes that show children and adults indoctrinated into spouting catch phrases to defy the scientists. For example, when scientists talk about the history of the earth, children are taught to call out, “Were you there?” In addition to sending a message, the sponsors of these museums are aiming to make money. Over a million people visited the Ark Encounter museum in its first year of operation, but the residents of Williamstown, Kentucky, who hoped to see an economic boom from tourism were ultimately disappointed. The novelty quickly wore off, and stores that were hoping to capitalize on the tourist trade soon found themselves shuttered. This film incorporates intriguing details like that, but it still seems a bit too sketchy. Perhaps the directors did not feel a need to prove the case for science, but an end title reporting that 38 per cent of Americans believe in creationism suggests that maybe a stronger history lesson was needed. Directors: Monica Long Ross, Clayton Brown Screenwriter: Monica Long Ross Producers: Amy Ellison, Monica Long Ross, Clayton Brown Executive producers: Phillip Cable, Paul Fisher, Dana Fisher, Keith McReady, Ericka Brandstetter, Patrick Lysaght Director of photography-editor: Clayton Brown Music: Kate Simko 99 minutes
  14. Good news for NBC's Good Girls. The network has handed out an early third season renewal for the drama starring Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman and Retta. The pickup arrives as the series from showrunner Jenna Bans (Scandal) is halfway through its sophomore run and should be considered a show of faith from the network. The season two renewal arrived weeks after all 10 episodes of its freshman order had already aired. The series — produced in-house at Universal Television — is also a strong performer on Netflix, sources say. "We're so excited to continue following the friendship and adventures of these three incredible women while also exploring relatable issues in both funny and surprising ways," said Lisa Katz and Tracey Pakosta, co-presidents of scripted at NBC Entertainment. "Congratulations to Jenna Bans, and our amazing writers, cast and crew who give these stories depth and humanity." In season two, Good Girls has averaged a 1.1 rating among the all-important adults 18-49 demo and 4.1 million total viewers when factoring in seven days of delayed viewing. Its April 7 installment hit a four-week high in total viewers with delayed data factored in. On the digital front, Good Girls broke its own record for best seven-day nonlinear viewership with every new episode this season — doubling its digital delivery vs. season one. A month ahead of NBC's formal presentation to Madison Avenue ad buyers, the network has already renewed the bulk of its lineup, with Good Girls joining The Blacklist, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago PD, The Good Place, Law & Order: SVU, Superstore, Will and Grace, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Amsterdam on its 2019-2020 schedule.
  15. Filmmakers Cary Fukunaga and Nicole Kassell will adapt The Last of the Mohicans for Paramount TV. In Michael Mann’s 1992 feature film adaptation, Daniel Day-Lewis starred in the main role. In recent years, Kassell has directed episodes of Westworld and Castle Rock, along with the upcoming Watchmen pilot, and Fukunaga is currently filming Bond 25. Mann’s The Last of the Mohicans is well-known in pop culture, but it’s based on James Fenimore Cooper’s 1826 novel of the same name. The story is set in 1757, and examines the French and Indian War, otherwise known as the Seven Years’ War. In Mann’s version - which is also based on Philip Dunne’s screenplay for George B. Seitz’s 1936 film The Last of the Mohicans - the aforementioned Day-Lewis portrays Hawkeye akaNathan Poe, a fictional interpretation of the Natty Bumppo character from Cooper’s original "Leatherstocking Tales" series, which includes The Last of the Mohicans. Produced for $40 million, Mann’s big screen adaption earned over $75 at the box office, and received mostly positive reviews. Alongside Day-Lewis, Madeleine Stowe co-stars as Cora Munro, Russell Means portrays Chingachgook, and Eric Schweig appears as Uncas. Per Variety, Fukunaga and Kassell will collaborate for a new take on The Last of the Mohicans story. Their television series will be faithful to Cooper’s original narrative, which centers on the characters Cora - the mixed-race daughter of a British colonel - and the Mohican Uncas. Kassell will direct the pilot episode, and Fukunaga co-wrote the screenplay with Nicholas Osborne. All three will co-produce The Last of the Mohicans. As for Kassell, her official statement touches upon the series’ potential to retell the original story, but with more character perspectives: I am profoundly excited to be a part of this extraordinary team and to be bringing a new light and perspective to this period in our history. While the James Fenimore Cooper book and original film leave large shoes to fill, Nick and Cary’s script is a riveting read and fresh take. They embrace this incredible opportunity to show and explore characters so often marginalized. While The Last of the Mohicans marks Osborne’s first filmmaking credit, Fukunaga has accumulated a vast resume over the past decade. In 2015, Fukunaga released the feature film Beasts of No Nation, a war drama that he wrote, directed, co-produced, and even filmed. In 2017, Fukunaga wrote the screenplay for the Stephen King adaptation It, and he also directed the first season of HBO’s True Detective. For Netflix’s 2018 limited series Maniac, Fukunaga served as the writer, director, and executive producer. Last September, Fukunaga was hired for Bond 25 after Danny Boyle left the film due to creative differences. For the new spin on The Last of the Mohicans, Kassell’s inclusion as director is especially intriguing. She’s directed episodes of high-profile television shows like The Americans, and she's helmed many shows with supernatural themes, so it will be thrilling to see how she addresses the spiritual elements of Cooper’s story. And with Fukunaga writing, The Last of the Mohicans could be a real mind-trip - a series that will undoubtedly be violent, but also viscerally entertaining and diverse.