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  1. @Ethan Awesome Giveaway i really wanted I am applying Thank you so much
  2. Tracker Name : AppzUniverse Hey I wanted this if any one can give me i really appreciated Thank you..
  3. Hay @Archiee Do you know what happen to Hon3yHD or anyone else who in contact with admin its down from so many days are they gone or what? Please help
  4. @Nope. Awesome GA i Apply for RevAnime Invite Have good ratio proof with high level tracker consider me thank you
  5. @megadeth1990 awesome GA Like added i apply for pixelcove I am finding this from very long time have good ratio proof with high level tracker consider me Thank you
  6. i want to buy TTG,OurBits,AwesomeHD,BTN,PTP invites/account with mailid want good offers please pm me
  7. @HuaffmanSichner @AboKhaled @AzzaB yes its available all send me 2 x ratio and speed proof in pm
  8. @BroadwayCat Like added Awesome GA i would like to apply for this have good proofs please consider me Thank you
  9. @DarkbyTe66 Like added awesome GA I really wanted this please consider me will always take care have good proofs thank you
  10. Tracker Name : I really want Xthor Or nCore Or Xspeeds please some one can help?
  11. @cryterion is your message box is full please check that how to contact to you or send proofs to you?
  12. 2x DesiTorrents Invite Give Away DesiTorrents | DT | General | 2019 Review RULES 1 . Add Like & REP 2 . Reply to this post to apply, 3. Don't forget to mention me in the comments @Black Panther 4 . Do not PM me, I will choose you 5. Give me +1 Positive Feedback after you have received the Invite
  13. Hello I Have Hon3yHD,Nebulance and CartoonChaos Invite(s) Wanted MTv,UHDBits,nCore,BTN,PTP,CHDBits,OurBits,TTG any one of invite in exchange for any one of tracker also if you have other good trackers or good trade to do feel free to PM me Thank you
  14. @cryterion Hey buddy i can not able to send you PM please help it shows that you not receive PM
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