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  1. Thanks for hosting this invite giveaway @rehabmc.Applying for 1 invite Rep and like added
  2. Thanks for hosting this giveaway @Hoarder. Applying for an invite of SceneTime. Rep and like added
  3. Thank you for hosting this giveaway @ginmy. Applying for 1 invite of CartoonChaos. Like and rep added
  4. Thank you for hosting this invite giveaway @MrShooter. Applying for an invite Thanks!
  5. Yeah PTP.I guess is difficult to get an invite for it..
  6. It is called PTP(PassThePopcorn). A great tracker for movies or so. If anyone has it would be nice if I get an invite too if possible,but I guess noone would give invites so easily for this tracker
  7. Hi @Iroziro.ThePlace has an application page. Here it is: ThePlace Application Page You can join them by matching their criteria,I havent been interested on joining and I am not a member myself,if I had an invite I would surely invite you. Their irc channel: ThePlace Invite Application Channel If you leave the channel after pasting the answers,they wont invite you.You should wait patiently and follow up with them,be nice since they get triggered so easily and just be patient until you get an invite. Read all the rules there since they do take the rules so seriously and good luck on convincing them to invite you
  8. Thanks for hosting this giveaway @Dracony .Applying for an invite.Rep and like added.
  9. Thank you for hosting this giveaway @cinematorrent.Applying for an invite. Thanks!
  10. Hi there, I am possibly looking for 1 seedbox for about 1 month. If someone could help me with one it would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!
  11. Bump. If anyone has any invite from these two sites I would be happy to receive an invite .
  12. Applying for an invite @logitech.Thanks for hosting this :)
  13. Applying for an invite @Dracony.Thanks for hosting this.Likes and rep added