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  1. Tracker Name : Hi, I am looking for a invite. Have a seedbox and good history on other trackers. I would really appreciate an invite.
  2. Hi @koko666 Nice giveaway, Like+rep. I apply. Thanks.
  3. Rules: 1. Like + Rep 2. Do not PM, reply here 3. Never had an account on IPT before (got banned/jailed before) 4. Apply only if you plan to actively use the account 5. Must be ready with proofs 6. Leave positive feedback once you receive the invite
  4. Hi, @kell2011 Great giveaway! Have been waiting for sometime to get on it. I would like to apply. Like + Reped
  5. Hi @Fateh Belkhelfa Great giveaway. I would like to apply.
  6. Yep, they do seem to have a unique bonus point system. Good torrents. Great site for active users.
  7. That is a difficult ask! Hope the tracker is worth it.
  8. What is an IP leak? An ‘IP Leak’ occurs if your Real IP address is accidentally exposed to another website, person, or service. (When you’re using a VPN, you only want them to see your VPN server’s IP address). Your ‘real’ IP address is the one assigned to you by your Internet Provider, and can be used to specifically identify your unique internet subscription. All devices on your home network will share the same IP address. You can easily check your IP address by using a tool like IPVanish’s free IPlocation tool: What causes IP leaks? IP leaks aren’t usually the fault of your VPN provider. They’re often caused by vulnerabilities in existing technology like: * Web browsing software * Browser plugins (flash) * Operating systems However high-quality VPN services will actually include technology to prevent and plug many of these leaks. We’ll look at each type individually, as well as recommend the most secure VPN services. IP Leak via dropped/failed VPN connection This is a common IP leak, and also the easiest to fix. The ‘Dropped Connection’ leak occurs if your VPN software disconnects suddenly, in which case all internet traffic will be routed through your normal internet connection (unsecured). The Fix: Choose a VPN with a kill-switch option What is a kill switch? A kill-switch is a bit of code built into your VPN client that constantly monitors your network connection (what Network ‘Interface’ you’re using, and what’s your IP address). If the kill-switch detects a change, it will instantly stop all internet connectivity until you either: 1. Reconnect to the VPN 2. Reset your network adapter This piece of technology is simple & effective. We consider it an essential piece of equipment for anyone using a ‘non-logging’ VPN service. DNS Leaks If a VPN has ‘DNS Leak’, it means your DNS requests are being sent to an insecure DNS server (usually one controlled by your ISP/Internet Provider). What is DNS: DNS stands for Domain Name System. Every time you type a URL into your browser (, that request is sent to a DNS server which translates the domain name into a numeric IP address belonging to the server where the website is hosted. 1. What Causes DNS Leaks? Many Internet Providers use a technology called ‘Transparent DNS Proxy’ which can intercept all DNS requests passing through their servers. Even if you specify a different DNS server on your PC or router, it’s possible these requests could still be intercepted. Privacy concerns of DNS leaks There are two main concerns of leaking DNS queries: a. Your ISP can see your web history (what websites you visited) b. Some DNS leaks can expose your real IP address to the DNS server 2. How to test for DNS Leaks? There are several free websites that allow you to check if your VPN is leaking DNS requests. We like, which is fast and simple. Basically it will show you a list of all DNS servers that your connection is using. It’s OK if there are multiple DNS servers in the list, but you don’t want to see a DNS server belonging to your ISP (Time Warner, Verizon, Comcast, etc). Where to check your connection for DNS Leaks: * * * Hidester 3. How to fix DNS Leaks The easiest/best way to fix DNS leaks is to choose a VPN provider that has built-in DNS leak protection. These providers use their own custom (and private) DNS servers, and use special technology to ensure that your DNS requests are always routed securely, inside the encrypted VPN tunnel. Some providers go even further, and have Encrypted, Zero-Log DNS servers (maximum privacy). WebRTC/’STUN’ leaks The WebRTC vulnerability is actually a web browser vulnerability, not an OS (operating system) issue. WebRTC is a p2p technology built into modern web browsers that enables new technologies like video-streaming/videoconferencing and the sharing of PC peripherals (like a microphone) between you and a website. TorrentFreak reported that WebRTC can actually be used as an ‘Attack’ to trick your browser into exposing your real (non-VPN) IP address. Risk Factor: In practice, the risk of WebRTC leaks is very low, because you’d have to be tricked into visiting a malicious website trying to view your IP address. This is pretty unlikely, and most websites could care less whether you’re using a VPN or not. How to fix WebRTC Leaks You have to disable WebRTC at the browser level in order to prevent STUN leaks. This can either be accomplished by editing your browser’s config files, or by installing a browser extension that does it for you. Instructions by web browser: * Chrome – Browser extension * Firefox – Manual removal / Browser extension * Other Browsers – Guide How to test for WebRTC leaks? The amazing tool at checks for all major types of VPN leaks (DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6). Just visit this link, and scroll to the WebRTC section. If it shows an IP address, check if it matches your normal browser IP (without the VPN connected). If it does, you’re vulnerable to WebRTC leaks. Resources: Here are some sites to help you check your connection for IP leaks, and to learn more about IP technology and leakage in general. * * * Source: VPNUniversity Additional Resources: Fingerprint Check: VPN Detection: For VPN Review: ThatOnePiracySite
  9. Hi @Jouhn, Woderful giveaway! I would like to apply. I have a seedbox and will try to maintain a good ratio. Liked + repped. Thanks!
  10. Good article. Piracy is taken a bit seriously here; most of the people rely on cable subscription and on Netflix nowadays.