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  1. @EagleEyed Just a question. there is an Official invite thread for GGN in the invite forum in AnimeBytes why don't you apply for GGN invite there ?
  2. I need to know how can they discover me after a month and what should I do so I can start a new begining in these sites?? Cause this disaster make me crazy
  3. Could someone help me with this damn problem. I was on redacted a year ago but my account has been disabled on it because of trading invites. Beside that my account on AB,GGn, AHD were disabled. I can get another invite a month ago from official recruitment and I do the following: change the Mac Address use another client use another browser VPN when torrenting I activate 2nd Factor so I can use VPN whe browsing My account was fine for the whole month but today I found my account is disabled!!! Could someon
  4. Tracker Name: Desireleasers Genre: Movies Review (If Any) https://www.invitehawk.com/topic/120266-desireleasers-movies-2020-review/ Sign Up Link: https://www.desireleasers.be/register/null Closing Time: N/A Additional Information: DesiReleasers is Indian Movie Based tracker
  5. Tracker Name : LzTr.me User Class : Power User Official Recruitment Threads [Official] BrokenStones [Official] NotWhat.cd (NWCD) [Official] Secret Cinema - Unlimited [Official] TheVault - Unlimited [Official] Redacted.ch - Unlimited [Official] TheShow - Unlimited [Official] TheGeeks - Unlimited [Official] ThePlace - Unlimited [Official] AnimeByt.es [Official] TheEmpire.click @Ethan
  6. @Direct9420 what's the code invite??
  7. Hello GGn community! Site Improvements As part of our ongoing effort of improving the stability of the site, our developers have been hard at work on optimizations and upgrades for various systems. While a lot of these changes have been behind the scenes, we'd like to use this announcement to highlight some of the changes that are more visible to everyone. Of course, this effort isn't finished, and we'll keep working on further improving site systems. Hit 'n' Runs After some improvements to the Hit 'n' Run scheduler, we've been able to finally turn it back on. This means that Hit
  8. Thanks for the nice review but could you please tell us what trackers that are recruitment from it?
  9. Tracker Name: AwesomeHD User Class : HD-Pro Official Recruitment Threads : [Unlimited] FileList.io
  10. Tracker Name : Pornbay User Class :Expert User Official Recruitment Threads : Empornium Invites Unofficial Recruitment Threads : HD-torrents Filelist GGn IPT Empornium
  11. 11-05-2020 The infrastructure of the site has been improved,if there are any problems or you are not doing well, please report them on the forum. Thank
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