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  1. I'm looking for these trackers: SpringSunday -- bought Open.cd -- bought Openlook Ethor -- bought notwhatcd -- bought Immortalseed -- bought Keepfrds or keepfriends Team-hd Pterclub Tflbits I would like to get all of those, or at least most of them. If you have any, PM me the prices.
  2. Hahah yes I understand all of that, this happened 3 years ago when I was much more inexperienced than today and it didn't happen on this site. I was just starting out, didn't even know this site was a thing. Thank you for trying to help tho.
  3. To answer my own question, when I was just starting I lost 150$ trying to purchase a PTP invite. It was years ago and I was dumber back then, but I learned quite a lot from that experience and nothing similar ever happened to me again.
  4. This tracker selling business always carries a bit of a risk and scammers are often to be found lurking for their next victim. Did you ever get scammed and if yes, how much did you lose and did you learn anything from that experience?
  5. I've been trying to purchase one for a while no, only offers I got were from scammers so I would say it's completely off the limits right now.
  6. I've used Deluge before but now I use Qbitorrent, much better imo. I never was a fan of Utorrent.
  7. Looking for LzTr.me invite, PM me your offer if you have one.
  8. Also looking for CHDbits, PM me if you have it.
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