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  3. Tracker Name: ExoticaZ (YourExotic) Genre: XXX Adult Content Review: A solid XXX tracker that's been around for several years. Sign Up Link:https://exoticaz.to/register Closing Time: Not specified If you're interested, act fast! Additional Information: ExoticaZ (YourExotic) is a Private Torrent Tracker for XXX. YourExotic is the sister-site of CinemaZ, AnimeTorrents, AvistaZ and PrivateHD Signups are open!
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  9. An Atlanta woman says the rapper paid for her entire grocery bill, when he noticed she couldn't afford the items on the conveyor belt. When an Atlanta woman who had fallen on hard times didn't have enough money to pay for her groceries at Whole Foods, she was at her breaking point. But then a kind stranger in front of her in line offered to pay--the whole bill. She had no idea who the stranger was until a cashier clued her in: It was the rapper Ludacris. Therra Gwyn-Jaramillo has been "struggling on and off," since her beloved husband died of cancer in the summer of 2014. "There wasn't a part of my life that wasn't destroyed - emotional, physical, financial," Gwyn-Jaramillo told CBS News. She was left to take care of "a practical menagerie of rescued animals," her disabled brother and her home. While she has been freelance writing to keep her head above water, a recent hit of $4,000 for home repairs and a late check put her in a dire situation in July. Thankfully, a friend stepped in to help and provided her with a $250 Whole Foods gift card. Therra Gwyn-Jaramillo pictured with one of four of her rescue dogs. So, she went to Whole Foods, but at the checkout counter realized she didn't have enough money on the card to cover her items. That's when the stranger in front of her stepped in. "I had zero interaction with him before he decided to buy my groceries. I tried to put things back and he said, 'I said I got this. All of this. Don't put anything back!' recounts Gwyn-Jaramillo. "He started putting the stuff I was going to put back onto the conveyor belt. I was stunned." Gwyn-Jaramillo says she responded to the "nice-looking man," by "crying." "I finally managed to say 'What is your name?' and introduce myself. He said, simply, 'Chris,' and shook my hand," Gwyn-Jaramillo recounted. She spoke with the stranger after his kind deed, telling CBS News, the man asked her about her rescue dogs after noticing dog food on the conveyor belt. 'I talked to him through my tears and finally asked, 'Who ARE you?' says Gwyn-Jaramillo. "He looked at me and said 'Just a person. Just a guy.' I kept thinking, 'Does he know? Does he know he's an angel? " It turns out the stranger was not, in fact, "just a guy," after all. Gwyn-Jaramillo said while he looked familiar, and says she is a fan of the Grammy-winning rapper, she didn't place him until a cashier filled her in. "WHAT I screamed," Gwyn-Jaramillo told CBS News. "People were smiling and laughing (and probably rolling their eyes that I just now 'got it' about who he was)." She says she was inspired to write, a now viral, Facebook post about her encounter. "This event taught me something I thought I already knew. It taught me the true power of being kind to strangers. He's probably done this hundreds of time. But I couldn't forget it," Gwyn-Jaramillo said. The Georgia-based writer explained that the encounter has had lasting effects on her, and hopes the story will encourage others to be kind,"The gift he gave me, the lesson, will long last after the groceries are gone." Ludacris' publicist hasn't responded to CBS News requests for comment.
  10. Two comedy legends as two other, slightly bigger comedy legends We've got a first look at John C Reilly and Steve Coogan in their biopic of Laurel and Hardy, Stan & Ollie, which follows the ageing double act on their 1953 tour of Britain. Reilly plays Hardy while Coogan will be applying his gift for impersonation to Stan Laurel. The pair's wives will be played by Shirley Henderson (Harry Potter, Trainspotting) and Nina Arianda (Master of None, Florence Foster Jenkins) and the script is by Coogan's Philomena collaborator Jeff Pope. Laurel and Hardy's British tour ended up being their swansong as Hardy's health deteriorated, and they performed on stage together for the last time in Plymouth in May 1954. "Stan & Ollie, at its heart, is a love story between old friends, who just happen to be two of the most iconic comedic characters in Hollywood’s history," says director Jon S Baird, who wrote and directed Filth. The world premiere of Stan & Ollie will close the BFI London Film Festival on 21 October, and it's set for nationwide release on 11 January 2019.
  11. Red Deer man says he also bought a latte containing cleaning solution, and he's not the only one After an Alberta woman bought a latte only to discover it contained cleaning fluid, McDonald's Canada acknowledged the company has had 'other isolated incidents' of the same nature. A pregnant Alberta woman isn't the only customer who has sipped a McDonald's coffee to find it was actually cleaning fluid, CBC News has learned. A man says the same thing happened to him in Red Deer, Alta. — and it seems there are other cases. When CBC News inquired, McDonald's Canada acknowledged the company has had "other isolated incidents" of the same nature. Earlier this week, Sarah Douglas picked up a latte at a McDonald's in Lethbridge and took a sip — only to spit it out when she tasted a mouthful of strong chemicals. Sarah Douglas, who is 32 weeks pregnant with her third child, said she was served cleaning fluid in the latte she had ordered from a McDonald's on University Drive W. in Lethbridge. She raced back to the restaurant, where she learned that the chemicals in her coffee was cleanser from two cleaning lines that were still hooked up to the latte machine. According to an employee, the same thing had happened just a few weeks earlier. After hearing Douglas's story, Corey Irwin from Red Deer told CBC News the same thing happened to him late last year. He said he bought a latte from a McDonald's on 22nd Street in Red Deer on Dec. 19, 2017. He took his first sip while driving to work and immediately spit it out. Rather than the expected milky coffee, he got a mouthful of cleanser. "I took a sip of it and realized right away that it wasn't coffee, that there was a chemical," Irwin said. "Sort of caustic because I could feel my tongue going a bit numb." He took a picture of the light-brown liquid, saved what was left of the drink and went back to the location after work. Changes 'from higher above' needed, customer says When Irwin complained about his experience, he was told the problem would be fixed, so he was shocked to hear Douglas's story this week. "It's disappointing. Obviously, they have to have changes come up from higher above," Irwin said. "Maybe the particular location where I went might've got their act together, but I mean, McDonald's worldwide might have to take some steps to ensure other people don't get hurt." Corey Irwin took this photo of the latte he ordered in December 2017 at a McDonald's in Red Deer, Alta. He said the manager offered him a gift card, a voucher to clean the liquid spilled in the car, an apology, and the assurance that "it wouldn't happen again." He said staff told him his cup had been filled by cleanser left soaking in the McCafe machine. McDonald's aware of 'other isolated incidents' The owner of the franchise on 22nd Street in Red Deer did not respond to an interview request. McDonald's Canada did not confirm this specific incident but did acknowledge it's aware of similar incidents. "The health and safety of every guest is McDonald's and our franchisees' absolute priority. We are aware that there are other isolated incidents of this nature. Even one incident is too many," McDonald's Canada spokesperson Laura Munzar said in an emailed statement. "While the specialty coffee machines and usage procedures are of the highest industry standards, we are immediately re-enforcing proper cleaning procedures with all McDonald's restaurants." Cleanser label warns that skin contact dangerous In Douglas's case, the Lethbridge franchise owner said the milk supply was left connected to the cleaning solution when the drink was being made. He said the machine is cleaned each morning. The restaurant workers showed her the chemical composition of the cleaning agent she sipped — citric acid, phosphoric acid, methyl-trimethyl-3, and 2-butoxyethanol. The label warns: "Causes serious eye irritation. May cause an allergic skin reaction. Keep out of reach of children. Wear protective gloves/eye protection." It goes on to caution that if the chemical makes contact with eyes or skin, it needs to be rinsed for some minutes with plenty of water. When Douglas spoke to poison control authorities, they told her the cleanser was an acid-based solution. She said she seems to have got off lucky because she never actually swallowed the liquid and doesn't seem to have any lingering effects. "My goal [in going public] is to raise awareness and that is it," Douglas told the Calgary Eyeopener. "I want to look out for the children that are going through McDonald's. Heaven forbid anything was to happen to them." Irwin now avoids ordering lattes early Irwin echoed Douglas in his concern, saying that although he wasn't injured, he wants to make sure the problem is indeed fixed. "I knew I wasn't really in any danger because I didn't swallow enough," Irwin said. "But I mean, I could only imagine that if the concentration was higher, it could have been burning my throat, maybe I would've got in a car accident or something, like it could have been pretty bad." He also said staff had told him on other occasions that he shouldn't order McCafe drinks as the machine was still flushing out the cleaner. Since this experience, Irwin has stopped ordering drinks from McDonald's early in the morning to avoid cleaning time. He said he now smells his coffee first to check it's what he ordered. Food inspector to investigate Alberta Health Services, which oversees food safety in fast food businesses, said it will investigate the restaurant in Red Deer and ensure proper procedures are in place. A spokesperson for the regulator said the location had no issues with the McCafe machine when inspected twice in the past eight months. AHS also investigated the report in Lethbridge, and said the restaurant operator implemented a new system to safeguard against such mistakes. According to its website, McDonald's has a policy for staff to take apart its McCafe machines each day for a full cleaning, normally in the middle of the night or during a low-volume time.
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