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  1. Concerning the heat, RarBG users should be fine: the tracker circumvents most known anti-malware scanners to install scripts that use your computer for cryptocurrency mining. Given how energy-intensive that is, your PC might well become your heater. As for home applliances: folks, try to become a little smarter yourselves, then you won't be at the mercy of 'smart' appliances.
  2. Admirable efforts dedicated to a noble cause for the benefit of (soon) all of us.
  3. Beautiful new world ... We recently had a discussion in another thread about how censorship and the restriction of civil liberties is not being pushed further and further by one isolated law or initiative, but by thousands of small things in thousands of places. Freedom dies in inches ...
  4. Given the lousy program content that one is given for even handsome monthly subscription prices, the popularity of alternative content integrators can hardly come as a surprise. What does surprise me, however, is how stupid many warez and streaming sites are when it comes to choosing their e-mail providers, web hosting service, domain registrar and the location of their servers.
  5. You spent all your life on the web? Go out, get some fresh air and admire the beauty of nature in real life while it's still there. :)
  6. Bienvenido -- aquel que entra primero en un buen tracker de gama alta para juegos de PC invita al otro, ¿sale? Welcome -- first one to get into a good high-end tracker for PC games invites the other one, o.k.?
  7. A man of few words ... welcome to the show. :)
  8. Great, now the health insurance company will know exactly whenever you ate or drank something you should not consume, and the pharma companies can send you custom-tailored 'special offers' right away. :-)
  9. No single initiative, law or attempt by the industry will stop anything, but that's not how lobbyism works. The big multi-national companies add a mechanism here, buy a browser extension there, have a law passed one day in one place and another one in an different place the week after. They finance campaigns, buy media outlets and industry websites, place advertising, finance think tanks and seats at universities, etc. etc. While activists make noise and need to mobilize the masses, industry associations only need one idiot in the white house to kill net neutrality, one judge to rule in their favour, one journalist or news station to report in a positive tone about their endeavour. There are interesting books about how elites exercise and expand their power, and one can only shake one's head in disbelief about what and how is going on. It is how they manage to keep environmental protection initiatives in check although we all know how urgent it is, it's how the income of the richest 1% rose 300% in the last 30 years while the average real income stagnated, and so on. Everybody knows it, everybody laments it, but the mechanisms of a thousand tiny gogs operating in the shadows still manage to always get what those whom one never sees decide.
  10. As if The Idiot and his elimination of net neutrality while giving ISPs permission to sell their customers' data were not bad enough. It may be an EU legislation for now, but make no mistake: given the nature of the Internet, this will affect everybody independent of their location, and once this kind of censorship enters into force in one place, big business in other locations will bully their own political lackeys to follow suit. Therefore, all who cannot participate in street manifestations should head over to http://www.Change.org/p/european-parliament-stop-the-censorship-machinery-save-the-internet in order to sign the petition against this impertinence.
  11. I just stumbled over this place myself but found a lot of interesting topics in the general sections. Be sure to check them out -- you might find something of interest there. :)
  12. There are a lot of interesting topics in the sections that are not related to BT trackers. The guys who post there do not receive the appreciation they deserve for their efforts, but if you read through the topics, you will surely find a couple interesting nuggest there.
  13. Being new here myself, I must say I am presently surprised so far. On most invitation sites (let alone trackers themselves), admins and sysops suffer from a god complex, but here they are quite friendly. I am sure you will like it here, too.
  14. Benvenuto - bienvenu - bienvenido - willkommen - welcome :)
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