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  1. @ramakrishna25 Thanks a ton for the giveaway, the account would mean a lot for me!! Like and rep added
  2. @Aniltorreto It depends on what you're searching for. FL is a general content tracker whereas HD4Free is for movies/TV mainly. So ofc FL is going to have a larger base of general content. HD4Free is the home of the group LEGiON so if you like their releases, you should definitely check the site out.
  3. Thanks a lot for doing this GA, @Coldsoul!! I apply for this tracker. being ratioless, BHD's one of my dream trackers and the invite would really mean a lot to me ^_^ I've done a few GA's here and can provide solid ratio proofs as well -IRO.
  4. Tracker Name : ThePlace Hey Invitehawk family, I request for a thePlace invite since I'm super interested in self-help related resources. Something similar like theBiz or BitSeduce would work too Nothing I can really give except a warm thanks and a good karma but don't hesitate if you want to offer a trade -Iroziro
  5. Wow, nice giveaway man.Definitly applying!! :) Like and rep added!
  6. @CasuaKennedy Awesome giveaway! I apply for BitHDTv Wanted to get into this tracker for a super long time now.
  7. With holiday season coming up, really need some source to binge anime Would love the invite! Like and rep added!
  8. @Dracony Awesome giveaway! I apply too. Like and rep added~ ~Iro
  9. @Madlox84 Awesome giveaway, wanted to get in this tracker for a long time! Like and rep added. The invite would be super helpful
  10. @Madlox84 Would love a bitspyder invite!! Like and rep added.
  11. @edsonbrisuela Apply! You're an awesome person for doing this giveaway
  12. Man you totally copied my post haha. Even the 'Would prefer MAM.." part xD ~Iro.
  13. I apply for the invite, @Web-Man ! Like and rep added.