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  1. Season closed for invitations now. When i can offer other invitation for this tracker i will do Bump. Thanks
  2. @JustHD can i get one??? @Helas can i get one??? If you offer what is required of course. You must send me a private message with: 5.Proofs & Speedtest will be Required
  3. @Helas, @JustHD, A3I4, send me PM with your proof and speed test. And one question is enough when applying for an invite.
  4. Tracker Name - [BeyondHD] Tracker URL - [https://beyond-hd.me/login] Speedtest - [https://ibb.co/jWr1Yn4] Comments - [I need this tracker for personal use only. I can offer 24/7 everything I download. I like to share with others everything i have taken from others]
  5. I have OurBits account. I want BHD if you will have again. Thanks.
  6. This topic can be closed for now. There are no more invites left yet.
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