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  1. I wolud love to apply for one of those @monkaS
  2. Hi there, I would love one invite for IPT, if still available @nomercymina
  3. @SchlampeSwanzen Hi there!! I have been waiting for an AlphaRatio invite for a while. If there is anything I can do to get one, just let me know. Only if you have one and you want to share it Cheers!
  4. Too late, but thanks for sharing it! @deepdigger
  5. Fredyjr15

    Forum Moderator

    Nice opportunity for those who has all the requested restrictions. I hope one day apply Cheers!
  6. @bluevelvet Im NOT applying for this UHDBits, not anymore.Thanks for sharing this.
  7. Hi there @cryterion, the invites you have available... rancetraffic and cartoonchaos ?One of each? Thanks for this give away
  8. ABNormal | ABN | General | 2019 Review Name ABNormal Tracker URL https://abnormal.ws Tracker Genre General Tracker Type Ratio Based Bonus System Yes Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker Signup Closed / Invites Only + Interview Banned Countries None IRC Channel
  9. FakeDoor | FD | WDMA | 2019 Review Name FakeDoor Tracker URL https://fakedoor.store/blog Tracker Genre WDMA Tracker Type No Ratio Bonus System No Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker Signup Closed / Invites Only Banned Countries Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, South Korea, Vietnam, Romania, Pakista
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