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  1. I wolud love to apply for one of those @monkaS
  2. Hi there, I would love one invite for IPT, if still available @nomercymina
  3. I would like to apply too for hdspace @Nergal
  4. @SchlampeSwanzen Hi there!! I have been waiting for an AlphaRatio invite for a while. If there is anything I can do to get one, just let me know. Only if you have one and you want to share it Cheers!
  5. Too late, but thanks for sharing it! @deepdigger
  6. @bluevelvet Im NOT applying for this UHDBits, not anymore.Thanks for sharing this.
  7. Hi there @cryterion, the invites you have available... rancetraffic and cartoonchaos ?One of each? Thanks for this give away
  8. ABNormal | ABN | General | 2019 Review Name ABNormal Tracker URL https://abnormal.ws Tracker Genre General Tracker Type Ratio Based Bonus System Yes Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker Signup Closed / Invites Only + Interview Banned Countries None IRC Channel - DESCRIPTION ABNormal is a French private tracker specialized in general releases. With over 48k torrents, Content includes a very good collection of movies and series from the French Scene in all possible formats. Pre-Time is excellent and speed quite good. Most releases are in French so if you are not familiar with the language, this tracker might be of little interest to you. Maintaining a good ratio is kinda easy, there is a lot of Freeleech Torrents and even a seedbonus system that can help you gain more upload credit. Joining ABN is almost impossible. Even if you get invited by someone you still have to go through an Interview on IRC, which limits your chances of being accepted. Without a shadow of a doubt one of the best French trackers in the business. Highly Recommended ... if you can get in... HOME CATEGORIES BROWSE FORUM RULES USER CLASSES WIKI RATINGS Speed 8/10 Pre-time 9/10 Content 8/10 Community 7/10 Overall 8/10
  9. FakeDoor | FD | WDMA | 2019 Review Name FakeDoor Tracker URL https://fakedoor.store/blog Tracker Genre WDMA Tracker Type No Ratio Bonus System No Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker Signup Closed / Invites Only Banned Countries Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, South Korea, Vietnam, Romania, Pakistan IRC Channel - DESCRIPTION FakeDoor, previously know as mmmm, is one of the if not the oldest WDMA site in the business. WDMA or " Where's Da movie At " is a forum based site with a section dedicated to downloading files. This section is most of the the time just a " side activity ", the icing on the cake. That's the case for FakeDoor. Indeed, even though an important number of files are available in all different categories, those can be found easily in any good general tracker. What stands the most and what makes FakeDoor so special and unique is its community. Members are very active in the forum, posting hundreds of posts everyday about all kind of topics. The atmosphere is very friendly, making the whole experience very pleasant. Like all very secretive communities, joining FakeDoor is very hard. Invites are very rare and only handed out to experienced members. There 's also a long list of banned countries that one's must be aware of before even trying to access FD. If you are community-minded and a forum addict, look no further, FakeDoor is a must have. Recommended. HOME / FORUM CATEGORIES BROWSE GENERAL DISARRAY RATINGS Speed 8/10 Pre-time 8/10 Content 7/10 Community 10/10 Overall 8/10
  10. GardenCenterStage | GCS | Music | 2020 Review DESCRIPTION GardenCenterStage is the most private Music tracker on planet Earth and nearby galaxies. With over 33k torrents, content includes a massive collection of Flac files ripped and uploaded by a community of Music enthousiasts that share the same drive for quality and rare releases. More than a tracker, The " Garden " define itself as " a group of friends here to listen to, share, and celebrate music'. As advertised by the staff : " We want to provide as many torrents as we can at the highest quality possible. However, our priority is quality, not quantity." Maintaining a good ratio is hard, there is no Freeleech Torrents and no seedbonus system to help. The Only way to build a buffer is to upload torrents or wait for a Global Freelech also called " Beautiful Harvesting ". Joining GardenCenterStage is... Impossible. The tracker has been around for almost a decade and there is less than 200 members as I write this review. To invite someone a member need to fill an application and answer questions such as " why this person should be invited " , " is he an uploader at other sites " and so on. Staff has the final word and ... well, they are less than 200 ... The best Music tracker you will never be able to join, that's what The Garden is. Enjoy the screenshots, chances are that's all you will ever see from this tracker... Name GardenCenterStage Tracker URL gardencenterstage.org Tracker Genre Music Tracker Type Ratio Based Bonus System No Seed Difficulty Hard Tracker Signup Closed / Invites Only Banned Countries None IRC Channel - HOME CATEGORIES BROWSE FORUM RULES USER CLASSES WIKI RATINGS Speed 8/10 Pre-time -/10 Content 9/10 Community 7/10 Overall 8/10
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