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  1. @Hk2018 I'd like to apply as well. I appreciate this giveaway.
  2. There's car racing and a complete football game in league of legends? Well, even if that were true it'd still be a terrible game. Unless their car game was on par with something like F-Zero or their sport game was on par with whatever sports game sports game fans consider best.
  3. Hello, @Ulquiorra. I'm sure I meet the requirements. Thank you for the opportunity.
  4. Why do you still play this game? As somebody whose played it for several years I feel like it was a complete waste of my time and youth. Easily one of the most repetitive, dull, and toxic online experiences available. Please post any merit this game still has, and please avoid using any cliche'd answers like "It's fun". Explain WHY it is fun and why you enjoy playing it.
  5. AB is the best anime track hands now. Nothing compares, and since anime is one of my favorite things of all time, it's up there as my most prized private tracker.
  6. Yes. The Programming language. The one true language for programming.
  7. 1080p strikes that good balance between bloat and image quality. Plus we still haven't adopted a higher standard yet.
  8. It's easily Pizza. You can never have too much Pizza.
  9. I have far too many favorite TV shows, too much to even keep up with even. I tend to actually put some on hold or drop them flat out if they don't compel, which more shows than I want to admit have done for me. Though Avatar the Last Airbender is a good contender for favorite TV shows for me.
  10. Five Easy Pieces. Jack Nicholson is in it whose one of my favorite actors. I found this movie on Roger Ebert's "Greatest Movies of All Time" list. It was fairly interesting and enjoyable, but I don't think I'd put it anywhere near my favorite movies.
  11. I probably spend way longer looking at the trackers than managing them, I mostly just check my ratio and hope it keeps rising. I don't like to downloading too much.
  12. I've been listening to this soundtrack for a while now and was wondering if anybody knew any soundtracks or genres similar to it. The soundtrack has a pretty funk vibe but I've just never been able to put my finger on the genre or find much similarities with any other music I've listened to.
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