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  1. I have secret cinema.. send me a PM with an offer.
  2. I have a pornbay and fem dom acc. If interested send me a PM.
  3. Any specific trackers ? Send me a PM.
  4. If you can’t find an account I am happy to sell an invite for $10
  5. 466 people entered, with a total sweetening of 1402GB. Winners were: FIRST PLACE 100GB F***** SECOND PLACE 50GB j********* THIRD PLACE 30GB A******
  6. Happy Easter!
  7. Members, It really baffles me to the core that some of you just don't get it. So please let me explain this to you as gently as I can. 1 - We do not allow political talk, statements, innuendos, etc anywhere on this site. Why? Because there is simply no need. We have people from all over the world with different beliefs. This is a place we want people to come to for enjoyment, not fights, not hurt feelings. So STOP it!. So absolutely NO MORE SWJ crap. Go to twitter for that. 2 - We do not allow religious talk or posts for the same reason. Some people believe VERY strongly in their religion. Some people don't want to hear about your religion and more likely than not, 99.98% of people here don't give a shit about your opinion. 3 - Spoilers - Why would you even? Just don't. Don't say OMG I cannot believe Mike Ross died when everyone who watches Suits knows that did not happen. Don't post that on a TWD torrent. It doesn't matter if it is the wrong show, completely made up or actually true, don't do it. Those of you that have posted fake info - do you really enjoy being an asshole? Is that your life goal? What some of you do not seem to get is that not everyone watches a show right after it airs. Not everyone even watches the show during it's current season. We have a bunch of members who go to the torrent to check for A/V ratings and then download and save FOR MONTHS. So you posting OMG Mike Ross died on the wrong show makes them feel like you just ruined the show for them. AND you make more work for us as we now have to message that person saying "sorry that person was being an asshole. There is actually no Mike Ross on this show". So you see why we and other members get mad?? 4 - Stop being rude to staff. They have a job to do. If they edit your comment or message you it is because you are breaking the rules. If you do not agree with what they have said to you then you can do one of 3 things: 1- message them back calmly and explain your side 2- message the helpdesk and title it "For admin or sysop please" and explain your situation. It will be left for an Admin or sysop to reply and finally 3 - you can message me but you better not attack my staff or come at me all high and mighty cuz that will get you nowhere. 5- We have relaxed the rules on the site so much but there are a bunch of you that are ruining it. There is NO PROFANITY TOWARDS ANYONE. You wanna say FUCK YEA when GOT comes out, go for it. But to call another member a name, profanity of not is not ok. This is a family site. You have ZERO clue if you are talking to a 14 year old boy in a 3rd world country or a 60 year old grandma from the USA. 6 - Read the rules and faqs. So many of you are finding yourself in trouble for things that have been in there since day one. There is no excuse. 7 - Enjoy the site. Have fun but BE NICE! Thank the uploaders. Seed as long as you can. Keep the torrents alive. 8 - BE NICE!!! 9 - BE NICE!! and finally BE NICE!!! Thank you all for your continued support. Thanks to all our uploaders who bring us so much and thanks to the members who seed things forever! And thanks to all staff for the thankless work you continually do.
  8. Server Issues Sorry for the downer
  9. Freeleech - 6:06:32:45
  10. Easter is the biggest celebration of Christianity, the central celebration of the Christ-centered calendar. According to the Bible, Jesus - after the crucifixion on Friday - was resurrected on the third day, Sunday. Content, meaning: Celebration of Jesus' death and resurrection, the redemption of humanity
  11. Happy Easter!