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  1. UPDATE: 2x - TorrentLeech 2x - BrokenStones
  2. TorrentLeech sould. Only Brokenstones left.
  3. Still Selling 1x TorrentLeech 2x BrokenStones
  4. WTS: TorrentLeech: Two invites BrokenStones: Two invites
  5. Have BrokenStones Invite. Make your offer
  6. Thank you. Got one more invite. Still selling.
  7. ****************************************************************** Friends Share | General | 2019 Review ****************************************************************** Name: Friends Share URL: https://www.friends-share.me/ Genre: General Ratio Requirements: 0.8 (15 day warning) Singup: Invite Only (Temporarily Open! Mai/2019) Maintaining Ratio: Easy Bonus System: Available Language: Brazilian Portuguese ****************************************************************** DESCRIPTION **************************************************************
  8. Tracker Name: Friends Share Genre: General Review (If Any): (in progress) Sign Up Link: https://www.friends-share.me/account-signup.php Closing Time: N/A Additional Information: Brazilian tracker. The tracker is new, so there is not much content yet. Very new-user friendly, with points and a lot o Freeleech.
  9. Welcome to InviteHawk. I just got one TL invite. I know it's hard but I'll try to keep a good ratio.
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