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  1. HDHome 6th Anniversary Thanks for your continuous support. 1. Freeleech since 18:00 24Nov2019 till 18:00 01Dec2019. 2. Invitation can be send since 18:00 24Nov2019 till 18:00 01Dec2019. 3. Pls invite your friends and help them throughout their newcomer assessment. 4. Pls fulfill your outstanding download quota (if any) prior to freeleech commenced.
  2. HDSky | HDS | HD | 2019 Review HDSky is one of the biggest and oldest Chinese HD private trackers with great Content of HD Movies,TV Shows,Anime,DOC,etc... They got various internal teams like HDS for Remux, 1080p and 720p encodes. HDSky for BluRay disks, HDSPadfor mHD encodes and HDSTV for Chinese TV encodes. Maintaing good ratio there is easy as : - Bonus points system is implemented , where you can buy invites / extra GBs to get good standings there. - They got lots of freeleech & Double upload torrents , just snatch newly uploaded ones with seedbox & go !
  3. @HDYu hi, I send you some proof and speed. Please check for me, I'm serious. Thank you very much.
  4. @HDYu thanks for giveaway, i applied
  5. @koko666like and apply for it. Consider me , thank you .
  6. hi @Archiee Awesome GA i Apply for BIT-HDTV Invite. Consider me thank you
  7. The website will be free for seven days at this time, and the invitation level will be transferred to Elite User. The bells of the college entrance examination have already landed, and the results of most places have been announced. I wish everyone can have a satisfactory score, get into the ideal university, and then there are many ways in life. The success or failure of a moment can not represent anything. Don't be too discouraged and brave to face the future of life. In order to give the candidates a pleasant post-test time, this site will be free for all seven days at this time
  8. GG - The site will open for a long time without logging in for automatic bans after seven days. All along, the site has been closed for a long time without logging in the automatic ban function, but there has been a period of time since the station was opened, and a large part of it has not been logged in for a long time. After 7 days, the normal long-time non-logging automatic ban will be cleared. Such members will not be unblocked if they are blocked. Please log in to the member who has not logged in for a long time in seven days.
  9. DigitalCore (DC) News Hit And Run Active I finished the code for hit and run. I reset all the entries in the database so everyone starts fresh. The system will mark the torrents you failed to seed for 3 days. You have 5 days to start seeding the hit and run torrents. If you fail to seed them you are downloadbanned after 5 days. You can find your hit and run torrents on your profile page or on the status bar. As soon as you start seeding the hit and run torrents, the download ban or warning is removed. (it takes max 5 minutes). Have fun seeding
  10. SuPerBits | SPB | News Translate : It seems to be summer in Sweden this year, of course it is wonderful. The sun is shining, the rain is falling, the thunder is falling. However, think if we have had any Spring, in which case it was very short. You can easily tear yourself away from the screens and get in your little D-Vitamin. After all, it doesn't hurt. IPTV scrolls in normal order. People: renews Exits Gets new tests Fun to be able to offer something that the majority seems to be happy with. There have been a few flaws with television, It has solved itself
  11. Tracker Name: Cinemaz Genre : https://cinemaz.to Review : Sign Up Link: https://cinemaz.to/auth/apply Closing Time: Additional Information:
  12. Description - eStone was born in 2015 from Xider and Beload fusion. It's a good Hungarian tracker with a lot of english content such as Movies, Books, TV shows, Software, Games, Music. XXX. Can be used well with google translate if you are not a native. In addition, the forum also has a designated area for English if you want to discuss. - They have a really good bonus and H&R (Hit & Run), systemany downloaded torrent must be seeded for 24 hours or reached ratio = 1 , because of that it's very easy to keep ratio with free torrents or you can buy upload amount for bonus or re
  13. Invite is given Away @alexstay @Ethan kindly lock the topic please !
  14. @alexstay is the Winner. PM me your mail for the invite.
  15. Description I've been on HD-F for a while and today I want to share with you about this tracker. HDF is France's private tracker, HDF started operating in 2017 and right now it has around 12,000 torrents. Although established not long ago but the number of files shared by HD-F is quite large. Most files have seed, although the number of seed is not much, but the speed I get is quite good (many people share using the seedbox). - Themes Style : The theme style on HD-F is great, it's customizable to your taste. The content is arranged very scientifically (each film and below are
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