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  1. [Have] M-team HD-Torrents UHDbits Blutopia [Want] PTP BHD HDsky I dont want anothers invites, only listed.
  2. @kinggenetics please share your email via PM. Dont forgot to like my post and leave a positive feedback if you receive an invite.
  3. Too late. Applications are currently not being accepted. Hope, open again in near future.
  4. This tracker are not so bad, never seen a internal release, but download speed are very good, also have many releases from others trackers.
  5. Rules: Like this post Do not PM me, I will PM you Reply to this post to apply, Don't forget to mention me @hiroshidw Ratio Proof & speedtest is required Leave a positive feedback if you receive an invite
  6. @Archiee Thank you very much. It's possible to delete this thread? I already have traded my invites.
  7. [Have] Mteam, HDTorrents, TorrentLeech and Tekno3D Invites. [Want] HDChina, CHD, UHD or BHD. Please PM offers. Regards.
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