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  1. site seems dead from years, i tried many times from last year, but same error and i created many times support ticket, but staff also gone forever, i have heard this is bad tracker for appz, even public trackers like piratesbay and some forums are better, you need to search in google.
  2. try this one, it work at my side: https://hd-torrents.org/ but i will recommend other trackers, they only want your money, they disable accounts for quarter rules and other silly reasons, even lot of good encoders were banned, if you are unable to enter in good trackers, try even t0rrentleech, all hd-t internal encodes uploaded every where including tl, uploading and seeding is waste of time there..
  3. better to migrate to other ones, HD-T is money hungry tracker, they had even disabled accounts of good encoders.
  4. i said 30+ topic count you have only 9, send 1 ratio proof of any private tracker via pm to me
  5. Like Post Reply to this post by mentioning @blackcrow May ask Ratio Proof & Speedtest proof Topic count must be 30+ (not junk or spammy thread) Give me +1 Positive Feedback after you have received the Invite Winner: cluns * Invite Left: 0
  6. Flesh+Blood (1985) Watched 2nd time..
  7. Offer is Still Available, Topic Count requirement Decreased to 50+, Topic Count Requirement ? : i want working forum users should take benefit
  8. PHD EPSiLON are not internal of PHD, they left PHD and according to latest news, after new ownership of PHD, there was dispute because new owner introduced phd application signup with seedbox purchase, and EPSiLON were angry at this they thought owner want to earn money.. 2nd reason is phd is underated because its rules for hit & run, if you uploaded 100 terabytes there, if you downloaded a remux or raw bluray torrent of 35-40GB, you have to seed at least 1 weak, i think. 3rd reason is no good internal encoders and users database and torrents are not huge. HD-Torrents
  9. TV trackers taking HDTracker refuges, is it not strange ? i think lot of users of AHD will not show interest in BITHDTV as tracker is not popular..
  10. I think, they feared from raid on scene and danish tracker.
  11. i thought there is new "Biscuit Method", its google's worst translation, instead cookie method..
  12. Add Like Mention @blackcrow to apply May ask seedbox or ratio proofs Users must have Topic Count: 50+ Give me +1 Positive Feedback after you have received the Invite
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