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  1. @ntn888 How you get this speed in India? Your name looks Indian, and this trackers content is also from India, all others Indian trackers seems dead. Can you give me proof from qBittorrent? and send proof via pm to me, I will full fill your request in torrent give away.. I do not need giga speed proof, any good internet connection speed is ok or otherwise normal seedbox proof,
  2. @Andromeda Good Giveaway, lots of users will get benefit from it, You should prefer working members in the forum especially for FL, I am Not Applying.. Thanks
  3. Why no one is approving my thread? plz approve my thread @Aguia @AtlAntA
  4. TheGeek, TheShow, PrivateHD, Drunkenslug, HDTorrents, BitSexy, Beitai, RetroWithin, PornBits, UHDBits, Bithdtv, Scenefz, Icetorrents, [SpeedApp] Femdomcult, Avistaz, Exoticaz, Cinemaz, TorrentLeach, Milkie, Nebulence, AudioNews, Losslessclub, Hon3yHD, Desitorrents [Hon3y & Desi Temp Offline] , HDArea, HDTime, HDSpace, Speed.cd, AlphaRatio, Anthelion, PTFiles, and many more. PayPal, Etherium accepted.. May also accept Ivacy Lifetime VPN/KeepSolid Unlimited VPN/Bullet VPN with email ( depends on tracker)
  5. I have 33.26 dollar of USDC or USDCoin in Trust Wallet, It is a stable coin by Coinbase. I am interested in paypal i can sell 33.26 dollar for 23$ paypal. if any one is agree, contact me, i will provide more details..
  6. This useless tracker is always open and they always ban users for their own mistakes.. Better join pussytorrents, exoticaz or bitsexy, if you can not join big trackers, even pornolab is better than this one.
  7. @Vikadan what are for these invites? are these for 1gb/day bandwidth? instead for facebook details? for signup? am i right?
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