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  1. 1. Apply here 2. mention my name @blackcrow 3. old member or with seedbox or good ratio on any private trackers..
  2. i think you have posted in wrong section, check here: https://www.invitehawk.com/topic/139111-reputation-points/ but remember you should not create spammy posts/thread, if you have extra invites, accounts you can create thread on giveaway sections, also can create thread useful for other people, but for spammy posts/threads for abusing points, you may get ban, as you are new member, i will suggest you do not create duplicate accounts, do not use vpn/proxies,if you have used it then stop it, you will be ban for this.. On page below, there are "Help", "FAQ", check them
  3. i am replying late, currently i have not bhd, and i already have ourbits, if i have in future, i will try to contact you, please next time send pm, instead of reply, as most of time i do not get notification of post reply... thanks
  4. Site online now, You may need to Reset password.. https://omg.wtftrackr.xyz/login.php
  5. Have Desitorrents, Avistaz, but not your offer looks not interesting to me, if you have soething to offer please send pm Update: TeamHD gone
  6. Can you tell me, what its mean ? if you know most of time google translation is not accurate...
  7. Rules: 1) Like Post 2) 2 Good Ratio Proof from Private Trackers 3) Seedbox Proof or Internet Speed Proof 4) Mention my name in the post @blackcrow 5) If i satisfied from your ratio or seedbox/speed proof, Otherwise i will Reject your application 6) Positive Feedback after receiving Account 7) Do not mentioned my name, if you cannot fulfill 2) & 3), or you have no activity in this forum (not spammy posts/thread)
  8. i heard its name and do not know much about it, but as per my knowledge,, according to your need tracker are those which i mentioned above, i think cinemaz and ptp also have this type of contents, but in this category cinematic, ciemagedonm, karagra, myspleen are popluar, i think, but its better you should check reviews about these trackers, as i have not much interest in this genre..
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