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  1. SchlampeSwanzen left Positive feedback   

    awesome reviews, real correct text and screens, the score is very correct. awesome guy, hope he can do all reviews :) <3

    Heritance was The Seller

  2. SchlampeSwanzen left Positive feedback   

    The pen is mightier than the sword, this man shows that. +++++ 5 stars on his reviews etc

    Heritance was The Seller

  3. kartridge left Positive feedback   

    truly the best ever

    Heritance was The Seller

  4. SchlampeSwanzen left Positive feedback   

    The Angel wgo came to town <3

    Heritance was The Seller

  5. SchlampeSwanzen left Positive feedback   

    awesome reputation

    Heritance was The Seller

  6. walle left Positive feedback   

    Good experience.

    Heritance was The Seller

  7. Nergal left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for inviting my friend

    Heritance was The Seller

  8. a1987b13 left Positive feedback   

    vaskas1966@protonmail.com apply for immortalseed

    Heritance was The Seller

  9. bn1897 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    20 x Invites Giveaway
    He gave me invite from Giveaway , good and honest member

    Heritance was The Seller

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