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  1. @fluffy1, I would like to apply to Femdomcult.
  2. After I've seen the bonus points calculating formula, I'm interested in hunting down this site :))
  3. This is a complicated problem and I'm not sure I agree with blocking 8chan; I mean I don't support killing and pathology, but blocking 8chan seems to be what is called an 'ass covering' move and nothing more. Blocking 8chan will not help with anything; more similar sites will pop up, like a new head of the Hydra. What Cloudflare tells us it that: "we're not interested in this at all, we just don't want to be associated with it, take your stuff and go somewhere else". This approach doesn't solve any problem, it only moves them somewhere else.
  4. They have problem understanding that their highly valued ability to shape opinions is mostly because the piracy of their content is so widespread. By fighting off piracy, they're not converting the non-paying user to paying user, but they're simply rejecting the user and the user won't watch the content at all. I'm not sure it's good for them because it's a good road to take when someone wants to fall into a pit of nothingness and oblivion. The ability to shape opinions is also the reason why they're getting money stream from other places; hey, this film will be watched by millions, let's pay the director to put some products in it! -- this will never happen if the film will be watched by 1000s instead of 100000s.
  5. The best method of fighting off piracy is improving the service so it's easier to use. I was a heavy movie downloader years ago, but when VOD started to become more popular and Netflix started being available to me, I've bought it and I'm mostly watching stuff from them. Why? Because it's easier to use Netflix than Torrents, just click a button on a remote and that's it, they will even have always matching subtitles if needed. I'm still using Torrents to get stuff that's unavailable on VOD, or the service is bad. I.e. I've evaluated HBO GO not long time ago. I won't use their platform, because several times on each episode I get "buffering...", even when I have 200mbit link at home. Also their watching application hangs and doesn't save subtitle settings. Why should I pay them and be frustrated at their bad service, when I can download a torrent and watch the content anywhere I want?
  6. Advertising loans on a piracy site can have negative effects. But advertising firewall software on the same piracy site won't have any negative effects. It's not a mystery that advertiser needs to find out the target audience for their ads, and potential audience of the site they want to advertise on. If they're not compatible, the ad will simply not work. I mean, advertising holy water on atheist forums will not work. But serving the same advert on christian forum will probably lead to some transactions.
  7. Agreed. How can piracy destroy writing if piracy gives access to the book for more people? The thing which is hard to understand for content creators is that a pirate is a person who would not have bought the content in the first place. Content creators often only see two charts: 1) people that have bought the content, 2) pirated downloads. Too many people think those chart bars should be added up, but it's not true -- they shouldn't.
  8. The site rules are non-standard, it seems new members can only upload to one-click hosters instead of uploading torrents?
  9. Really nice compilation, but I'm afraid the formatting of the list broke just before BitSpyder!
  10. @matyoyos why avoid? can you explain? I've just registered and they have some interesting stuff over there. MAM is not easy to get into, hard to seed and some releases are VIP only even if you get there.
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