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  1. Recently a street child who's actually gone viral with his rap songs! A student of Dhaka University (largest, Oldest and most respected public university of Bangladesh) called Tabib Mahmud is the inventor of this talent! Subjects of the songs are basically politics and the other social cultural issues which are the main reason of the hinderness of the country... They are doing a revolutionary job and slapping on the major faces with their songs... YouTube got 2M views only in 72 hours after releasing their fourth song!!! There's subtitle in each of their songs so I cordially invited to listen and check their YouTube Channel not only to check but also to support them... They should and must go further with their strong lyrics... Check them in YouTube: Tabib Mahmud. I surely can say you'll enjoy
  2. Hi. Anyone here who's using or ...? Any review or experience is highly appreciable...
  3. @bodhi YES. It's like a challenge Thanks again for your each and every single words... YOU'RE THE MOST HELPFUL PERSON TO WHOM I'VE EVER MEET IN VIRTUAL WORLD
  4. @bodhi But spending close to $30/40/50 for around 300 movies is not a very wise decision for me! Because hopefully people will not donate a single penny in this region... The only source of covering the costs is advertising and CPC/CPM and other monetization platforms! I'm thinking big trackers, how do they manage 5K+ movies database...!!!
  5. @bodhi Yes, I'm thinking to start new simple one... I have an advantage that in our country torrenting is not that big crime! & Though there's lot of trackers still I think in foreign countries which are actually in tier 1 or 2 has a huge demand of subcontinent movies (Indian specially) as there's lot of people living there But I'm really not that much knowledgeable so for last few months I'm just studying!
  6. So, for around 300 movies (1TB disk space) it costs around 50$/M...?!
  7. @bodhi To thanks only is nothing , your reply means a lot Probably this is the most open and described answer of my entire virtual life... Hats Off & Love to @bodhi
  8. Oh... Sorry, I think I misunderstood or can't explain properly... Here I thought storing the file itself means renting seedbox to store! Can you please give some sample names of such servers?
  9. Hi Good Pupil... I'm from Bangladesh Everyone knows that there are many private torrent sites which are accessible by invite only! Some of are very popular like ipt...! They have very good collections also. Some of the stites store more than 100 TB of files! But my question is, as they have no any visible income (cpc, cpm, attachments with adsense or similar sites) how they survive ... & how they actually store the files?! Because using 100TB of seedbox or vps is too too too much expensive... On the other hand, ULing torrent is not that easy by the rules in those trackers. Most of the times only Admins can UL torrents. I don't think that only seeding can survive such huge resources...! So, is there any other storing options except seedbox ...? Anyone is here who knows the truths about them?! I'm really curious! Am I missing anything important...? Sincerely
  10. After filling all the information when hit sign up, no response! Probably in my short knowledge it's the only private tracker who use CPA Network so openly!