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  1. HacheDe account buffered high rank ( access to invite forum ) with email available. Looking for UHDBits invite or BeyondHD invite.
  2. Looking for TTG account with email. Have TorrentGigs account with email, HDOlimpo account with email.
  3. HAVE: HDOlimpo heavy buffered account with high rank with email. TorrentGigs ( BTGigs ) heavy buffered account with high rank with email WANT: HDChina
  4. Have HDOlimpo buffered account with high rank. Want HDChina. If interested let me know.
  5. Have HDOlimpo Account buffered with high rank. Want HDChina account with email. If you interested letme know.
  6. Google Translation: Dear members, 新年 Happy new year 2020! All stations open FREELeech until 12:00 noon on January 3 This site is scheduled to open the invitation event from 12:00 noon on January 3 to 20:00 on January 5, and the invitation authority will be lowered to fascination level. 购买 This invitation is not open to invite purchases. Fascinated and above members can only use the stock invitation. 后 After the event, this site will adjust the invitation rules and collect all invitations of members below VIP level by returning the magic value. Details will be notified separately. I reiterated that public discussions are forbidden and the management team has the right to terminate the event in advance if there is an unexpected situation. Thank you for your cooperation. happy New Year!
  7. Have: HDCorea account with email Xthor invite Ethor invite Looking for bitvault invite/account, HDCenter, BTF, ZonaQ
  8. From Staff: We are currently experiencing a credential stuffing attack. This means someone is attempting to log into accounts en masse based on leaked credentials from other sites, or simply taking large amounts of guesses. The attackers are using a large number of open proxies to avoid IP bans, hence the alerts are coming from a large variety of countries. We are monitoring the situation and taking steps to mitigate it. There is no particular reason to be alarmed at this time unless you have reason to believe someone has successfully logged into your account. There is no need to “me too” or +1 these threads. Staff gets the same alerts you do. All I can recommend at this time is to make sure your password is unique to RED, and I highly recommend enabling 2FA --------------------------------------------------- Credential Stuffing Attack Many of you may be aware of an ongoing credential stuffing attack. This is a kind of attack where stolen account credentials containing lists of usernames and passwords are used to gain access to user accounts. You may have seen messages in your inbox indicating login failures. The key to thwarting these types of attacks are to use a unique and strong passwords to secure your RED account. Two factor authentication is an extra step that is strongly recommended. Instructions on how to enable 2FA on your RED account is available at Two-Factor Authentication. You are responsible for your account, even if it is compromised. Make sure you keep your account safe. If your RED password is a password you use on other sites, please change your password now. Cheers, V****
  9. 1 X HACHEDE ACCOUNT Apply here and don't PM me. Press LIKE button. Leave a positive feedback after you receive account.
  10. Henry Cavill, set to play Geralt in Netflix's adaptation of The Witcher, has expressed his excitement in diving deeper into the world of the character he will be embodying. When the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher announced that Cavill would be playing the beloved video game character last year, some fans were pretty skeptical given Cavill's past roles. The Witcher is Netflix's answer to the television juggernaut that was Game of Thrones, and will be based on the book series of the same name by author Andrzej Sapkowski. Most fans recognize the name, however, from the video game series, which has had three installments created by developer CD Projekt Red. Netflix's series will be the most recent addition to a large anthology of adaptions, as the books have already been brought to life many times over as films, other television series, comic books, tabletop role-playing games, card games, and board games in addition to the video games. 2019's retelling of the story drops on Netflix December 20, 2019, and a second season of The Witcher has already been confirmed. In a recent interview with Men's Health, Cavill express he's most excited about his "chance to find Geralt's place in the world." "It's funny how much he's actually like us," Cavill says, "Geralt has that thing of trying so damn hard and being misconstrued or not appreciated—of people having a negative opinion of you, despite you actually trying to do the right thing." The Geralt fans know and love from the games is notoriously gruff and hardened by the world around him, but it seems that Cavill is attempting to bring a new layer of vulnerability to the hero. Making such a prickly character relatable to a wider audience of viewers seems to be a challenge the actor is up for. Part of what made The Witcher such a successful video game series was the way it handled Geralt's character and history, slowly unfurling what it meant to be a member of his trade while also giving a deep personality to a character that is supposed to be close to emotionless. Cavill's excitement is shared by fans who are eager to see the actor's interpretation of Geralt's journey and his growth. The fact that he's prepared to explore the big questions about Geralt and the world he inhabits at large should make for compelling television, however. Cavill is obviously no stranger to helming a franchise, but it will be interesting to see how his take on Geralt will fare in a sea of content vying to fill Game of Thrones-shaped hole in fans' hearts. Regardless of how they feel, fans can't deny Cavill's admiration for the role and the world of The Witcher. Now all that's left is to tune in on December 20, and keep a special eye out for the bathtub scene. The Witcher premieres December 20 on Netflix.
  11. POWERED BY ADAM SANDLER'S NOTE-PERFECT TURN, UNCUT GEMS IS A STYLISHLY SCUZZY WORK THAT'S AS PROPULSIVE AS IT IS MADDENING AND EXHAUSTING. Much like their last film, 2017's Good Time, the Safdie Brothers' Uncut Gems is a grimy '70s-style Scorsesean character piece that cranks its settings up to eleven, in an effort to send your anxiety levels spiking. Love 'em or hate 'em, the pair have a uniquely frantic storytelling voice befitting of their movies and the way they explore addiction in all the many forms it can take, but especially addiction to the idea of a big score that will finally give you the life you always wanted. The Safdies only continue to hone their style here, even as their film tests (and shatters) the limits of just how compelling an unlikeable protagonist can actually be. Powered by Adam Sandler's note-perfect turn, Uncut Gems is a stylishly scuzzy work that's as propulsive as it is maddening and exhausting. Sandler stars in Uncut Gems as Howard Ratner, an NYC jewelry store owner whose life is a chaotic mess; he's in debt to almost everyone he knows, he's on the verge of leaving his wife Dinah (Idina Menzel) for his young employee Julia (Julia Fox), and the second he has any extra money, he gambles it away betting on professional basketball games. However, when he gets his hands on a precious Ethiopian black opal and finds a buyer in NBA superstar Kevin Garnett (as himself, circa 2012), Howard believes he's finally struck gold. Of course, that's assuming he can pull his scheme off before someone he owes cash to decides to take him out for good. Uncut Gems is, above all else, an extremely loud and jittery film. Characters are constantly talking (nay, yelling) over one another, and it's a testament to the movie's sound design that you can clearly make out everything that's being shouted at once (assuming it doesn't simply overwhelm you). This is the world Howard lives in and as off-putting as one might find it to be, the Safdies do an impressive job of bringing it to cinematic life. They're further aided and abetted by Darius Khondji's beautifully unvarnished cinematography, which juxtaposes its disreputable portrait of NYC with shots of the interiors of the black opal and the cosmic splendor it contains within. And much like he did with Good Time, Daniel Lopatin aka. Oneohtrix Point Never crafts a lively electronica score that keeps Uncut Gems feeling unsettling, even in its rare quieter moments. This brings us to the movie's biggest problem: Howard. A film doesn't need to have a likable lead to be successful, but it's hard to find Howard interesting as a protagonist when he's so unabashedly slimy, self-serving, and foolhardy all at once. Uncut Gems doesn't ask viewers to empathize with him so much as pity him, but even that's difficult because, as far as antiheroes go, Howard isn't really so much a charming sleaze-ball as he is, well, merely a sleaze-ball. And while the movie certainly doesn't glorify him, its plot starts to become repetitive as Howard screws up again and again in increasingly foreseeable ways. Good Times' Connie Nikas was also sleazy and privileged, but his decent intentions made him tragic; Uncut Gems portrays Howard as being more tragicomical, but the dark humor of his story comes through much stronger than the tragedy. Sandler's performance, however, is another matter. The role of Howard is, in many ways, tailor-made for the actor; he's like a more realistic version of the rich goofball dad Sandler has played in his comedies over the last decade, similar to how Punch-Drunk Love's Barry Egan resembled a more grounded version of the man-children Sandler played earlier on in his career. Sandler makes the character more engaging in spite of his repugnant nature, and it's easy to believe he would irritate the people around him (including, a great-as-ever Lakeith Stanfield as his partner, Demany) as easily as he does. Fox is also fascinating as "Jules", a survivalist who knows how to navigate the seedy world of wealthy older men preying on young women, yet allows herself to be truly vulnerable with Howard, and vice versa. The rest of the Uncut Gems cast feel a bit wasted, though, as they pop up for a scene or two to rant at Howard for being awful (which, to be fair, is fun), then go about their merry way. Half a dozen feature films into their career, it's reasonable to call the Safdies polarizing storytellers at this point. Their neo-noir dramas and crime-thrillers about characters driven to self-destruction by their addictive behavior (whether they crave a literal drug or figurative one) have a distinct style that, depending on who you ask, is either electrifyingly intense, obnoxiously frenzied, or a bit of both at the same time. In the case of Uncut Gems, it's a movie that takes you on a proper roller coaster ride, but one where the turns become easier to spot as time goes on, and leaves you feeling too wiped out to invest emotionally in its shady lead. Those who adored the Safdies' previous work will probably dig this one too; everyone else might be better off looking for their next big score elsewhere.
  12. If Joker 2 happens, Arthur Flecks needs to fight Batman. In the wake of Joker’s staggering success at the box office, there has been talk of a sequel. At first, it appeared confirmed that director Todd Phillips would be returning for another go with the Clown Prince of Crime, but then Phillips dismissed those rumors as premature. Regardless, given Joker's critical and commercial success, Joker 2 would have a lot to live up to. Joker is better equated to a character-driven indie than a big-budget blockbuster; Phillips and star, Joaquin Phoenix, approached the film with this in mind. The movie’s smaller budget is the main reason it is now considered the most profitable comic book movie of all-time. One of the reasons audiences are so drawn to its story is because of its ambiguous narrative - Arthur Fleck’s insanity serves as a blinder for the viewer. At many points in the film, neither the viewer nor Arthur are certain about what is real. Joker ends with Arthur in Arkham Asylum and leaves the audience wondering if the whole film was the delusion of a mentally disturbed man - laughing at a joke his psychiatrist “wouldn’t get”. A major fan theory suggests that Arthur’s imagined the perfect backstory for himself (the Joker), one that directly ties his origin to his arch-nemesis (Batman) and paints him as a sympathetic character. Regardless, the intertwined plot possibility that Arthur is the illegitimate son of Thomas Wayne heightened the connection between the two iconic characters. All of the foreshadowing in Joker points to one thing about the sequel: if Arthur Fleck returns, he needs to fight Batman. JOKER PERFECTLY SET UP A FIGHT WITH BATMAN The biggest moments of foreshadowing in Joker occur on two occasions. The first being the moment when Arthur meets a young Bruce Wayne at Wayne Manor and the second at the end of the film when Bruce’s parents are killed (in the canon way). The death of Thomas and Martha Wayne is inadvertently the fault of Arthur Fleck; it is Arthur’s “kill the rich” rebellion that caused all of the riots throughout Gotham and, therefore, the death of the Waynes. One can argue that Arthur does not intend to provoke an entire movement but he nevertheless does. The other pragmatic argument comes in the form of Joker’s timeline; Arthur is simply too old (in 1981) to fight an adult version of Bruce. It's possible, then, that Arthur isn't the Joker at all, but that he merely inspires the real one. Similarly to Tim Burton’s Batman where Jack Napier kills Bruce’s parents and then becomes the Joker, the man at the end of Joker could do the same. This theory would not only be consistent with the many iterations of the character but the infamous quote from Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke: “If I’m to have past I prefer it be multiple choice.” The idea that the Joker can be anyone opens the door to a plethora of possibilities for Todd Phillips and even Joaquin Phoenix. What's more, when Bruce grows up, he would logically go after the Joker - instead of Joe Chill, who kills his parents in the comics - for being responsible for his parents' murders. HOW JOKER COULD FIGHT BATMAN IN THE SEQUEL There is a multitude of ways that Phoenix’s Joker could come into conflict with Batman. If Joker 2 chooses to explore the impact Arthur’s actions had on Gotham, then Batman could battle copycats (and would have a personal stake in it). Warner Bros could even decide to tie this version of the Joker into the DCEU as a symbol; Phoenix playing a completely different character (unbeknownst to everyone but the audience). Or, a sequel could explore the theory that Arthur’s origin story was all a fantasy and Batman already exists. The aforementioned theory throws all of the timeline inconsistencies out the window. Arthur’s age does not matter if he was simply imagining himself in the 1980s; we do not know how much time has past at the end of the film. Joker 2 could pick up where the original left off, with Arthur escaping Arkham. However, this decision would take away a lot of Joker’s ambiguity and arguably tarnish the film. In order to leave as much of Joker intact as possible, Arthur would have to be a lot older when he comes in contact with the caped crusader. Whether or not Joker 2 happens is still up in the air; however if it does, then there needs to be a Batman, arguably at the expense of the first film.
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